We might as well focus on oscars because i haven’t done an oscar prediction. Video, yet no worries next week before golden globe nominations. I will do a final prediction: video for that award show but let’s talk oscar now, i’m, basing my predictions on what i’ve seen. Obviously, what i’ve read what i’ve heard, what i’ve seen from other youtubers and what i’ve read in articles things on the internet articles things like that, so that is what i’m basing everything on when i say: i’ve never seen it. But how can i make a prediction? I’M, going by other sources as well, i can’t see everything. To be honest, i can’t see everything, so i just got ta go with my gut i’ve been doing this for a long time now, i’ve been following award shows for a really long time. I kind of know how they think and what directions they want to go. Let’S get started now. The categories i’m covering in this video are best picture best director and the acting categories. I’Ll give you my top five predictions of who, i think will get nominated, and then i have a few alternates just in case. There is a surprise now, let’s start with best supporting actor category and the number one is daniel kahluya for judas and the black messiah. It was just announced that he’s going to be in supporting category and not main actor category, so that kind of shakes things up a little bit and he’s.

Actually, my prediction to win best supporting actor category he’s been nominated before forget out he’s extremely talented i’ve seen the trailer for this film. He looks very dynamic and i just think he’s got it. I think he has got it. My other nominations for this are sasha. Baron cohen from trial of chicago seven in that cast, if you can stand out pretty much for the entire film you’re guaranteed a nomination, you’re guaranteed to get recognized so that, for me, was sasha baron cohen. So i firmly believe he will get recognized with an oscar nomination, leslie odom jr for one night in miami. I have not seen this one, but word of mouth is strong paul racy for sound of metal i’m. Hearing nothing but fantastic things about this movie. All around have not seen it want to see it, so i threw him in there because everyone’s talking about him now here’s my dark horse for this category, david stratharin for nomad land, no one is predicting that he’s going to get nominated, he’s always way down on The list somewhere, but because nomad land is gaining speed and word of mouth winning all these other smaller awards, i don’t know i think he just has a shot. My gut i got ta follow my gut and i think he might make it in there plus he’s been nominated before so you never know that. Might that might work in his favor he’s. You know he’s been recognized before all right, so alternates who do, i think, might be a backup if one of these fall through well.

I have chadwick boseman on here for de five bloods. It could happen. You never know what, if you got two nominations. That would be crazy. I don’t think two crazier things have happened, though so chadwick boseman and mark rylance for trial of chicago seven. He was the other actor that really stood out to me, plus he’s won he’s won before so he does have the goods okay. Moving on to best supporting actress, amanda scifried for meg. We all know this except mank in my opinion, has really lost speed when it was first coming out. Ooh it’s, black and white david fincher about citizen kane whoo, everyone was all about it. I watched it. I was bored to tears. I will never watch it again. It’S not my thing i’m, not into it i’m sure other people are just drooling over it, but not me, so i think because it’s lost speed, amanda seifried the guaranteed lock win, not so much anymore, not so much, but i think she still will get nominated i’m Gon na mess up this name so don’t judge me don’t judge me yeah young, i probably butchered that, but for menari best supporting actress for minari again haven’t seen it word of mouth is strong, so i put her in olivia coleman for the father. This has not come out yet i don’t get screeners from anyone. I know there’s some people out there that have already seen this from a screener i’m jealous of you people i want screeners, i don’t get them uh i’m, not big enough to get screeners, but the father comes out at the end of february.

I think that’s, perfect timing for this movie to come out and actually gain some last minute speed, because it will only be two months before the actual oscar ceremony so mark my words, i think olivia coleman’s performance is going to get the word of mouth going in Her favor and i’m predicting her to win this category because i think the lateness of the release is going to work in her favor all right, ellen burst in for pieces of a woman, not a lot of screen time it’s about 17 minutes. I think, but you can still win. I mean dame judy. Dench won for shakespeare in love with seven minutes on the screen she won for best supporting actress. It is possible. She ellen burson does have that crazy, good monologue that she gives. I wouldn’t be surprised. I would not be surprised if i heard her name and i’m doing it i’m doing it. I’M i’m, going there glenn close for hillbilly lg i’m just i’m going there. I really am going there because maybe the the academy wants to make it up for her. You know for disner for the wife and choosing olivia coleman. I have no idea, i think, it’s great, to have a battle between those two again going head to head. That’D be amazing, and i think the academy would be all for that and i wouldn’t be surprised if they did that just to have a heads head battle, pretty good all right who are my alternates in this category, olivia cook sound of metal haven’t, seen it again, But word of mouth is strong and jodie foster for i’m going to butcher this too.

The mauritanian, the mauritanian, i don’t, know how you say it, but jodie foster, we’ll, just say: jody foster all right. Moving on best actress. This was the easiest category for me to write out, because the top four have been my top four for a really long time. The best actress category. I knew like that. No doubt in my mind the fifth slot. However, i was very going back and forth between a few people, but i think i’ve nailed it all right. So francis mcdormand is at the top because i personally think she’s going to win francis mcdormand for nomad land, carrie mulligan for promising young woman vanessa kirby pieces of a woman and viola davis for ma rainey’s black bottom, the fifth slot i’m, putting zendaya for malcolm and Marie this movie has yet to drop on netflix that’s happening next friday, but yet again the word of mouth is strong i’m hearing nothing but fantastic rave reviews about both of their performances in that film. So i snuck her in there. I snuck her in i wouldn’t, be surprised. The oscars love young ingenue performances like gwyneth, paltrow and shakespeare in love when she won, for example, jennifer lawrence when she won hers. So don’t be surprised if you see zendaya in there with all these veterans. Now why francis mcdormand well vanessa kirby might be losing a little bit of speed. She won a few awards early on, but she hasn’t really won anything else.

