Whatever you want to call it there’s some confirmations or maybe something that’s going to go down next month. You heard me right so apparently there’s going to be a orchestra, a live stream of some sorts that’s going to take place next month and february 13th is going to be a special day most likely because, as you can see right here from a 2d user day, K hf huge shout out to you final fantasy, 7, 7 remakes’s producer kitase, will appear for a video comment during the final fan. 7 remake orchestra. Tokyo live stream february 13th. Now what does this mean? It can mean a lot of things. Actually, it could mean we are going to get a final fan. Seven remake ps5 edition we go, we could even get a teaser for the ever crisis scenario. We could get the dlc stuff with tifa there’s a lot of stuff that can be announced. Remember it’s square enix; they like their orchestras and they like announcing stuff at their own shows. We i love to see it. I really like that it’s really cool uh that this is happening. I hope that there’s something i don’t want to hype it up too much and then be disappointed at the end of it, but i really want it to be something and i think it might happen. I don’t know what you guys think. Maybe just let me know in the comments, but i think we might get the ps5 version or even dlcs announced, or even both, maybe even a teaser for part two, even though that’s years away, but that never stops queenics before they announce and release teasers for games.

That are always a few years ahead of themselves. God bless queen. I honestly don’t know where this is gon na go. I think that it’s going to be most likely a ps5, definitive edition. I would really love them to have a dlc, maybe it’ll be announced. Then, who knows? I really don’t know who what you think about it. So it is before valentine’s day. So, do you think it’s a tifa aaron jesse dayton, simulator i’m up for it? I really am i’m that’d, be that’d, be pretty cool square enix, but still um i’m really excited. I don’t know what to actually make of it. Let me know what you guys think is on the 13th of february, marked it down on the calendars. If there’s a trail or anything i’ll be making my reaction, video for you guys, so we can be hyped together and uh yeah and, of course, while on the topic of final fantasy 7 remake, i have made a twitter poll to ask well which theory video, would You like first yazora is fate or zac; fair is in limbo, and you know what all two of you beautiful people who have uh actually wanted who actually took part. Thank you so much for that uh. You guys said. Zack faye is in limbo, so that’s the theory video i’m going to talk about uh. My next theory, video, so yeah i’m, going to be talking about zac faye is in limbo, he’s, not dead, he’s, not alive he’s, not in our universe.

Well, not our universe. He’S! Not in his universe and he’s, not in the final fan, 7 remake universe, but he’s somewhere in between all of them, all four of them, god, damn it zak, fair, but yeah. I uh. I really appreciate you guys for taking the time to uh. Take part in the poll, i really do appreciate it anyway, guys that is it for this video. Please leave a like helps me. A lot comment down in the comment section down below what you think this announcement will be uh. We should leave a comment share with friends and please subscribe.