Today, we’ve got unreal engine 5 early access is now available, along with a video that showcases what is going on, and additionally, a new scene valley of the ancients to go ahead and check out what is in unreal engine now i’m going to be doing two videos Either today or tomorrow, first one – i wanted to get this one out there. So if you weren’t already aware of it, you can go and start downloading it now, which, quite frankly, is exactly what i am doing so you’re gon na see. Here there is a special early access install of unreal engine 5.0.0 you’re going to notice. There is a new unreal engine 5 tab in the epic games launcher now. I didn’t actually get this when i first logged in. If that happens to you go into settings and make sure that you are up to date, i had to force an install, but once i did that unreal engine 5 tab shows up right here and then you can download the early access on top of this unreal Engine early access, we also now have this new project uh, which is the valley of the ancients. Unfortunately, you have to download this before you can download that, so i am currently in the process of waiting for value of the ancients uh. This one only works with unreal engine five, so of course we are waiting for this download here now the nice thing is uh, their server seem to be holding up so far uh, but i have a strange feeling that this thing is going to slaughter my computer.

So once i get unreal, engine 5 installed i’m going to start loading this project and it could be hours to get this thing up. Target pc specs are a 12 core, cpu, 40 gigabytes of ram, sorry, 64 gigabytes of ram and an nvidia 2080. I am not even approaching those unfortunately, so this is going to be interesting, then, on top of that you’re, 205 gigabytes for this project so, like i said earlier on when i open this sucker up it’s going to probably kill my computer take hours to process, maybe Even into tomorrow, so i figured i would get this video out right away, so you guys can start the same thing. You want to check out unreal engine 5. It is now available for download just basically go on in here unreal engine 5 tab. If that isn’t there once again update your client and then you can install unreal engine 5. now the cool thing here is. We also know some of the details of what is in unreal engine 5. Right now and to be honest, we knew a lot of this stuff, but it was really cool to see it in action which, by the way, there is a video out there, 20 minutes long kind of showcases, some of the new features and functionality plus some of This stuff is basically unreal. Engine 4.26 features that are gon na kind of be final things like chaos, physics and some of these things, we’re already informed of things like lumen physics, but they do have uh the unreal engine 5 early access, video.

They just released this uh at streamed live at 10., so it is now available for you want to go and check out what is new in unreal engine. One of the things you are going to notice and probably love immediately and let me just make sure that’s actually muted uh. Where are you volume? I actually don’t know how uh what you’re going to find is um. There is a new user interface and so uh let’s go ahead and see come on, come on, show me a screenshot uh, so they have updated the look okay, so i keep picking little areas in the video okay. There we go so you can see here they have updated the ui and that’s one of those things a lot of people have been asking for. I do like the new look. I definitely think it looks pretty sharp and i look forward to checking out in action when that install finally finishes, so that is the video do go ahead and check that out. You can see a lot of unreal engine in um in action in this video again. This is not even close to production ready, i believe they said 2022, so we’re at least a year out before unreal engine is the production version, but at least we can start playing with it now. So the key features here that well the one big thing is nanites now that’s, basically going to be that um ability to create games with massive amounts of polygons, like we’re, talking uh tens of millions of polygons, and then it takes care of uh stripping it down.

So, instead of doing say, um re topology, you could create something in the zbrush sculpt. What we normally would do is create a z power sculpt and then do a low lod version of it, but then in theory we’re not going to have to do that anymore. We could just basically model with unlimited polygon budgets and unreal engine will take care of things for us. The other thing – and we were already aware of this – i don’t know why my computer just flashed there was lumen. This is a new global illumination system. You can create dynamic, believable scenes where indirect light adapts on the fly to changes to direct lighting. So, instead of having to bake things, uh light maps to bake out or such this is using a real time. Lighting system um same final lighting as when the game is run on consoles, that’s, actually pretty cool, but we already knew about those things. Uh open world changes, there’s the new world partition system automatically divides the world into a grid streams that necessarily sells when required. So basically, this is a partitioning system that allows you to make incredibly big roles. Now. There’S, a common theme here and it’s. Really quite cool, is what you’ve got. Is you just create your game? You don’t worry about constraints anymore. You don’t worry about level size anymore. You don’t worry about polygon budgets anymore and in theory, unreal engine 5 is going to take care of all those things.

