You might want to pick up out of the new set, so instead of going on a big long, winded rant about why you shouldn’t buy blazing vortex. Instead, i thought it’d be a little bit more productive and provide you guys with a list of cards out of blazing vortex that you might want to consider picking up now. Remember that if you do decide to buy any cards as a result of watching this video, whether it’s, singles or sealed product, be sure to use my affiliate links down in the description. Some of them even give you five percent off so it’s a win win all around, but without further ado, let’s go ahead and get right into it. I want to start by discussing these spriggans now. The spray guns are an archetype that i feel like are one card short of being broken. This is an archetype of monsters that can all like attach themselves to an exceeds monster, which is their main boss monster, which has this really weird, like aoe sort of way to destroy cards, which is kind of neat, and some of the cards in this archetype. Just are absurd, like their searcher spell is a rhoda, a foolish burial and a terraforming in one card tell me that doesn’t sound broken now. That could obviously mean either one of two things: either the archetype is just crazy. Busted we just don’t have the other card. Yet to support it or the archetype is that bad that it can play a rhoda, foolish burial and terraforming in one card and isn’t any bit viable, but a lot of the spriggans cards are actually low rarity, i think their boss monster is actually an ultra and The searcher card, as well as their field, spell, i believe, are supers.

Everything else, i think, is a common one card. You’Re definitely gon na also want to not forget. Is the fusion monster sprin the iron dash dragon? This is like your titanic, clad of the archetype. If you want to compare it to dogmatica, dogmatica could also synergize with this deck very well, because there are a lot of incidental synergies there again. I just feel like this. Archetype is just one or two cards away from just being absolutely broken. We just haven’t gotten to that point yet so, since the cards are such low rarity, you might as well just pick them up, because it’s only going to cost you a couple bucks to get like an entire core for the deck and then, if it does happen To become relevant in the future, that’s going to be a huge plus for you, sticking with the theme of common cards. Another card that might be worth picking up is raging, storm dragon, beaufort 9.. This is a ritual monster and, albeit this card is very specific. I feel like this is going to have some sort of ceravus effect where at one point in the future, there’s going to be a particular instance where this card is just busted. But we just don’t know at what point that’s going to be yet. So since this card’s a comment just pick up a playset of it you’ll be happy, you did, and it probably goes without saying, but if you’re playing virtual world and you’re not picking up a copy of virtual world gate juan wu, i don’t know what you’re doing With yourself, this card is a free extender for the deck to allow you to play through interruption, it’s a great one of and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it we’re gon na up the bar a bit now and go into the super rares.

The first super air, i think, is a really nice pickup is try brigade kit. This is a card that can actually foolish burial. Your try brigade cards, which can basically get your entire engine online because the engine is so condensed and basically you want to get them in the graveyard to get that fractal to your hand, so it’s a great card all around a nice place at it being super Rare it’s gon na be relatively inexpensive and with tri brigade on a little bit of a hype train right now, in tandem with like lyralisk and the like, this isn’t, a bad pickup. Now, by extension, another pair of tcg exclusive cards that i’m looking at are the materials both gigadra and gigaboros just seem to have a lot of good things going for them. They’Re dark dragon monsters which are two of the most highly supported types and attributes in the game, and also their effects are pretty decent. We don’t have the other cards yet, if we’re ever gon na get future support for the archetype, but the very least they’re, just good support, all around being able to recur a material that is attached to gigaboros just seems broken to me for some reason, and i Feel like this card could see some use at some point so having it on hand, couldn’t hurt and then there’s one more card. I have wrapping up the super rare category and i think this card is incredible.

