Indie games are expected out over the coming. Month. Welcome to Get Indie Gaming where today were taking you through 10 of the best looking indie games coming out. This February 2021. Lets begin and in no particular order with Nuts., While this is out already on Apple Arcade, its headed to PC and the Nintendo Switch on February 4th. From an art style perspective. We cant recall having seen anything like this before.. The same goes with its premise, which sees you play as a recent graduate research student tasked with observing and researching squirrels within a forest. By day. You place your cameras about the place and come the evening. You take to your camper van and watch the goings on as the squirrels do their things with you reporting your findings back to your supervisor., The tasks change from day to day with you needing to capture certain elements of the squirrel’s behavior and having played Nuts. By way of my aging iPad, such tasks often require a little bit of thought and planning. Now this wont appeal to everyone and its certainly a game to settle down into and one to mull over a while. Nuts is certainly different and a fine little nugget of a game to kick start this monthly rundown.. Next, over at number 9, we have some good old fashioned, looking Wresting action, thats billed by developer RetroSoft Studios as the official successor to the 1991 arcade game, called WWF Wrestlefest. Expected out towards the end of the month with it also getting a physical release via Limited Run Games.

, As you might expect, theres a story mode that is said to feature around 50 or so match. Variations such as Battle, Royals tag, team bouts and matches within a steel, cage. Theres, also a local multiplayer, which is said to support up to 8 players. Although so far, we have not been able to confirm if the multiplayer extends out into an online mode. In stark contrast to recent wrestling games. This one looks unashamedly of an earlier time and were quite sure playing. It will put us back firmly in the mind of watching the WWF all the way back when on a Saturday, afternoon. RetroMania Wrestling is expected out on PC via Steam, Playstation Switch and the Xbox.. If you are interested in the physical edition, you can find a link to the Limited Run store down in the video description. Up next and out February 15th. Paper Tanks is yet another unique looking game with it using a hand drawn aesthetic which borrows from consoles of old.. This 2.5D tank battler features a campaign of around 30 or so levels with it also coming with a split screen and multiplayer online mode., With three different tanks to choose from and plenty of options to customise them. Paper Tanks looks a fun and casual experience with it expected out on PCs via Steam. Coming up next and at number 7, something we totally missed over the course of its development with a viewer tipping us off to go check.

It out. Another game. In this months. Rundown thats unashamedly retro the gameplay and overall perspective flip and change every two stages with you: moving from slower modes of transport, such as a passenger train to a sports car all the way up to a fighter jet. As the speed ramps up. So do the difficulty in what others around the internet are calling this out as being a supreme challenge that takes how hard it is right up to those older games. Some of you may remember from the days of the NES or Genesis consoles., The pixel art has all been hand drawn frame by frame and were super fans of how the game switch up its mechanics with it. Moving from a side scroller to a top down battler and 4 other different retro inspired, genres. Speed Limit comes out on PC and all of the usual consoles on February 16th., Moving onwards to number 6 and speaking of procedural generation, King of Seas is looking to make A name for itself amongst the relative glut of such games of recent times. Truth be told as a small collective weve spent plenty of time over lockdown playing Sea of Thieves, and it may very well prove as tough ask for Sea of Thieves to do more than Tread water within this saturated genre.. That being said, where this game is looking to differentiate is by way of it being more of an action RPG rather than having you play as a sole pirate here, youre seemingly taking up a leadership role that will see you tackle the high seas of the dynamic World thats persistent with your actions, impacting how the world responds to your play.

Style. Theres also said to be an engaging story and overall plot which could help King of Seas stand up just that little bit higher than the other pirate games. Looking for your attention in early 2021. Expected out on PC via Steam, the Switch Playstation and Xbox on February 18th. Up next and at number 5 who doesnt like a game offering up a nod to many things: Zelda and if thats you, then you probably want to Take a further look at Rogue Heroes, Ruins of Tasos asap.. Here we have a top down action exploration, hack, a thon with a slight bit of puzzling here and there.. We spent a good number of hours over the weekend, just gone with the demo, which puts us in a good vibe for this ones, release which is slated to happen this coming February, 23rd., With its support for up to 4 players in online and local co op. This classic looking adventure game with a few rogue lite elements here, and there is likely to get plenty of playtime over the next few weeks here at the Get Indie Gaming household., Rogue Hers, Ruins of Tasos will be out first onto PC by way of Steam and Also onto the Nintendo Switch. Next over at number 4, we have Blue Fire, which launches super early in the month on February 4th.. Now, what were most attracted to and looking forward to the most is what seems to be some of the most fun looking platforming weve, seen within a game in ages with the 3D aspect, all looking really rather pleasing and as we like to say in commenting about Such games – well, it just does look rather crisp.

, Then theres. The combat, which looks a little bit similar to Nier Automata, which is no bad thing. Then we have collectibles and all sorts of quests and adventures to look forward. To. Blue Fire is coming out on PC by way of Steam and also onto the Nintendo Switch. At number. Three, something that looks deliciously, broody and dark Tartapolis is an open world. Rpg Metriodvania, where you play as Richard Bor, a private detective as you go about solving crimes and cases in what the developers call a huge metropolis full of dark corners, shady characters and aware technologies.. The Metropolis is all governed by something thats called the Hive. Thats able to control the consciousness of citizens by the way of propaganda and the fear of terror. Said to offer up a deep RPG system. Tartapolis also seems to have a compelling storyline, where youre also able to form relationships with the citys NPC merchants and even its self aware, technologies.. This one comes to Steam and the Nintendo Switch on February 12th. At number 2 and expected out in Early Access 30xx. Is the sequel and follow up to the indie game delight that is 20xx. This time? The game takes place 1000 years after the previous adventure, which is perhaps of no real consequence and yet still who doesnt fancy another dose of something thats. So very Mega Man with a few modern twists and takes here and there. Well, we certainly do. In any case, while the full release is expected before the end of the year.

There seems plenty going on here to keep us busy with the local and online multiplayer modes and also a level editor, which is a great touch for those who like to build their own stages. And for folks like us who like to see what others imaginations are capable of, producing. 30xx drops this coming February, 17th. At number 1, and we suspect a surprise to few folks out there already aware of its launch. Curse of the Dead Gods is coming out of Early Access on February 23rd.. Now this was one of the best, not perhaps so hidden gem while out in Early Access last year, with it being an isometric, roguelike, dungeon crawler.. Yes, these kind of games have been two a penny over the past handful or so years. So what sets this one apart. For us well were not thinking it might topple Hades from its mantal and yet, if the developers have been able to build upon the intensity of the combat and in the overall use of the different curses and mythical relics that can Aid or hinder each run well, this might just be something so very special. Theres, also the visuals and sound which so far well, it all really does look quite a compelling offering. Curse of the Dead Gods is one of our most wanted games in the whole. First half of 2021 and were honestly so very excited to see where it stands up against the other greats of the genre, with it coming to PC, Playstation Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.

So those are the 10 games out in February 2021. We most want to get hold of., But what do you think Are you planning on picking any of these or any other up this month? Let us know down in the comments and well be sure to check out any suggestions you might have. So we can perhaps look to feature them here on the channel., Either way. Many thanks for watching. If you liked this video, please help us out by clicking the like button and as we get close to the silver play button for having 100000 subscribers. Please consider subscribing to the channel if you have yet to do so..