Roll partitioning is going to take care of breaking your world up into digestible chunks. The micro micro uh nanite system is going to handle um, creating re topple, metabolized versions of your high definition message: that’s, pretty cool there there’s, also the new one file per actor system. That makes collaboration easier. So you basically um split your data up in a more logical and divisible way between your team and then there’s. Finally, data layers, unless you create different variations of the same world such as daytime and nighttime versions or specific data sets that are enabled through gameplay uh. So saying, example, you had a level where you had a pre instruction and a post instruction version of it. You could do that using data layers, which is also a new cool feature, and the next step we have the new animation tools. These were featured very, very heavily in the um, the video. So if you want to check out what they’ve done in terms of animation, uh, some really cool things in here, uh artist, friendly tools like control rig, they absolutely quickly create rigs and share them across multiple characters. Uh new pose browser apply proposed to assets new full body, ik solver motion warping enables you to dynamically adjust character, fruit motion to different targets in the video they showed it where they created different debris heights and then the animation system automatically handled the animation for those Different heights definitely looks good and it was heavily featured in that video.

So if you want to learn more about that, be do sure to check that out and then we’ve also got their new meta sounds and it’s kind of interesting, because unreal engine 4.24, i think, is when they added their own new sound engine. In with unreal engine 5 they’re introducing a fundamentally new way of making audio metasounds is a high performance system offers complete control over audio dsp graph generation of sound sources, letting you manage all aspects of audio rendering to drive next generation procedure, audio experiences. So basically, what they’re saying is you can generate audio on the fly and they showcase this uh, with a giant robot, building up the the charge for his shot, uh it’s analogous to fully programmable material and rendering pipeline, bringing all the benefits of procedural content creation to Audio uh, so that’s, pretty cool you’ve, now got this really dynamic audio there. So if you want to have a lot of programmability in the way your audio works in, in essence, they’ve kind of built in a lot of what something like fmod is doing right now. Right into unreal engine and, of course, we’ve got enhancements to the ue um, the ue5 editor ui and workflow, which is definitely nice again. Here is the new user interface. You know it’s, obviously based on the old one, but it does. It took away a layer of the ugly for sure i do like uh the new look better uh it’s, not the biggest changes there, but uh new looks streamlined, workflow optimized for on screen real estate.

Thank goodness because there’s the one complaint people would have of unreal engine four before it. You really kind of wasted a lot of space, so new features in the early access build include the ability to easily summon and stow content browser, which is nice, uh dock. Any editor tab to the collectible sidebar, freeing up more space for viewpoint interactions. New favorite system for quick access in the details panel create button on the main toolbar makes it easier to place actors in your world the streamlined easier to work for for creating new projects. So it’s not revolutionary it’s, not like a massive shift in the ui, but they got rid of a lot of the major warts and there’s got a new cleaner. Look that i definitely i like. So if you want to go ahead and check it out once again do make sure that you install the updated client which will add a new unreal engine 5 tab let’s see how i’m doing here, i’m verifying now so i’m getting closer and then i’ve got a 200 gigabyte install for value of the ancients but, like i said when that finally gets loaded, i will do an unreal engine valley of the anxious hands on video. But i wanted to get this out because, like i said that could take hours possibly days. That is insane that this thing is that big uh. So do be aware: you want to check this stuff out unreal engine 5 if you’re going to go with all this new amazing technology.

Uh you’re gon na probably gon na have an upgrade in your near future, because this is massive, so uh. Let me know what you think of the changes to unreal engine. Five. Are you excited about what we’ve got going on here? Uh do stay tuned for my hands on video of you know unreal engine 5 itself and then valley of the ancients when i finally get it in and loaded and all the shaders built again, i feel so bad for my computer. It is going to melt down over the next little while, but unreal engine 5 early access. It is now here.