I think this card actually has a very good chance of potentially seeing competitive play, and that card is psychic eraser laser. You have a normal spell card that can send a monster on the field to the graveyard as long as it was special summoned from the extra deck but that’s perfectly fine yeah. Your opponent gained some life points for their trouble, but this is for all you mtg players out there swords to plowshares in yu gi. Oh now, yes, it’s, not a quick play spell obviously, but the effect on this card is just so good. It bypasses targeting protection. It bypasses destruction protection. This car just hits so many things that there is no reason that you should not have a playset of this card. As for the ultra rare department, there really isn’t too much going on this time around and that tends to happen when the rest of the set isn’t looking too good. But there is one card. I think you should pick up from this category, and that is the tcg exclusive fusion monster, triphasic dieleman cordius i’m, not sure if that’s the official name for it in english. We haven’t seen it yet. But i digress. The whole purpose of this card is to be a super polymerization target. You are never gon na summon this yourself unless you specifically go into like verte anaconda, send super polymerization to fuse away another synchro and exceeds monster your opponent control just to make this thing.

I still think that’s super optimistic. Even in that specific scenario, yes, virtual world does make sync grow and exceeds monsters. There are decks that can do that, but i think they’re few and far between and by that point you might as well just play better cards because there are more generic super poly targets than that. But there could be a specific point in time where there is a deck, because there has been in the past i’m. Looking at you at emancipator, that will make an end board of a link, monster, a synchro monster and an exceeds monster, and if that time does ever rear its ugly head. Once again, you can bet that this card will make an appearance and super poly will be played in the side deck all right, but let’s go ahead and get to the good stuff, because now that we’re in the secret rare tier there are so many good generic Secret air cards that i want to take the time to discuss so, the first of which is a wind effect monster heavenly zephyr miradora. This is a card that’s kind of fallen under the radar compared to the rest of the secret rares, but i definitely think it warrants discussion. This card is a wind level, 7 dragon effect monster with 2 000 attack and 2600 defense. Its effect reads: the activation and effect of this card’s effects cannot be negated if your opponent special summons a monster with 2 000 or more attack from the extra deck, except during the damage step, you can special summon this card from your hand.

If this card is special, summoned from the hand you can target one face up, opponent’s monster that was special summoned from the extra deck neither player can activate that monster’s effects. While this monster is face up on the field, and you can only use each effect of this card once per turn at the very least, with this card, you are able to get a pretty decent sized body onto the field, it’s level, seven i’m, not sure if The win part matters at all, because wind is typically not that great, but it is a dragon, so there’s. Also that and the very least it could just be some free link material. But the fact that you have this card that can special, summon itself out to the field negate the effects of a monster, albeit it does have to be something that was special summoned from the extra deck and it has to have at least 2 000 attacks so That does limit it a little bit. There is some cool potential here. What i really like about this is that the activation and effect of this card cannot be negated, so this could be a cool way to kind of stifle your opponent’s plays when they are summoning. Some of their monsters that are going to maybe potentially protect their field or that’s going to set up to possibly negate your effects when the turn rolls around to you. I think this is one of the sleepers of the set, and i would definitely pick up a playset of this because i think it’s going to be relatively cheap and there’s a potential that this card could become very expensive.

If people learn to utilize it in the correct way think about if your opponent special summons, something like borreload, savage dragon or true king of all calamities, you can just drop this card and then immediately prevent your opponent from using that during your turn, to stop you From being able to play the game, i don’t know, i think this actually has a very high chance of seeing competitive play if the stars align correctly now. The next card i want to discuss is underworld goddess of the closed world. This is a light. Fiend link effect monster link five by the way, this is a link, five monster with arrows pointing up top right right, bottom right and bottom with three thousand attack. It requires four or more effect monsters, which is very steep, but wait till you hear this effect. You can also use one monster, your opponent controls as material to link summon this card. If this card is linked, summoned you can negate the effects of all face up monsters. Your opponent currently controls this link. Summon card is unaffected by your opponent’s activated effects unless they target this card once per turn, when your opponent activates a card or effect that special summons a monster from the graveyard quick effect you can negate that activation. Now. The nice thing about this card is that you’re probably only going to need one of this, because i don’t see a reason to play more of this, because this is highly highly conditional.

