Why you guys been sleeping on me, i’ve been on twitch lately and we’ve made some uh some interesting tier lists. I’Ve made a presidential tier list. I’Ve made a fast food. Restaurant cheerless i’ve made a superhero tear list. I’Ve made a tear list on peanut butter brands in textures. Do not tell me that skippy crunchy is not the best peanut butter. Unfortunately, if you want to see my crazy tier list, you got ta. Follow me on twitch links down below in the comment section, as well as the description, because in this video we’re going to make a tier list with staple yu gi, oh decks. Now, of course, if you want to see more content like this or even more tier lists, to make sure to destroy that subscribe button, as well as post down below in the comment section, what other tier list you would like to see? The staple tier list is going to be a little difficult, seeing that we’re gon na have to redefine the definition of what a staple yu gi. Oh card is, but it’s gon na be pretty fun, so uh let’s jump on it all right guys. Now that we are here at the lair, i think it’s only wise that we talk about what exactly is a staple yu gi, oh card, a staple yu gi. Oh card is a generic yu gi, oh card that can be played in almost every single competitive deck. Now staple yu gi, oh cards, can either disrupt the opponent or help further your strategy and i’m going to be separating them in six different categories.

The first category is better, be caught with it and if you know, then i guess you know these are the type of cards that i’d rather be caught in a situation where i have it than to be caught lacking and not have these cards now to clear Some things up the underrated category, isn’t necessarily better than the really good category, but these cards are underrated. These are typically cards. You should be looking at to play inside of your deck they’re, not necessarily well known, but they’re, pretty powerful staple yu gi, oh cards. I don’t know if you noticed, but i actually changed pretty good to really good, because these cards are really good. These are the staple yugioh cards that, if you are not playing, i mean it’s okay, but if you are playing well you’re doing something right and then after really good, there are the situational cards. These cards are pretty good in certain situations, but in other situations they don’t shine, so you got ta, be careful when playing them and then, lastly, of course, we got ta, put the oh. No, what are you doing baby? If you happen to be playing these cards, then you might wan na reconsider. The last category is not a staple yu gi, oh card yu, gi, oh from back in the days, is way different than 2021 and there are some cards on this list that aren’t really staples anymore. So with that being said, let’s jump on in ash blossom enjoy a spring.

Is a really good. Yu gi, oh card, but to be honest, it’s a card that you’d rather be called with than without ash blossom is a really good. Yu gi, oh card it’s, so generic and it stops just about every single deck in yu gi. Oh dino, outlet, virtual world drytron it doesn’t matter, alcoholism enjoy spring, has an application to it. Now, of course, we didn’t include all of the hand traps on this video because i made a hand trap tier list that you can check out and now that i think about it. I might need to update that for the next upcoming format. So, of course, if you want to see more cheer lists and be sure to destroy that subscribe button, but also post down below in the comment section, what other type of tier list you would like to see book a moon is a really really really good. Yu gi, oh card: it flips critical monster’s, face up when your opponent wants to go into that clutch, synchro, link or xc, summon pokemon just says no cold by the grave is underrated. A lot of people don’t understand what cold the grave does and it banishes the monster in the graveyard and negates its effects into the next turn now called by. The grave is amazing in almost every single yu gi, oh match up drytron dino outlet, even outlet banishing that golden lord is important, not only that, since players are starting to play a lot more hand, traps and we don’t have crossout designator called by the grave.

Is that simple, one of that’s just really versatile being able to stop your opponent’s graveyard cards, as well as being a card that you can use offensively to disrupt your opponent’s strategy? Compulsory evacuation device was a card that was really good once upon a time. Right now, i’m gon na put it in the situational, sometimes bouncing cards from the fill to the hand, isn’t necessarily a good thing, and while pokemon does have that same versatility as compulsory evacuation device, evacuation device doesn’t always seem to be the card that you want to Use cosmic cyclone is one of those cards that i better be caught with it seriously back row disruption inside of a macro. Heavy format is something that you should probably consider. If you’re not playing cosmic cyclone in your main deck, you should strongly consider playing some form of back row deception in your side. Deck cosmic cyclone is really good because it banishes the card that it is destroying it’s not destroying. I might have to pray to the cosmics to figure this one out crack down, i feel, is a situational yu gi, oh card now, my patreons might be mad at me because i did have a list where crackdown was like. Oh no. What is you doing baby? But this card actually is not that bad. The reason why i like crackdown is that it does snatch your opponent’s monster. That is really good in today’s yu gi, oh snatcher phone is true king of all calamities and then link off with it uh.

