With the oscars 2021 fast approaching, i went and selected those movies that have a big chance to get the best picture award and some of them you can even watch today on streaming apps, which of these movies, deserves the oscar. For me, if it wasn’t for my tivo stream 4k recommending it, i wouldn’t have seen the trial of the chicago 7, and this one is a huge contender for the best picture award now let’s see the others. I bet you’ll find something to watch tonight. First off we have nomad land truly the movie with the most hype behind it, directed by chloe zhao, an up and coming director screenwriter and producer, with plenty of indie cred to her name. Nomad land has the biggest chance for best picture in 2021. This story is about a woman who lost everything in a great recession and had to go on finding a new way to live on the road that woman will be played by frances mcdormand. Who already has two oscars for her incredible roles in fargo and three billboards outside ebbing missouri? It is a tough time right now you may want to consider early retirement. I need work. I like work. What really makes nomadland special, though, is the surrounding cast. Few of them are actually actors. Instead, chloe zawa chose to use actual nomads from the us. You’Ll even see one of the pioneers of the van life movement, the legendary bob wells. I for one can’t wait for this movie to be released.

Fortunately, as i was saying before, some oscar 2021 contenders are already up on streaming services, thanks to my tivo stream 4k recommending it. I spend an evening with the trial of the chicago 7 and a few days debating it with friends. This one is already available on netflix today, and you should definitely give it a chance if you like, smart, fast, paced political dramas, we’re going to chicago to protest. The vietnam war there’s no place to be right now, but in it we watched for a decade while these rebels, without a job, tell us how to prosecute a war. Well, they’re going to spend their 30s in a federal facility written and directed by aaron sorkin, who you might know from the west wing or mali’s game. This movie has plenty to go for in the race for the oscars. It follows seven left wing activists who are on trial after protesting the vietnam war at the 1968 dnc and will give a lot of food for thought, especially in light of recent events. The stars that it casts certainly will help. Did you see it? Do you think it has what it takes to be the best another oscar candidate you can see right now is promising young woman with carrie mulligan and alison brie it’s available on most on demand services for a 48 hour rental and trust me it’s worth it just Not as a date movie promising young woman looks a bit like a comedy, but it really is a great exploration of gender trauma and the idea of justice.

It follows a girl who, to cope with her trauma, starts letting strange men take her home where she takes revenge i’m, not gon na spoil anything for you, but i did warn you. This is a pretty heavy movie. So keep that in mind before watching it. With someone i am a nice guy Music, i thought we had a connection. Okay. How old am i Music? What are my hobbies? What’S, my name, sorry, maybe that one’s too hard, if you’re looking for something a bit more inspiring like nomad land, this tom hanks flick. Also has a pretty good chance to take home the big prize, it’s called news of the world and it’s already up on demand services. So if you love western movies, make sure you don’t miss it. I for one have been hoping westerns make a comeback for a long time, and i hope i’m not alone in this, where it is she’s that captive out of wichita falls. What do you want? How much you offer this child is not for sale. Also, if news of the world doesn’t get best picture, i think it has a huge chance to get oscar for best audio. Why? Because the supervising sound editor, oliver tarney was nominated three times to the oscars for 1917, the martian and captain phillips a sure bet here. What do you think share your thoughts and predictions in the comments you know. 2020 was weird when you say oscars and netflix in the same sentence, but i for one love this outcome since i’m, mostly home with my tivo, to keep me safe company.

I saw yet another probable oscar 2021 winner from the comfort of the couch i’m talking about david fincher’s man, a movie with a plot that basically begs for the oscars and uses gary oldman to get there. Everyone make yourself to home, mr mankiewicz, or shall i call you herman? Please call me meg meg frank fincher takes arguably the best movie of all time citizen kane and follows the truly unique screenwriter behind it. No, not the famous orson welles, but a writer who was basically a washed out drunk with no idea what to do next. Why does mag deserve a win? To be honest, i don’t think it does, but i wouldn’t be surprised if he got the best picture. After all, it’s a homage to hollywood’s glory days – and you know hollywood – they sure love vanity projects and homages. Speaking of homages, i think it’s super likely. The best picture this year will go to a movie featuring the late chadwick boseman. The talented black panther lead, unfortunately, passed away recently, but he did star in two movies, with lots of oscar potential. The first is ma rainey’s black bottom, a musical drama. That’S literally, i have no words: just praise featuring viola davis, an oscar winner herself and chadwick boseman, in what i think is his best and most unique performance. This has what it takes to be best picture of 2021 that’s to get to people’s attention that’s when you and slow drag come in with the rhythm part me and cutler play on the break and the best part you can watch it right now on netflix.

I already added it to my favorites on my tivo stream, 4k and plan on convincing a lot of my friends to watch it with me and the second movie with chadwick boseman. That has a very good oscar 2021 vibe. Is the five bloods? Add this one to your watch list and come back to tell me what you think the five bloods is also available on netflix. Just to give you a taste of what you’re about to see. This is a pretty unique story of african american veterans. Going back to vietnam and it’s directed by spike lee, so the malcolm x vibe is pretty strong. We’Ve been dying for this country from the very get now the time has come. There are things too real and speaking of malcolm x and his legacy. This is the last movie i’m willing to bet on as worthy of the oscars 2021 best picture judas and the black messiah drops in theaters on february 12th and simultaneously on hbo max. Obviously i haven’t seen this one yet, but i’ma go out on a limb and say it’s extremely promising it’s the story of fred, hampton, a famous black panther party leader, who well was assassinated by the fbi. Daniel kaluya, who got an oscar nomination for get out, would be playing fred, hampton and he’ll be joined by another, get out actor la keith stanfield, whose performance really made that movie stand out 18 months for the stolen car five years for impersonating, a federal officer or You can go home, the black panthers are forming a rainbow coalition of oppressed brothers and sisters of every color.

Anyway, these are the movies, i think, can win the oscars 2021 best picture.