Considering a it’s a link, five and b, you need to have at least four monsters to make this now. What’S cool is that if your opponent has a link to monster on the field, if you’re able to get three monsters onto the field at any moment, you can then link the whole board away and drop this onto the field and having a way to link your Opponent’S monsters away is another form of interaction that we really haven’t seen much of outside. Of maybe unchained, i believe, might be the only archetype that does this already and that’s a very, very powerful effect. It can dodge targeting prevention, destruction, prevention. It can dodge a lot of things, and this is something that just might be a nice utility card to have in your extra deck now every deck isn’t going to be able to play this. It really just depends on the type of deck that you are playing. If you have a deck that can play a reasonable amount of monsters, then this might be worth sliding in. However, if you’re playing a more control oriented deck, you don’t really care about fighting for the monsters that much then you probably don’t need to play this card, because it’s going to be much more difficult for you to play it all. I can say right now. Is this card is going to hose so many people who aren’t aware of its existence – and you could be one of the first ones to do that in your friend group next up is yet another tcg exclusive.

This is underdog it’s, a continuous trap card that reads during your turn, negate the effects of all face up monsters. Your opponent controls during your opponent’s turn negate the effects of all face up monsters you control. So this is a skill drain that works for the opposite player, depending on whose turn that it is that’s very powerful. It does have the downside that it is a trap. You have to set it for a turn and then you have to wait for the turn to cycle back around before you get the full value out of it. But there is a lot of benefit to being able to skill drain your opponent in a lot of instances. I feel like this is gon na, be one of those cards that people initially don’t know where to put it, but once they find the right deck. For this card, this card’s gon na shoot up to like 60 dollars a copy because again it’s skill drain, it’s nuts, and if people figure out that this is good, then everyone’s gon na want it. And when you look at something like say triple tactical, talented, forbidden, droplet and the trend that those cards can have, this card could have a very similar trajectory now. Obviously, those cards are in two completely different categories, but i wouldn’t be surprised if people find a nice home for underdog and last but not least, you guys already know where we’re going with this.

This is probably the star of blazing vortex and maybe the saving grace of the set, if anything, but that is pot of prosperity, the next in the line of pots. How could you hate it? It is a very powerful normal spell card that reads: banish three or six cards of your choice from your extra deck face down, but the rest of this turn after this card resolves any damage your opponent takes is halved, also excavate cards from the top of your Deck equal to the number of cards banished add one excavated card to your hand, place the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order. You can only activate it once per turn and you cannot draw cards by card effects. The turn you activate this card. If you’ve ever heard, people whine and complain wishing they just had one more turn to get to that next card. This card is the embodiment of that phrase. This card is insane, and this will add so much consistency to so many different decks for all these hybrid decks that play two separate engines like let’s, say zodiac outlet. As an example, pot of prosperity allows you to dig six cards deeper, potentially to get to one of the other halves of your engine to get the whole deck online and that could make or break the difference between winning or losing a duel. The fact you can’t draw cards by card effects, doesn’t matter to a lot of decks unless they actually have cards built within their archetype.

That allows them to do that, and the fact that your opponent takes half damage the turn that you use. This card is irrelevant, especially if it’s turn one when you don’t get a battle phase or, if you’re, playing a more slower control, oriented deck, because, most of the time you aren’t gon na be killing them anyway. You’Re gon na be fighting for the board. Getting your resources and hoping to grind them out that way to a point where you can just ultimately win through attrition. I expect to see pot of prosperity in a plethora of different decks. This card is extremely powerful. You can almost play this card in any deck. It’S, just that good and one thing to consider when it comes to this card, is when you go to games two and three and it comes to the side deck this card will allow you to see your side deck more quickly than any other card in yu Gi, oh at the moment, if that is an unsearchable card, you are side. Decking in pot of prosperity will allow you to dig six deep to find it, and that is a huge boon to any deck. So there’s, no surprise. At the end of the day, that pot of prosperity is the all star blazing vortex, because any time we get a new pot, it is very exciting. People are gon na find ways to make the best use of it, and i can’t wait to see what you all come up with, but guys that’s gon na.

Do it for this video. Let me know down in the comments what you guys think i’d really love to hear your thoughts. Thank you guys so much for watching the video be sure to like the video, as always subscribe to the channel for more amazing yu gi, oh content, and if you found this video helpful, consider supporting me on patreon for exclusive one day, early access to the yu Gi, oh progression series and the history of yu gi.