The only problem with this is that it loses the cards like zeus, dryden and, of course it doesn’t stop calamities from activating its fact. Dark hole is an oh by god. This is actually a really underrated. Yu gi, oh car darko’s effect, is really simple. Destroy all monsters on the field, and that is pretty huge in a format where players don’t slam down a whole bunch of negates this car can literally wipe a board evenly matched. Is it look if this card isn’t underrated, it’s in the better, be caught with it evenly matched is really really good right now. Actually, i think i can say that evenly matched is an underrated, yu gi, oh card, mainly because people aren’t playing evenly matched. Why? Why are you not playing cards like evenly matched right now? Think about it guys we just made a tech video where exaton knight is on it. Exit on destroys all cards on the field divine arsenal. Double a zeus is a very powerful card. It sends all cards on the field to the graveyard evenly match gets rid of so many situations. It’S like it’s, the same thing in trap, form forbidden chalice, is a card that is very, very situational right now. I love that forbidden chalice can respond to the cards that we just talked about with evil swarm nightmare and divine arsenal. Double a zeus. I also like that forbidden chalice can negate cards like vanity’s ruler, but unfortunately, that’s kind of where chalice’s usefulness stop virtual role.

Players will just use chuchi to destroy their calamities, meaning that you can’t use your card effects. Chalice doesn’t necessarily solve the problem, but at least he gets over the calamities from next turn. If there is a next turn personally, forbidden chalice is one of my favorite cards and if i have to drink the kool aid about it being a situational card, then here we are chalice, is situational. Forbidden droplets, on the other hand, is a card that is creeping up there. I can honestly say that this is a card that, if you can afford you better, have it in some type of deck, but, to be honest with you, i might have to actually even drop it down to really really good now. The reason behind that is because forbidden chalice can help you break boards like against dry tron, breaking their vanity rulers virtual world. It can also stop true king of all calamities if you send a trap in a monster. The problem with forbid droplets is that you have to send cards from your hand and fill to the graveyard, as we already know in yu gi. Oh that’s, not always a possibility dependent on the deck that you play. If you play a deck, that can’t really send cards from the field and hand to the graveyard to be able to get, your opponent’s board probably find a different card to play and that’s, where droplets moves from the better be caught with it.

To the really really good category harpy’s feather duster, though, is not a stick. No i’m, just playing with you harvey’s, feather duster is a card that you better be called with it seriously. If cosmic cyclone is here, harvey’s feathers are serious here. Hypersponsor dresser literally, should be the first form of mac macro macro. What is that harvey’s fatherduster should be the first form of macro removal that you should be looking into into your main board or cyborg respectively. About a couple of weeks ago, you could say ice dragon’s prison was a card that you better be caught with it. Fortunately, for budget players, ice dragon prison is just a really good. Yu gi, oh card i’ve, been saying this for quite some time now, but red eyes. Doctor goon is not really that good and that’s one of the reasons why we played it and then decks are starting to be able to actively play around this card really well. Imperial order right now is oh, no, what you doing baby! Ah, no, i got ta take that pack. If your order is situational guys, imperial order does stop vital spell cards from being activated if you’re playing against, like the drytron matchup, and you activate imperial order in your beginning, game, you’re pretty much set, but other than that imperial order can struggle against decks like virtual World who has easy access to destroying it and players that can just make a zodiac, dryden or divine arsenal of double a zeus and pure order will fall fairly fast.

Infinite. Impermanence is a card. That is oh, no, what are you doing baby? We fight. We finally have our first one i’m very excited i’ve been wanting to say that for a while, as you guys can see, i don’t want to say that infinite impermanence is a trash. Yu gi, oh card, but infinite impermanence is not good right now, but impermanence is not an amazing curd right now because of two reasons: tritron virtual world. Those two strategies basically play around infinite impermanence, with ease, as well as decks like dino, being able to prevent you from using infinite impermanence it’s, just not worth playing right now. Lightning storm is a card that is completely underrated now it’s starting to feel like this is a sideboard tier list and i actually just happen to have made a sideboard tiered list for the players that want to see that that’s actually something else we might have to Update in the near future, but lightning storm is really good against those background heavy decks and can get rid of those boards. The same way dark hole can mind. Control is also another one of those cards that are genuinely underrated in the right deck. So i might just have to move it down to really really good being able to snatch your opponent’s most precious card and use it against them or being able to force that disruption that they weren’t trying to do mind. Control is pretty good at it.

