I have to imagine he’s, not gon na, do what he did yesterday after his buddy got whacked after he crossed the road, but you never know there. He goes again and again so boy he’s really gobbling over there. Oh, i move out to the edge of this new seating piece as of right now, we’re out of the game that birds across the road roosted right where they, those two were yesterday yesterday, they came right down a gas wall path across the road and came all The way up here, maybe i highly doubt that turkey’s gon na do that today, after what happened to his buddy but i’m surprised how much he’s got he’s hot for his buddy getting whacked. Yesterday, he’s hammering that’s the only bird that i’ve heard that bird is roosted right right, pretty much in the middle of the screen on that side hill there, somewhere yesterday, when they flew down, they flew down and there’s a gas well road that goes right up right Up into the woods right there, and they walked right down that gas well road right through that driveway across the road right down there they came all the way up here, walked all the way up here, all the way through there right out to the food plot Up there somebody’s on that bird over there i don’t know if you can hear that, but somebody’s on a raspy mouth call a nice hammer into it so on the ground.

Now that bird might get shot here in a few minutes see where turkey’s been dusting right. There amazing slavis food plot, the uh buckwheat’s coming up already haven’t even got any rain, since this point in healthy must be enough moisture in the soil over here that it’s enough to do it. There’S a turkey feather from our old buddy from yesterday. Probably thank you. You too let’s see if we can do a little repeat from yesterday. Uh just got some timmy hojo’s coffee and i got some donuts to take over to my parents. My uh sister and brother in law. Just came in for the week from arizona, so i’m gon na greet them with some donuts. Maybe this bird will be out heading towards lava’s food plot here in a second we’re gon na go check it out and see, and i think i got it figured out how to uh put the hammer down on one of them: birds, if they’re doing that. Now might have uh might have figured that out to a t, so let’s go see well, we’re back to the house and chaz got his second new york bird this morning, so he’s tagged out in two states, two in pennsylvania, two in new york. This is uh. Nice it’s got a heck of a freaking beard on it’s. Definitely ten inches long at least tell us the story chaz what happened? He walked into the woods with uh his sandals on tall black socks shorts.

This is how i went in now, it’s hot today. I changed when i got out. I went in the woods and he was roosted across the ravine and the hen ended up coming in and he uh he stayed with the hen for probably 45 minutes. I watched him at like 70 yards and she must have got away. He didn’t see her get away and you see my decoy and he finally came in you called him in you killed him that’s, a short short of the story. That was pretty good. You only hunted this bird one day and you killed him that’s impressive, jess. It’S luck, it’s taken me took me two days on my last one: to kill it, but pretty darn. Awesome turkey, you freaking jelly hated him. How far was he 27 yards? Do you like that snood you want a donut. I got a donut in the truck timmy ho hos. So obviously this hunt uh didn’t amount to much, but i wanted to take this crappy hunt to show you a bunch of footage. I just checked the trail camera that i had set up on a fence post over this new seating piece where there’s a whole bunch of cow crap that got spread uh the barnard got cleaned out and they spread all the cow crap out here. Well uh. I put a trail cam up over it and got some absolutely awesome, video of gobblers, gobbling and strutting and carrying on like right in front of this trail camera.

It was really some of the best trail cam footage. I think i’ve ever got of turkeys, doing their thing like that so i’m, going to finish this video out with a whole bunch of footage that i’ve gotten off of this trail camera over. Actually, it was during the last three weeks, i’d set it up. The beginning of uh may, and i just checked it and realized like holy smokes. There’S been turkeys all over this thing, this entire time, so pretty awesome footage.