Let me know what you guys are thinking about my tier list over here and without further ado. Let’S jump straight into this tier list and let’s have some fun with this video. Also one little thing i know i said we’re gon na jump into the video, but one last thing i am making another knighthood on my alt account. It is an account that i had when i was collecting the collab units from over time. Just to you know have that account later on for for for random reasons. Honestly. So if you guys would like to join that knighthood, i will be posting on my either twitter or i’ll. Make a video tomorrow with it uh so be ready for that. I have to just complete one thing and then i can make uh the knighthood so be ready for that. Now now let’s jump into the tier list, my bad all right so uh, yeah yeah. Here we are we’re on the uh, the cheerless. This is what we’re. Looking at, i really tried my best finding one that has all the units, and i think this one has every single unit possible, so we can actually do this properly. For this video. To give you a little bit of uh insight, i have been asked: what should i level up first, what unit in the game should i level the person a lot and when i say this now, there are a lot of new players over here to grand cross And i think most people don’t actually help new players out it’s, mainly like people focus on the veterans but again for new players i’m here to at least try and help you out uh because uh.

Obviously we all were in your position at one point. So today, i’m trying to help you guys out and uh try and give you guys the best list of what units the level of first, that is being all the way, take them to level 80 uard or super awakening or just units. You got to prioritize leveling up and then units you have time for and then you know you have to save these for last, because they are good units, but they don’t really need uh to be prioritized so for priority again i’m going to throw all the units On there, there doesn’t have to be an order in which these units have to be prioritized, because if i do it that way, um they’re all good units it’s just start working on all the ones that you have reminder any unit in this game. And i want to say this for everyone: any unit in this game can be good. I know a lot of people did summon for a lot of units just because they like them again, you can enjoy the unit, have fun with it again prioritize that unit you don’t have to go and see what meta is and focus on that. But without further ado for people that do care of how important a unit is let’s jump into it, let’s start talking about let’s have some fun with it. So first up we’re, just gon na go down the list of ssrs.

I have all the ssrs. I will not be prioritizing uh you or srs in this video just because most srs, you really don’t, have to level up to prioritize them uh if you have aaron. That is a definite prioritize, aaron’s like completely actually really good uh, but again most new players. Don’T have him so let’s jump into it. Red escond, red escort is a priority. Why is that he’s? Actually, a really really solid unit right at school is an overall good unit, he’s a tank. He helps you in pvp. He works on mono red uh. If you don’t level him up off the bat you’re kind of missing out honestly, a red elizabeth you can save for went to jericho, you can kind of save for red, molassicula is a must have, it is a priority. You got time for red king. He honestly is only used for uh sub for his passive, so you’ve got time to level up red gallon. You can save him for last. I know i’m. Sorry uh you got time or actually you can save these for last again, i know a lot of you. People might not have them because you are starting off the game fresh or recently you got to prioritize my homie esther rosa, because he’s actually a really good card. You got time for red est. I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this uh, but that is because assault melee is coming out, so you got a little bit of time.

Save it up, wait for him. He will be a good unit in the long run, but for now you got a little bit time on him. Same thing goes for uh on speed. You got time to level him up. He works really well with kyo, like that. Ignite team is actually pretty broken. I’M, going to put uh these two right here. Priority for red dairy red dairy is literally the greatest unit. In my opinion, in the game for anything she works in pvp super well pve. She destroys final bosses she’s good, for she is just overall a really really solid unit. Next up you already know: if there was a priority list, i would go buy it this way. Uh being these three units should be leveled up him being for tower of trials. Obviously, i think everyone knows las vegas is literally the greatest unit in the game at this moment in time he is just completely broken. He is literally the brother of sorry at this point where sorry, these guys are like the ceo of crit. I guess you can say like holy g’s bro, they just they just destroy pvp uh blue uh. Okay, this is i’d say you could save this one. For last. He is good but uh. I i feel, like you, have more important units uh on this list. I’M. Gon na definitely say you got timer blue easton i’m gon na put uh mono over here. I think blue, since a really good unit.

