She always wore a smile. She now she’s older things are getting colder life’s, not what she thought she wished. Someone told us she told you she was down and you let it slip by so from there Music, Music, her Music things were going down. Music. Look at me, Music. The chair fell down as she took her final breath, it’s all over all gone now. She’S greeting death, her mom walks in she falls down to the floor, and now nothing can take back what she just saw. The little girl that she raises just hanging there, her body’s pale and her face is violently there. She sees the note and unfolds it with care. All she does is be fair. She starts reading as the tears roll down her face. I’M. Sorry mom, but this world is Music there’s, nothing for me here, i’m, just a waste of space, i’ve gotten a reason to stay here with this awful race. It’S a disgrace. I was Music facing their own fight, but i can’t deal with the pain i’m, not a fighter. You make it through the night, just hug, your pillow Music, if Music Applause, Music now it’s time to go i’m running out of space to ride. And yes, i lost my friend, but please just hold on tight i’m watching over you from the clouds above and sending down the purest and white to watch over.