This game is currently free until may 30th, so that’s sunday so go get it while you can. So what is old nightmares usually cost like 30 bucks. I believe, and the second one just came out it’s like a platforming horror game with puzzles. So let’s give it a try, and here we go. I don’t know much about this game. Besides your girl named six, i remember trying to watch it when it first came out, but it’s been so long, so yeah for some reason. I remember like a peg on your head, a paper bag and like a tv i don’t, know like right now. What am i looking at a woman, a guy just standing there um was like a top pair some long hair. I don’t know what your arms are doing: kind of looks like a sane jacket but it’s not and i’m gon na get jump scare or something come on. Yeah jump scare, it’s, a ball of dream so, and i also remember, like looking small, like i think, that’s a big point in the game. Looking small, i use a controller for this. Is that the right choice? Who knows so yeah platforming or, i believe, there’s puzzles um as a couch. Look. Oh, look around there’s some shoes up there. Why do people always pull out the power lines like that that’s a clothing line, but you know what i mean. I was just thinking. Oh one of those guys i was just saying like, should i trump the brightness a little bit for you guys let’s.

Do that? Oh, if that’s better, it does look washed out, on my hand, kind of looks a little washed out, but i think it should be fine. So we got ta go around stuff super hard to see and what are we doing all right, we’re, just gon na keep on walking. I think there’s supposed to be a lighter there. It is ah that’s how you do it and it lights up. So did i miss anything? No, it doesn’t look like it i’m, probably missing some easter eggs like does this lighter like run out or whatnot? Who knows so? How do you open stuff um here we go the right trigger. Oh okay, guess where i hop right in how do you get in stuff, crossfit crawl? My way in yes, it does. Okay, get the lighter out and we’re crawling it’s, probably better now, let’s keep the light out of the lighter, because if someone sees me, i mean it’s so obvious to find someone’s lighter, and i have to go this way because i can’t go up that pipe i’m Gon na fall down this nope. This is a storm drainage, ditch thing sure let’s go with that, keep going in big room, all right, yeah this came out or what like i’d, only avoid guys because it’s been so off, but it still looked pretty good. Let’S turn off lighter. We don’t need that thing. Get up the stairs girl all right, so we’re in a rain jacket.

Is it the second one that’s the hood, a hood up eggy on his head? I don’t know so we’re coming up here. Look how big everything looks and in our door i don’t think i’d. Do anything with these right, too small. It looks like let’s pull that layer back on and right there we have like a person, just though oh we can grab the doll. What do i do? Is install, i guess we carry the dough. I don’t think i can go for here at the top okay, my crochet doll looks like i can come on. There has to be a reason: grab this doll, but right yeah so keep going this way. I saw iron that window. Guess that hmm, can i jump with the style? Oh you throw the the oh, probably wasn’t meant to do that, but i’m pretty sure so let’s go for his phone i’m. Probably missing hey! So much of this, can i not reach this? Oh, we got in so we’re supposed to jump over there, okay, trial and error. I tell you, those are some big shoes jeez, look at that, okay and that person angus? Oh yeah, i can look up. I remember man look how big he is it’s, like a giant all right, so he’s hung this cell um. Is there anything to do like the chair? Let’S use the chair to come over here and look at this scary eye. The chair is pretty loud.

So can i use this to open the door? Yes, look at me. Go look now. We’Re in here turn the light back on, because i got ta remember for you guys. I should be looking around more, like i don’t know, maybe missing like trophy stuff or secret items, because for some reason i think the second one you customize your look. I don’t think this one you do, i don’t know i want to open it. There we go. Oh, a little scary, gnome head thing, another shoe what’s. The point of that. Can i actually climb up here for a shoot. Oh it’s, like a ladder, oh and that’s, how you get up here. Oh perfect accent. Look at that! So we come up here, come going through here, so we’re, getting a sewer system, not really drainage, pipes what’s that you get out of there. I imagine i can kill me or do something to me. Can i use this by chance? It doesn’t look good all right! Nice to know i can’t run that’s gon na follow me so hopefully that doesn’t go after me. Oh geez keep going keep going, hopefully don’t get trapped. Imagine where to close the door. So look at the okay gon na follow me or not there’s a lamp. So uh, what do you like to say again? Did i do it before okay it’s lit? Can i grab this? Yes, i can and there’s that. So, if i put the light here, maybe that protects your phone.

