It has been serving tier 1 csps in the past decade. In recent years, air spilling has received a massive technology overhaul, so today we’re proudly introducing verse, lite a user friendly, highly robust and streamlined cloud native platform. Being cloud native brings us tangible benefits now on amazon cloud, we have a more flexible architecture, a more adaptable infrastructure and a way more efficient development process. Let’S take a closer look here. We can configure our cloud infrastructure to match our needs, such as vpc subnets route tables, internet gateways and security group. These configurations now takes only a couple of hours to set up in the cloud which normally takes up to a few weeks or even months, to properly set up in a conventional data center. Therefore, various light is now extremely easy to deploy, upgrade and run maintenance in a cloud native environment. Now, if we zoom in to kubernetes the container technology that we use to run our micro services, we’re able to manage our image repositories where all the various light microservices are stored and maintained. All of these microservices are now following the tile management forum, open digital architecture. As the main reference therefore brings us openness and connectivity to the digital ecosystem around the globe Music. Now, after setting up our cloud infrastructure, the kubernetes containers, let us take a look at the running instances in the aws ec2 here you can see we’re, taking full advantage of the cloud infrastructure to bring the carrier grade, system capacity and stability to various light.

Music, continuous delivery is another start of the show, thanks to the updated architecture and workflow rare slide is set up just right. The adoption of cicd has changed how our developers and testers ship our products cicd represents a culture and process around constantly integrating new code provides our developers a solution to the problems associated with constantly integrating our products updates. Now we can easily manage the entire development lifecycle in a well organized and coherent manner. The integration process is more automated and with less errors, so the code, our developers rate, reaches production more quickly and safely and ultimately generates value to our clients more rapidly. We also updated our applications to a whole new level. Take our upc, unified product catalog, for example. 5G, brings a lot of a technological advancement. Therefore, it also posts challenges in the product, catalog capabilities in whole, new ways, so it is critical to adapt 5g and translate new technologies into products and services and also into offers, and the capacity for time to market is also very crucial. Very slight upc is a cloud native product catalog that enables service providers to launch new services. In just minutes it provides business and marketing with a simple user interface for their needs, enabling operators to rapidly define create, launch and change new offers, products and services. We conceal the powerful pricing and billing capabilities into a easy to use product catalog console brings down the average time to finish daily marketing tasks and configurations significantly.

Varislite also provides a business user friendly agent deal console, which empowers the operator’s agents to perform marketing sales and customer services tasks with optimized efficiency, taking creating a new account as an example. This process takes the agent with a step by step flow for the account creation from getting the basic information of the customer to selecting offers and then selecting or binding a new phone number with the customer topping up the new account with balance and finally, to check Out with a quick payment action across all the functions in their slide system, we bring you with optimized processes, alongside with productivity and efficiency and for the customers out of the box. Verislide provides a website and a mobile app for the end users to access providing customers with choices and convenience. At the same time, so the customers could perform basic operations very easily things like browsing the product, headlock changing subscriptions, placing new orders topping up and completing payments.