Ps5 though don’t do it to me don’t. Do it? Please show me more that was it free? No, that was it dude. That was it. Oh, my gosh. What a nice day, oh my gosh, that was it i was telling people bro. That was not sonic colors. I was oh, my gosh dude. What was that dude i’m kind of scared, because there was a color, sound effect, that’s what i was that’s? What that’s? What i was like i was like because i was pointing to my ear like wait. A second i caught colors and i was like. Is it sonic colors too, like i’m legitimate it’s about to be sonic colors too they’re re, releasing they’re re, releasing sonic colors, and so that way you know now that everybody plays sonic colors. You know this year. Next year we played a sequel: oh my gosh, dude bro, i don’t i couldn’t. I couldn’t care less. If it’s sonic colors too that’s my favorite 2d sonic. Now i can have a second favorite. 2D sonic. We gon na sonic rush is better but make it make it rush, make it literally rush. Two mountain thresh rush well rush. Four sonic rush, sonic colors, already rush three mega rush, four make it a new rush game, a 3d rush game, wait isn’t that just sonic unleashed: oh okay, okay, sorry, colors remastered looks fire. We got over 100 people in here, what’s poppin. Oh guys, look at sonic colors, real, quick, a sonic color screenshot let’s, see if you can find the same screenshot, because they they took one that’s pretty similar to an original screenshot hold on yeah i’m gon na look at this side by side, yeah, we’re gon na Look at this side by side, real, quick guys and then we’re gon na go into the discord thing and i’ll pull some people in, but this is this is supposed to be this, is it says or remaster, but this is definitely.

Why does it look so much like less colorful yeah, but you can give some? You can customize sonic link link me that um warrior 64 tweet real, quick all right. When did they show that yo? But what is this sonic has like a glow on them. The meta era is not over guys, but look okay, here’s the thing sonic colors i don’t care. Anybody says. I think it is a good game just because this next game is called sonic colors. 2. That does not mean i mean if it is sonic colors. 2, that does not mean it’s going to be mostly 2d. It does not mean it’s going to be a boost game either. This could be an adventure game. Look at look if you have like the adventure formula.