I don’t know why let’s me light that up. Oh, we have a switch here there we go all right, we reached it. Is this like the elevator what’s going on here? Okay, so platforming! Here we go okay, we’re good, keep running. You know what’s upon those guys that make you go faster and we’re trapped in here. Let me just pull this off whoa you’re a strong little girl get in here. I don’t know what you are um that raincoat. Can i have a look at myself. Nope look around here, though: yeah there’s, probably a reason to look around more: oh man, a little gunky i’m gon na get killed by all those things. Oh geez, that’s scary. No, no! No! Keep going! Keep going dodger, wave, dodger, weave all right, we’re, good, we’re good! I can run this dude come again here, push it open and run. Oh that could be a lot worse. So do i? Okay. Do i run slower this out? Are these checkpoints what’s this about yeah? Those are checkpoints, okay and we climb up here. These are like ladders right i’m. Getting in this game seems pretty good. I don’t know what those characters are. A lot of people really like this game. I don’t know: oh okay, it does so it does matter. Oh wait. I do this part all over again. I see you once i’m done with this part yeah they look so like leeches. Oh, oh, they can kill you, okay, yeah! Oh all, right, pretty much back where i watch order come on this ladder, thing’s gon na pop out and scare me does that happen again.

Yes, it does so gently go over this man i mean i like getting. I don’t have the border but that’s like real hard, because the death field it’s so hard right. The perception that what the foreground background, all that is, can pretty dark. So not that way. Come towards me come towards the light now that’s weird characters running at me, i’m gon na get you all right. I just got ta jump yep. We come up here now. Where are we heading now? Not that way, because we’re not big enough to open that door. Imagine let’s follow the path that’s mysteriously just like hanging up. I mean how is this working where’s? The support beams at come from here, take the lever and crank something i like to fully rotate myself. Oh it’s light. Let there be light that’s, nice, so is that all dark here all right, oh it’s, gon na do okay, it’s gon na. Do it quickly. I already have to run yeah. I don’t think i’ll make it and you already have um that’s way too dark. Oh, i know i do you can jump that gap? Okay, that makes so much more sense. Man. I look like before my pain is down the ground. No, all right so spin, this oil, so you’re supposed to jump that gap. They don’t say it’s about jumping the gaps. Okay, hold a run, sprint jump all right, we’re good! I may miss click there. We got it whoo we’re good.

Now, where are we at yeah? Look around don’t. Do that enough in this ooh make you guys dizzy. So we got ta shoot down there. I would go with some rats. Whole thing i like to shoot better my opinion, but it made me the wrong choice: oh okay, so now we’re sort of following all right. So it’s not like my seniors, like bracelets, has fallen. They lead me to safety or what’s going on, and here we are running that person’s big, why? Why are they so big and who are they capturing and who escaped before me they’re like polo sheets, so we got silent protagonists and the story is just visual. I guess you got ta learn your way. Audio on video looks good. It almost sounds. Man seem fine. So far light this up. I like the checkpoints and some well. I can’t do this kind of style, so these are using right trigger spread.x. So now, we’re in a bathroom with the trick. Okay, look around close the door clicks at the box comes right for here, so it’s just close and there we are can’t i reach by chance. Hmm, can i pull this? Yes, i can move toilet paper i’m, strong, there’s, a wooden box, so so it’s pretty annoying all right jump. Yeah. This game is pretty up for free, yeah yeah. I got ta look around yeah, even if it wasn’t free, oh and here’s, like it’s doing primer. It would still be worth it just on sale.

I never buy full price games, that’s yeah, why their games go on sale so often and usually it takes. I don’t know i got like a month or two and then go on sale for like five one percent discounts, even if they’re still wrote to renew so that comes on here gives me that much time train goes and that’s looks fine, okay, so i’m, just gon Na run for that gap, there’s no point like what’s a seesaw about it, doesn’t like there’s a point. I was wondering that can i get through here or did i screw up now? All i see is here, so can i get through here? Okay, i got ta get back up there and jump and grab get up here now. I’M up here i can go back to my room start dying, i think yeah. So actually i can get back up through there, but i think it’s slower going that way. My opinion than this running so what’s the crevice turn it off got my light. I don’t run as fast. I, like i don’t, think it does take a long time to go through, though, though it looks like we’re supposed to go through that and jump on. Those swings to get through faster because it looks like i don’t think i can fully run through this. Let me just say: go make it. Oh, i made it okay, that’s your point so and i can’t open any of these.