Frances mcdormand has been kind of winning she’s been sweeping everything, but then carrie mulligan is right on her heels. So if i had to pick a top two it’d be frances mcdormand and carrie mulligan, unfortunately, viola davis is not getting recognized yet it could happen. You never know, but it has yet to happen. But francis mcdormand is my ultimate pick for that category. Now my alternates for best actress are sophia loren for the life ahead. I have not watched that yet. I probably should but i’ve been hearing nothing but great things: amy adams for hillbilly lg. She gets nominated for everything. Let’S be honest. She gets nominated for everything and she never ever wins. I wouldn’t be surprised. I really wouldn’t michelle pfeiffer for french exit. Again i’ve heard things it’s, probably not going to happen, though she’s never been nominated. Unfortunately, i can’t believe she’s never been nominated, she’s fantastic, but it’s. Probably not going to happen best actor here we go interesting category chadwick boseman, obviously for ma rainey’s black bottom rizz ahmed for the sound of metal, anthony hopkins for the father, delroy lindo to five bloods and john david washington yeah. I went there for malcolm and marie those are my picks for who will get the top five nominations. Chadwick, i think he’s gon na take it. I think he’s gon na take it the unfortunate passing of him. This past year broke all of us because his potential, especially with these two movies, the five bloods and ma rainey’s black bottom, his last final film.

His potential was so huge to go on and do such great things to not honor him in some way would be a crime and plus i watch maharani’s black bottom. That performance is absolutely fantastic. He gives two of the most intense, crazy monologues i’ve ever heard. Nuts. Absolutely nuts, but again with the release of the father at the end of february, anthony hopkins might have a chance. He might have a chance. You never know and that’s what’s crazy about award season and then rizzomed with sound of metal is gaining speed constantly but i’m going with chadwick. I really think they’re gon na honor him. This is the last chance. So i think it will go to him now. My alternates for this category, alternets tom hanks for news of the world i mean he’s, always nominated for everything, pretty much everything he does he’s an academy award darling, so i wouldn’t be surprised yeah. I i skipped over gary oldman. I really did instead of gary oldman. I put john david washington because, like i said, i think gary oldman and mank are really losing speed. So i put him on the alternate. Gary oldman is on the alternate and lakeith stanfield for judas and the black messiah. You never know all right best director here. We go best director, category chloe’s yao now you say her last name: chloe chloe for nomad land, she’s sweeping she’s sweeping every single award lately at at this point i think it’s a lock.

In my opinion, it is a lock, she’s gon na win because she’s sweeping everything plus she is going to be directing the eternals ooh fantastic, so excited all right. I know that has nothing to do with awards season, but it’s just exciting for us marvel geeks. Okay, spike lee for defy bloods, it’s kind of like an honor thing. I mean it’s spike lee. How can you not nominate him? How can you not david fincher for meg, yeah, it’s kind of getting old but toss my nomination he’s not gon na win, though aaron sorkin for trial of chicago seven? He will not win because it wasn’t the best directing job. Writing is his forte clearly and i put in what’s his name, florian zeller, florian zeller for the father. I just picked something. To be honest, i just needed a fifth and i just threw in a fifth now. My top alternate is emerald fennel for promising young woman. Now i would have put her in the fifth slot. I wanted to put her in the fifth slot. However, i don’t think the oscars are that progressive to put two women in the best director category we’re lucky to get one we’re lucky to get one and one that might win and out of the two it’s going to be chloe so that’s. Why i put emerald in the alternate trust me: i would love to see her in there because i love promising young woman. Brilliant movie love the script.

Lee isaac chung for menari minari is getting a lot of word of mouth. Why not put him in as an alternate and then george c wolfe for ma rainey’s black bottom? Why not all right best picture best picture best picture all right here we go nomad land trial of the chicago seven ma rainey’s black bottom promising young woman mank. The five bloods manari sound of metal and the father that’s quite a list that is quite a list so that’s who i think is going to get nominated now, who do, i think, is actually going to win best picture i’m, going with no mad land i’m going With no man land because let’s be honest, if it wins actress, if it wins director and uh, chloe zou also wrote the screenplay. So if we get her win in screenplay, nomad land is going to win best picture, it’s, very rare when all those other awards add up and it doesn’t win best picture. I think it’s a lock, i think nomad land is just gaining so much speed right now. I cannot wait for february when it debuts on hulu, so i can watch this damn thing because i’ve heard nothing but great things about it. So i’m excited i’m excited no, my alternates for best picture soul, everyone’s saying it could happen, i’ll go with it. So one night in miami and judas and the black messiah, you never know it could get in there. So there’s, my oscar predictions it’s, not my final it’s, just my rough draft anything could happen between now and when are they announced march? Anything could happen.

These next awards shows golden globe. The sag, the baftas that is what’s, going to guide us in the right direction, who we can cut out and who we can predict, is going to walk home with oscar gold. Thank you so much for watching. My video, like i said before.