3.. These are all the points you need to help. You decide whether the versa 3 is for you or not number one built in gps tracking for a 229 or 200 pound device. We should pretty much expect this in all fitness wearables now, but i cannot emphasize enough what an important feature it is. It means no need to carry a phone when you’re running for tracking purposes. You can’t really run for fitness reasons. If you don’t know where you went or how far you went, or what your heart rate was doing at different legs of the run, the gps data that’s, used by fitbit in combination with your heart rate, also tells you at what stages of your run. You are in in certain active zones that translates to intensity of workout, which is really useful data. It might not make much sense right now, but when you see it on the app it’ll make perfect sense. Number two comfort: these newer fitbits are doing a stellar job with straps that are comfortable and easy to adjust wrong size, strap no problem, one click and you’re switching them around in seconds. The actual device has a smooth and silky back that caresses. The back of your wrist top marks here number three, the app the beautiful app i have waxed lyrical in previous videos about the fitbits app. It truly is a standout reason for why anyone should buy fitbit. The versa 3 will provide all the sleep, analytics exercise, data, oxygen, saturations information and more that the app needs to provide unique insights into your health.

Okay, so it’s not unique to the versa 3, but not to mention it would be criminal number 4 battery life. The device has an excellent battery life, fitbit claim a six day battery life and a fast charge to a full day’s battery in just 12 minutes keeping the screen on all the time may reduce this, but in real world testing we were comfortably getting through a few Days before needing to charge infrequent charging is a godsend, as you want to be keeping this device on your wrist during the night to monitor your sleep data and oxygen levels, number five, the user interface and the touch screen panels or fitbits. Now is a pleasure to use clean, simple and easy to find all the key information. It is all you need. The watch will divert you back to the app if there are features that aren’t readily accessible on the watch. So you just go back onto your phone onto five things. I guarantee you’ll find irritating number one amazon alexa the way the versa 3 implements. This alexa will turn from being your best friend in the house to your worst enemy on the watch. She doesn’t speak to. You often provides the wrong answers and the screen is simply too small to enjoy reading any of alexa’s responses. Hey alexa! How long will it take me to run to beckonsfield number two, the look, it’s blocky it’s a square with round edges. It reminds me of something out of minecraft it’s instantly forgettable and looks awkward if you wear it to say some formal event or for a business setting each of their own, but it’s a thumbs down from me, especially when we live in the era of the galaxy Watch 3 and apple watch heck even the charge 4 looks more stylish than this number 3.

The main button interface, this non compressible side button is present on most fitbits and it is the reason why you’ll want to grab the watch, throw it to the ground and stamp on it again and again and again sorry. I was having a bit of a moment there. The versa 3 completely embraces this most awful of buttons. If you don’t press it in just the right place, it won’t work and the feedback to let you know, you’ve pressed it is like a wet fish, handshake, totally gross number four, the slow and really unresponsive screen. Just like the side button i’ve often had to press more than once on the screen to get it to respond and what’s. Worse is the load up times after you’ve clicked on an app fitbit should be truly ashamed of themselves for selling a 200 watch with a chip that seems to have come from the 90s number five there’s, nothing revolutionary inside you buy a new fitness device for all The new health updates it gives that its predecessor could not accept with the versa 3. The only real new features are the auction, saturations and levels monitoring which doesn’t seem to work on demand, making it at times useless and the new active zones minutes measurements to gauge intensity of workout. That being said, fitbit tried to stuff in a range of half bait extra new things in their sense device, some of which felt like it was bordering on voodoo.

So maybe just being great at a few. Things is better than being rubbish at many, and it will make more sense in our review of the fitbit sense here. So should you buy the versa 3? It comes down to just one decision: do you need something new and with a colorful screen, that’s a fitbit? If you do then it’s one of fitbit’s flagship devices, the versa 3 or the sense, if you want a fitbit and screens don’t matter, then go for the far cheaper charge. 4., but just remember the battery life on the versa 3, when on continuous gps is far better than the battery life on the charge. Four, so you’re, looking at 12 hours versus five hours and if you’re tempted like me to do the hundred thousand steps challenge check out i charge for if you don’t know what that is, then you will want something like the versa three or even if you’re, an Avid hiker, for example, this was five points to love and five points: hey the versa three check out our description below for links on where you can get these fitbit products and please like and subscribe. If this video was helpful to you, it really helps our teeny tiny channel. Also, let me know in the comments below what products you would like us to review next. Finally, we’re fundraising the next few months to raise money for unicef, a charity, helping feed and provide medical attention and care for vulnerable children around the world.

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