Come too short man. This one feels like they show my life now i’m, remembering sometimes that doesn’t matter. Oh maybe i should be making noise they’re like stealth bits. I imagine there are because i had a guy walking above us and what are these? Oh Music? What is that? Why am i huh okay? Does the sun turn me into stone or what’s going on there? Okay, so i respond scared to court. Okay, so note to yourself: sun is scary. I guess i don’t know so come over here and hope for the bus, so it’s gon na turn on. So i don’t want that to happen. Oh it’s, oh, okay, okay, so the big eye is what’s doing it. It’S, like, oh, my god, gazes me all those poor people, so i’m gon na run from here to behind that bodyguards, room, they’re cages, so it’s a prayer. So i wait. I need to go one more run, so let’s run run, run all right, we’re good! Oh no i’m, not quite under others. Oh gives you oh yeah, that’s cool gives you a little bit there is that coming might as well get this checkpoint right here, hey get up girl all right, don’t get caught. I think i’m good light up the checkpoint light. It up there we go all right, so our new mechanics and looks like we have to go through there or maybe not well, it looks like it’s horrible everyone gets through there.

We can’t jump up, oh of course, cages. Well also. They now have to sell it. He’S here come all the way up here and we should be finding danny. So unless i can go this way for some reason, let’s go. Take a look that’s. Actually, this four i’m being kind of like one track mine and going straight to where i supposed to go but there’s, probably some secrets and who doesn’t like a secret, all right, it’s, all right scary. So in here we have this again and i guess versus this break home like this is like trying to collect all these, and once you get all of them, you win there you go. I got a save point horse is like bad to break them so yeah. I should be on lookout for those, so it’s, probably a bad idea to rush, and i guess if i don’t find a one room or is it more like once in a while, because how many am i supposed to get well, i usually play games on camera. I take a guide. You need to get all the stuff in this room in that room, so you don’t do more at once. Oh yeah, certain games, all right, so i’m gon na crouch i’ll turn this off and crouch. Oh you’re, creepy long arms, big head short legs, there’s children sleeping above me interesting, are you looking for someone? Oh, are you gon na find me here? We hope not let’s keep going keep crawling i’m crying all right.

So if we come this way, we can hide that gap. I guess i can run. Maybe i don’t know it’s bad. It doesn’t look like he’s gon na come after me, uh what’s in this room. We have to go up there, that’s it. I don’t even have to think about. I see these cages and that’s where it’s let’s go let’s come up here, get up there so far, it’s pretty good. All this control, i tell you i’m not used to it right and get through here i want another checkpoint. I was dirk this up and sean’s gon na get me and that did not break we’re good that’s like uh most games that fall from a break but we’re good head for here and drop down. We got around not too scary, but they’re. All around um, you hungry or what’s, going on in here, that’s a little interesting. So we come from here, got a light: that’s dangerous, okay, yeah you’re, hungry what’s, going on girl boy somebody, child yeah, what’s, going on gerald all right. Let’S fight for the pain looks like they’re eating. I mean what regular diet or something should be rushing more than i miss some food because you need to jump. Is he gon na give me food? Oh yes, thank you. Hey grab the food there we go eat. The food all right – oh it’s, gon na knock me out cold. I don’t want the skate phone cage, watch, there’s gon na be poisonous or put me asleep or i’m good.

Thank you um. What about your food, though? I guess we’re? Okay, all right! We’Re gon na go work, see that person yeah all right. Now we crawl from here and there’s a new that’s, a little creepy, all right and there’s a cage. I don’t see anything that way into the showers. Oh yeah run, keep on running, run and run. It has been checkpoint in a while. Oh don’t worry to wallow over here and a bunch of cages was electricity and it’s on so let’s go up. It looks like it’s way up there, something like a grab on. I guess this cage goes through this cage. I guess oh light doesn’t matter, it’s going to turn right back. Oh okay, that’s also full we’re good, well, they’re, pretty simple. I mean i kind of like how the cages, because shows you where’s let’s go and there’s a checkpoint. What i was looking for. Yes, i think it’s about when i’m done this video. So if you want to see mars, i am willing to make sure to check the link in the description to get this gift for free until may 30th. On a sunday, it ends like 10 a.m. Pacific and 11 1 a.m. Eastern, i don’t know none of my times also i don’t care so like always comment down below, go and see more of it.