She has her uh use cases i’ll like in a good amount of them, but i think you have a little bit of time before you got ta uh level. Her up because like here, i can throw this on to like right here. Uh, red zeldras is a really good unit and again with assault melee. I think you should level him up now. Why? Because he still works on teams without assault melee and when assault melee comes out. He will also be a really really good unit: hey yo man. I got respect for my boy bond, but i don’t, i think you got time, dude uh, green fraudrin, you definitely you definitely can save that one. For last i i said you got time for him, but yeah. You have a lot of time for him. Let me say: i’m. Sorry, all the elaine uh sims out there. Forgive me i’m trying to prioritize uh, helping you guys that blue zeldas is not bad. You got time for him. Given this entire list, i feel like you got ta. You got ta focus and prioritize because again, ssr pennants are a limited quantity, it’s very, very hard to combine them for new players. Let’S say you started now. It’Ll. Take you a few months before you can even like get a few or a bunch of urs. Let’S say like four or five rows of urs will take you about two to three months, because i i feel like netmarble, has really slowed down on uh the ssr freebies or ssr pennant freebies, because again thinking about it, you have five rotations at the uh special Dungeon so, like five runs uh every two days, it kind of refreshes to five runs, so it takes a really really long time to actually complete that and get us as our penance uh.

I have in like the last like one week, two weeks gotten only like 25 ssr pennants, which is practically one character, will use up. Most of that so again for all these new players, you’re gon na, have to prioritize something, and those are the ones that i’m saying red glocks can go on yeah you got time for red, glocks, uh, zara, trusty and save for last. Green shin is really good for farming uh. That being i, i would say you, you could see him for last, but he is really good at farming. So, if you would like to, he can actually work both sides, i would say uh yeah. I would say he got you got time you guys, you could see him for last. Rocks is a really good unit, but i think you could save her for last. There are other units again that will come in the way green king yeah. You can wait i’m going to put all the kof units up here these two being up here and these two. You got time for again. Most players don’t have it, but i have to include that, for you guys green goater, if there was anybody that would go in front green go, there is literally god. If there was a new role on this entire tier list, yeah he would go there. He just makes any team he can make the worst team in the game work because of his passive and just because uh i don’t he’s broken that’s all it does you got time for matrona.

You definitely got time for camilla. I’M. Sorry, i hate got ta see this with a freaking passion dude. I despise this unit, but it is a priority and i would say, it’s a really big priority. I would say it does go in front of derry just because again, roguel and kyo will stay at the end of this i’m. Only doing it uh in order for just the priority um tier row. So just keep that in mind. None of these are in like order only this one is, i would definitely say: rugel can wait just because most players don’t have him uh, but i will definitely say: uh got ta see this goes in front of derriere, because she’s just the most annoying unit to Deal with ssr hawk is only good when his buff is like actually uh boosted for those events. So you you could stand for now. Uh you don’t have to go through with it uh waiting the end, nope, uh, let’s, just speed run this one. Real, quick, ocelon hawk is good. There i’m sorry, but uh these two go here. I think blue drill goes up there because you got ta, get him ready, uh for assault mode he’s gon na be insane. Ludo is a unit you can’t wait on. I will definitely say you can level up ludo for now. He’Ll go right there. You can wait. Give it a fat weight, you can give it a fat weight.

I got ta start scrolling down dude. I don’t know how i’m gon na like put this in the video, because there’s a lot of ssrs here, uh but yeah. This is the festival. King has nothing he’s literally garbage now, so i will put him at the end. Uh he’s, going to get destroyed by the one he’s going to get destroyed by melee he’s, just he’s going to be a unit that gets destroyed uh. You definitely can save uh demon hendy for last he’s a good unit, but uh you got ta. You got ta prioritize man uh for a lo for this. I can also say you can prioritize this later on. You don’t need to do it right now. Hear me out on gill, thunder you got time for gill thunder slater. You got time the end. You got time nunchuck bon! You got time green king uh, don’t level, him up right now, practically because he’s going to be on the comeback banner for free, so don’t waste, your ss, our penance on them. I guess you can say going from the bottom i’m just going to throw up assault. Melee because he will be a priority, i would say below uh below green goater. There is a duplicate green go through here, which is uh weird, but uh it’s there, the one escort i’d say goes in front of millie because he will be coming out. First. I’M. Sorry to the slime collab units they’re, not that good nope green merlin.

