Now people seem to get these wires crossed because they’re so closely linked and obviously because they have the word cloud in them as well. So cloud storage, um, storing files such as photo well, storing files, online, there’s, professional use and there’s personal use right i’m. Not going to dive too much into that, because i think that’s quite obvious as to why someone would want to use cloud storage and why a company would want to use cloud storage. Actually, let me just cover it anyway, so someone like myself would want to use cloud storage, so i can have a safe backup of all my photos and videos that i’ve taken on my phone. A company might want to do it for exactly the same reason, and because we might want to be able to recover stuff, it might be useful, more useful for a company as they can have people working from home. So, for example, myself i store everything i have on one drive or google drive so wherever i am in the world once i have internet access, i can access those files and i can do the work. I need to do. Okay, so that’s cloud storage, cloud storage is simply saving files in the cloud saving files on google drive, onedrive, dropbox, icloud right that’s. What cloud storage is now cloud computing again? It can be used for both personal and professional use, so personal use and professional use they’re. Very closely linked in cloud computing in the sense that you’re doing roughly the same things.

But each company might do something slightly different in the sense that if you’re, a graphics company you’re going to be i’m using graphic software online. If you’re an audio company you’re going to be using audio programs online, okay, so cloud computing is accessing graphics, editing, software well accessing any type of software over a network. For example, we can have microsoft office installed on our pcs, but we can also have microsoft office. Being used from onedrive, so i can create word documents: powerpoint, excel spreadsheets, all on one drive, so that’s an example of cloud computing. There are also websites on the internet where you can edit images. So google drawings is one of them and you also have photopia, which is another online photoshop alternative, and all of this work that the computer would normally do is now being done online, it’s being done by a server somewhere in the world. Okay, so that’s a difference there between cloud storage, which is simply just storing the stuff and cloud computing where all the work is actually being done somewhere else. Okay, so let’s quickly go over some of the impacts of cloud storage and cloud computing for both individuals and organizations so advantages. First, data can be accessed on the on a wide variety of devices used in the home. Software with specification requirements are too high for home. Computers can easily be accessed through cloud computing. Now what that means is that let’s say you have a 10 year old, pc and you’re trying to install the newest version of of office 2020 on it or 2019 right.

If this pc is old or well, if it’s too old, it just won’t work, but if that pc has access to the internet and it has a web browser, you can use all the same features of office 2019, but use it online on onedrive or you can Use it on google drive, so you don’t have to have anything else installed on your pcs to be able to use or utilize. The features of office, disadvantages, cloud, storage and computing can make heavy use of bandwidth. So you’ll be using up a lot of your data. You’Ll be using up a lot of your internet that’s. Essentially what that means. Okay and some people have a limited amount, for example on our phones. We have um mine, i’ve got like 10 gigabytes a month if i’m using cloud computing and cloud storage. My 10 gigabytes would finish very easily. Okay um it’s uh. It also uses a lot of data being transferred at any one time. So not only is it using your overall data a lot but because it’s doing so it’s sending so much information across the network it’s going to be high utilization. So if someone else is watching a video downstairs, you doing the work, you’re doing might actually slow them down a lot um another disadvantage. Hackers could access and misuse personal photos or videos on the cloud storage servers, so i have saved since 2012, roughly i’ve been saving every single photo and video i’ve taken on google’s servers right now.

If a hacker gets access to all that stuff and all the photos i have of myself and my family, they could hold it ransom. They could be like we’ll give you this stuff back. If you pay us x amount of money – and it has happened before in some cases not to myself but to other people, so those are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and cloud storage for individuals. Okay, so now let’s, look at for organizations advantages first off site backups are are more physically secure example. If a school or a company has the backups in the same building, if there’s a fire, an earthquake, a burglar, um, a burglary attack that data is gone forever, because not only has the fire destroyed the data on the computers, but the backup is also or has Also been destroyed, a business can subscribe and unsubscribe to software according to changing needs again uh we’re in a perfect climate where that might be done so most companies or most people might not have looked at cloud storage or cloud computing much in the past and they’ve. Just been buying microsoft office every year, but now with so many people working from home, it makes sense for companies to say. Okay, let me use onedrive well, let me use google drive, so people at home on their own pcs can do exactly the same type of work. It gets backed up automatically. They cannot lose it unless they forcefully go in and delete it like two or three times, because even after you delete it it’s still in a recycled bin somewhere.

So companies can now say: okay we’ve never needed this thing before, but in the current climate we do need it. Okay organization can save money, as i t staff are not needed to manage software installations and less powerful hardware is required this. This is a perfect one. So thinking about it in a college or a school where most of you guys are probably at the stage when the college needs something fixed, they have to have an i.t specialist at hand and they have to pay that i.t specialist, a salary, and not only that, Because there are so many computers in the college, they have to buy these computers initially before they can start doing anything, whereas if you’re using cloud, storage or cloud computing or cloud computing in some cases, you won’t need as much powerful hardware you won’t need any it Specialist, because literally all you will need in most cases is a username and a password, and you have access to everything that the company has to offer. For example, onedrive again, all you need to have is a microsoft account and you can do one drive. You can do emails, you can do microsoft forms you can use all these microsoft features just from having a username and a password. Now the disadvantages organizations have no control over the security of their backups, as that is controlled by a cloud storage company, so microsoft or google. If they get hacked your data gets hacked.

Potentially you have no control over how they store it, where they put it. So you’re backing up stuff to google drive right that server that you’re backing up to, for example, might be in australia rather than in the uk. So you don’t have any control over that privacy concerns over who can access the organization’s data within the cloud storage company um? I am making the assumption that, if bill gates the owner of well the previous owner of microsoft, would i believe if he turns up to microsoft and says i want to be able to see everyone’s stuff on onedrive, because he has executive privileges. Even though there’s gdpr rules in place, he might still have access to all those files. Okay, because they develop the system that’s used to back up the data, that’s that’s used for security. They will have access to everything. Software is inaccessible if there is a network outage. So if you don’t have internet you don’t have service, you don’t have cloud storage. You don’t have cloud computing now. This in today’s climate is not really that big of an issue, because in most cases the internet goes down for a couple of hours or more at most a day and it’s put back up or or it’s put or is fixed.