Monster reborn is, ironically, not a staple yu gi, oh card way way back in the day. Most reborn was a must play. Yu gi, oh card in every single deck monster reborn. Is nowhere near that anymore. I mean to be honest with you guys. Most reborn is an amazing extender card, but this isn’t an extender tier list. I mean i kind of want to make that too. I got ta stop with these cheerless mystical space. Typhoon is really good when you don’t want to banish certain cards on the field or, if you’re, playing a deck like skystriker and want to have the access to be able to destroy your own sky striker airspace area, zero that’s, where mystical space typhoon can really shine. Paleozoic dynamiscus is a really really good. Yu gi, oh card and players love this card because you have to discard a card, but only after dynamiscus resolves. It also allows you to banish any card on the field, so it’s a little bit better than cosmic cyclone. The only problem is: is that it’s a trap card? If this was a spell card, we wouldn’t even be talking about cosmic pot of desires, is actually another one of those cards that is not a staple yu gi, oh card. What, while i do feel like powder desires, is an amazing, yu gi, oh card. It does require a lot of deck building a lot of deck building around, which means it’s, not generic it’s, actually rather specific.

One thing i do desire for is rhygeki to see a lot more play, because this card’s actually pretty underrated. I mean what did you expect? I had dark hole here. I had lightning storm here. I’Ve evenly matched here. Mass forms of disruption or removal are really really underrated right now, my boy, solemn judgment is a situational trap card. Solemn judgment is not amazing right now, because its sole use is to stop cards like harpy’s fellow duster, evenly matched lightning storm and stuff like that. Back in the day, solemn judgment was used to stop your opponent’s important junctures, but nowadays the opponent doesn’t have an important juncture. They just keep on summoning monsters. Solemn strike is a this. It really feels like solemn strikes, should be in the better be caught with it, but i’m gon na strike it down to a really really good, yu gi, oh card. The reason why i saw them strike it down is it striker struck? The reason why i saw them struck it down to really good is that not every deck needs a solemn strike granted almost every yugioh that can play solemn strike and negate your opponent’s, pivotal monster effect or a hand trap. Solemn strike is not designated for every yu gi, oh strategy. Solemn warning is literally an oh. No. What are you doing baby? Why would you even play this card right now now granted solemn warning could stop a car like monster reborn, but um that’s? Not what we’re here for we’re here to stop cards like true king of all calamities, divine arsenal, double a zeus, the effect of herald of ultimateness.

This card stops all of those with 500 less life points. It can also stop hand traps so uh yeah infinitely better super polymerization is that situational yu gi, oh card. The reason that keeps super polarization from here to here is the actual fusion monsters that can be used to summon with super polymerization let’s say. For example, there was a really powerful fusion monster. That said, two monsters super polymerization would be bandworthy, but seeing that our targets normally revolve around starving venom dragon in that swamp, carp, super polymerization is pretty tame. Toronto. Tribute is also another one of those really really good cards. It would be underrated if people did not know about it. It’S a massive war ripe on your opponent’s turn. I feel like people do be sleeping on tournamental tribute, though triple tactics, talent is a whoa. It can actually go into the really good category now while hand traps are at an all time, high, triple tactics, talent, doesn’t, necessarily fix the situation that you’re in in a combo based format, triple tactic. Talent goes into the better, be called with it because drawing two cards or since, if you already have your combo, ripping a card or another hand trap out of your opponent’s hand, would be amazing. But since we’re, in a slower control, format, it’s just a really good card allowing you to draw two cards, still your opponent’s monster, which i mean mind, control or allowing you to look at your opponent’s hand, triple tack to talent, is just a really good spell card Of course, twin twisters is going to be in that underrated category it’s, similar to cosmic cyclone, one of those better be called with it.

You could put it in between both of those but uh i’m gon na put it right here, just because not a lot of players are playing it and then upstart goblin is a situational, yu gi, oh card. Unfortunately, it’s not a card that you better be caught with it, even though it makes your deck ‘ cards, but nowadays players are starting to realize that hey, i probably should play more than ‘ cards. There are ways to play 42, 50 or even 60 yu gi. Oh cards, inside of your deck and not miss a beat so the whole making your deck ‘ cards doesn’t necessarily mean as much as it used to in the past. Still, though, upstart goblin could still be going into those decks that want to make ‘ cards well. That is all that i have for these staples tier list. Unfortunately, i didn’t make a staples tier list for the staples that you put in your stapler, but i feel like you’ll get over it. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did go ahead and give this video a like, but also be sure to check out these other videos. They are really awesome.