I would uh prioritize this one because you’re going to need here from pvp. She is a solid unit only because of her passive uh it’s, sad to say, but i know i know everyone loves maryland but it’s, sad to say, she’s only good for her passive man and i guess all dropping. I guess you can say you got time on this. You got time on this uh. This is also a priority. If you don’t have the other go thur, you can definitely use this one. I would say this is above ludo because again, it’s go there. Let’S let’s be honest here you know it’s broken. You can definitely wait on this. You can definitely wait on this. Definitely wait. Definitely wait big weight, big weight, big weight, yep! You can wait. You can wait. I would say you got time on this. One really good farming unit has a pierce so uh he actually works really well. If you’re trying to farm green lily, you can wait elaine again. This is really difficult to go by because there’s a lot of units, i would say, he’s a solid unit, really good unit use him. My boy green esquire right here i would say you should prioritize him, because if you don’t have the other eskimo prioritize either one gallon, you got ta, you got ta save this one for last, so there are a few duplicates. I believe i already threw up this one, so we’re, just gon na put this at the back anyways uh.

I guess you got time for summer. Eastern will only be good for a little bit because uh, i think she only works well with lv melee, so uh yeah i’ll put that up there. Definitely the halloween units were not very pretty. This is a priority i’m going to put this behind ester rose. So this is a priority. Major lilia super solid unit, one of the best dudes in the game. Tamriel one of like the better units in the game. I will put them in front of ludo where’s ludo. There put it right there in front of ludo green go through. It did i’m. Sorry liz, no you’re, not good green counter. Melee demon melee, i will say uh you’ve got time for him, he’s a really good unit. You definitely got time for him. Green glocks will work really well with the assault. Melee bloom alaska will also work with assault melee, definitely holiday. Elaine can go over here. Green diane valenti is okay. Again, i will put her under you got time. As the last thing you got time for a valenti, but again she might be coming free on the comeback banner. So i highly recommend you wait and see what happens with that uh red monster. You can go down here. Death pierce is uh. You’Ve got time. His passive helps with the crit blue king is it used to be a priority. Hear me out on this. One blue king will go on priority uh.

At the very end. He used to be a really good unit really solid unit. He still works here and there, but given the 1s score is coming out and other units blue king will see a lot less of pvp because of that i’m sorry to the delju sims she’s going down here, a latte is okay. I know uh but yeah that’s, practically it uh sr. Eren is the only sr it’s gon na look weird, but imagine him being priority. So there you go. That is uh. My fully updated tier list for priority. You got green halloween go there. We got the one assault: melee lost fans, sorry yo, goddess elizabeth dariary esterosa, which is again full counter estero. So you got ta prioritize him good for tower of trials. Major lilia. We got the regular gother we have bro. I don’t know how to say this. Properly is it tar meal or tamriel same thing, bro, okay, it’s, tar meal? I think uh. Whatever it is this guy with three heads we got ludo uh, my boy zeldas. We got red, eskenor, uh, red malascala, blue droll, green esknor, green merlin, again kyo rugel festival, king and just blue king. You got time for these units over here again, you don’t have to prioritize them, but if you like a unit go level them up. These are the units you have time, for you can wait on them again once you level up this list, you can definitely take a look at this side.

I could definitely say if you need extras, you can throw green uh green shin on there. He is a pretty solid unit, but yeah, i honestly think that’s the list. I don’t think i’m missing any unit. I might be missing a unit on this list so uh, because there are a few extras, maybe maybe something’s messed up with it. I want to know your thoughts and opinions on this list. Do you disagree? Do you agree? Is there something that i insulted you with? I know delta sims out there. Forgive me lg’s a good unit, but you got time to level a row. That’S really been the tier list, i’m checking this double checking it making sure i didn’t mess it up. I really wanted to make this to your list before uh the video, but i felt like i can explain it a little bit better uh, while i’m recording so well. I hope you enjoyed it this way. I want to know in the comments really quick if you watched this point just let me know, do you enjoy it where i talk about it while throwing them onto the the entire tier maker to your list thing or would you like it already pre made and Uh, i just go by explaining it again, i feel like i can explain it a little bit better while i’m uh i’m, making it like in front of you guys. So again, just let me know in the comments which one you prefer make it live or just make it beforehand and show it on screen.

Thank you again for watching this. I hope you guys enjoyed the video leave a like subscribe notifications on again. This did take a little bit. Man i’m telling you now let’s take a little bit bro thanks. So much for hanging out with me. Peace out, everyone enjoy the rest of the day again.