How sweet? When did you get so thoughtful guy? Can change has been five years huh? I need to talk to barry right, come on Music, leaving town i’m going to midgar Music. You should have figured all the guys are leaving, but but i’m, not like them. I’M, not going just to look for work i’m going to be a soldier. The best of the best like sephiroth the great war hero, huh isn’t it pretty hard to become a soldier yeah. So i won’t be back for a long time. Guess not think you’ll be in the papers. I’Ll. Try just promise me one thing when we’re, older and you’re a famous soldier, if i’m ever trapped or in trouble, promise you’ll come and save me that’s. What heroes do they save people? Please just once come on. Promise me Music. Fine. I promise you. Okay, yeah Music Laughter, what’s, going on i’ll, explain everything later, but now i’m. On my way to see don cornell, you should head back to seventh heaven meet up with the gang, but i’ll be fine. You’Ve seen how much ass i can kick. I have Music. Oh, no, you don’t you’re, going after her she’s a big girl. She can handle the likes of him and worse uh uh, you don’t, know cornell it doesn’t matter how strong or smart you think you are he’ll find a way to turn it against you, Music. Hey! Can you hear me Music, good, wait, a minute? Is that you, oh my god, that makeup and that dress nailed it.

I know. Thank you. Moving on Music, you good yeah bit woozy, but i’ll manage hey tifa, how you doing okay, oh right, i’m meredith, a friend of clouds. We were worried and thought we’d come help you out. Thanks cut the chatter we got. Ta leave huh right now, no, not until i’ve got what i came for so after we made it back to himself Music, but then i realized i’d only be one of three candidates and that if he didn’t pick me it would all be for nothing. Then your worries are over aren’t. They because the other two candidates are right here, right right, so yeah. If we’re all in on it, then nothing can go wrong. I guess not. You me cloud makes no difference. Who gets chosen? Does it i don’t know arith. It feels wrong getting you involved in all this don’t even bother trying to talk around oh cloud gets me. Took you long enough, Music, okay, my beautiful ladies time to line up for the dawn Applause. You look kind of familiar. We haven’t met before. Have we Applause? Whatever all right, y’all good to go, let’s do this thing introducing walmart’s most eligible bachelor, the one and only die cornelium. Ladies uh nice, very nice. Whichever one should i pick? Oh, shall i pick you or maybe you Laughter, Music Applause? Oh yeah, i’ve got it. I’Ve got it today’s bride to be, is today’s fan tomorrow or the day afters.

If the don takes a shine to you pathetic huh, hey, which one of you said that was it. Oh, you got a mouth on, you i’m, going to enjoy breaking it in Applause. Today’S lucky lady, is the big bone. Girl Applause leftovers are all yours. Okay, ladies, we have to go back to the slums right now. Yeah. I didn’t want to drag into all this. How do you two know each other? I saved her. She saved me round and round it goes and that’s all there is to it sure there isn’t something else going on. Well, what do you think i’m game, but it’ll be fine.