Today, we’ll touch a bit on the company background and institutional analysis. Then we’ll focus our attention to the campaign plannings and the communication marketing communication mix that we’ll be using. Finally, we’ll show you some of the mock pages and also a spotify jingle we’ve created, especially for this campaign and touch on certain budgeting and also integration aspects of our campaign. Now, moving on to the next slide, so a bit background about tutu class it’s, it was established in 20th of may 2019 and it’s one of the 42 inhaling services we we have in malaysia yeah we before this, we didn’t even know we had so many e Hailings in malaysia, but fortus specifically, they operated in penang and they do have expression plans in the northern region in the coming years. And at this moment the apps have about 3.9 rating out of 5 in the app store and google play and also has about over 10 000 downloads. Now we’ll move on to the situational analysis, so uh when we wanted to do digital marketing campaign, we first need to understand how to do car stack up against the competition and also in the e healing industry, as in itself. So in terms of competitions, we’ve noted that they have three main competitors, namely grab taxi drivers and public houses. As for the situation, are there other factors that affect the healing industry as a whole? We’Ve noted some positives and some negative factors to be mentioned.

So, in terms of the positive factors that can help to discuss its in term is the technological and social factors. So, as we note that uh, more and more consumers are becoming more technology savvy, as noted that uh, just under 30 million internet users in malaysia uh. Currently, with an 83 percent penetration rate, so this note how uh, how malaysian consumers are more uh has internet connectivity and also more technology savvy to use the application and in terms of social factors, we note that currently we are in mco, so people are forced to Stay at home, however, once the mcu is lifted based on historical data. We understand that the demand for food travel and also leisure travel will increase. So this is positive for uh tutucars and in terms of willingness to pay for convenience. We have seen this trend increasing over the years for our malaysian consumers. Nevertheless, there was some negative factors as well in terms of legal and political factors, so we know that uh tutucars operate in the healing industry, which is regulated by the ministry of transport under apat. So they have to adhere to the national transport policy as well and in terms of local authority. We all uh tutucast, has also have to adhere to the third party insurance requirement by local authorities and also the postpartum inspection requirements and in terms of political factors. Due to kovat90 we’ve understand that government has created strict, uh, more strict, sops and policies with regards to e healing industry.

So therefore we know that they were limited to their operations and also limit of passengers that can write, so this can potentially negatively affect the industry. As a whole, so now i’ll pass on to alex to further elaborate our presentation today, all right, okay, so for the opportunities, the alternative of waiting in line is a hassle that no same person will want to take on. Hence, bringing us the first opportunity, which is serving a niche of being a go to inhaler and exploring penang’s finance food with potential collaborations with famous local food stalls. Pluto cars can provide a convenient way for customers to enjoy their food hunting experience hassle free, moreover, with the current positive news regarding potential vaccines across the world being successful from a micros from a macro standpoint. This is an excellent opportunity for two currents, once countries across the world open their borders to the cars who benefit from large influx of foreign tourists into penang. That will further increase demand for the services. Nevertheless, the increasing figures of positive kovi 19 cases is a potential threat to the cars specifically for 2d cars. If malaysia goes into another lockdown which he already has um, this is detrimental to the business and the lockdown will result in lower tourist inflow into penang. Another possible trait of to do cars is the bigger players like crab and panda that uh want to copy the business strategy, it’s very possible that their success may induce bigger, plays when to enter a niche space in order to maintain their market advantage, thus becoming a Direct competitor to the cars okay, so for the next one, i’ll be talking about campaign planning, okay, so for the campaign planning uh, there are two primary goals in our campaign using smart as our primary reference.

The first goal is to create awareness that, to the cars is the most preferred at least 20 percent of population in penang. The second goal is to increase student card’s market share by five percent infinite. As for goal tracking, it is important in order to measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities by creating a dashboard that we can use for daily, weekly and monthly analysis. One is to create awareness uh that to the cars is most preferred at least 20 of a population printing by analyzing, a number of app downloads, new users and engagements. Another is um to increase to the car’s market. Um sorry last place to kickstart economy, especially local food shops by analyzing, the amount of revenue and the number of nasikana restaurant partners. As for the campaign insights, according to mediacom’s media landscape report, the top five media trends for adults are out of home, digital television, radio and free to air. Based on this insight, we could potentially include out of home. Digital and radio are as the primary media channels to advertise through the cars marketing campaign, as well as facebook and youtube as they are among the top social media platforms. Malaysia for segmentation and targeting by using geography instrumentation, we can focus our digital market ticket efforts in specific areas. For this campaign took the cars consignment independent market and focus our marketing base on a 10 kilometer radius base around our nasi khanna partners, which is segment one for assignment two.

The market can also be divided into smaller groups, based on demographic items, for example based on age, gender income for our marketing campaign. Our main target would be young adults with middle to high income. Targeting millennials and gen z makes sense, as these are typical groups that were willing to undergo uh long queues in order to satisfy their food cravings for the last segment to the cars. We target. Individuals who seek adventure being adventurous in this context are the foodies and are often going around on cafe. Hoppings trying out new cuisines and, in general have a love for food. Convenience seekers are also another group targeted by us, as mentioned above. One of the main hassles of trying to eat and that’s kind of famous such kind of outlets is the long queues. Thus, the vip feature will solve this issue so for the next part i’ll pass on to ashraf. Thank you. Thank you alex thank you um. So, basically, what we tend uh in designing our marketing communication mix. We make use of a customer journey decision framework. It consists of four phases: we start we’re gon na start with uh phase, one which is consideration then, after that evaluation, the third phase will be moment of purchase and lab, but not last but not least, will be post purchase experience. So allow me to further explain about phase one on consideration, so basically, on this part, it is called. This is actually an integrated framework with um with integrated marketing uh communication, whereby uh in this phase, it’s important for uh for consumer to believe the initial set of the brand based on percep uh number.

One uh will be based on perception and number two uh experience through through the recent touch points. There are also several other healing services, as mentioned by iman earlier, so, especially in penang. What we intend to do is for us to gain market share and to consist consistently creating awareness in order for for uh to front uh uh, basically on our marketing activities, uh to increase uh or to obtain a market share. So there are several promotional activities that we intend to do based on in based on our digital marketing mix. So number one is advertising so advertising. There are several ways to do that, but based on the insights that we have obtained earlier, there are three uh primary advertising channels that we have rectified number one is social media number two is web banner and also display and number three is audio advertisement to spotify And this this program will later be uh explained by iman in terms of how we intend to implement in the period of three months up until 12 months. But the the intention of uh, the deciding on these advertising activities and number one is to increase number of impressions. Number two is to increase number of mobile apps download. We also intend to um to record it to increase the number of fridge uh through uh through these uh advertising platforms. Okay, then we move forward to the second uh second approach, which is advertising through digital out of home at selected, led screens located in penang.

We have identified two one in compta and number two: is that pinning plaza the duration will be about three months and average cost per day. That will be able to view this. This out of home ad will be about 50 uh, 100 uh, sorry, 50, 000 to 150 000 viewers per day and number three. We um. We also have identified radio station as one of our advertising channels whereby we intend to advertise on hidefam, hot fm and also mutiara fm, which is a local penang. What we call that uh radio television, malaysia rtm own radio station, so they will, we will hope to garnet about 60 600 000 to uh to one million listeners uh every month, based on our uh, based on what we call that the traffic or the the sorry Based on the active listeners that been published by these three radio stations, then, after that, we intend to do a direct marketing still in phase one, whereby we intend to do it a weekly electronic direct mail and also to to send out short short messaging services. According by by using geotagging technology because 91 of people access their email at least once a day, this is, according to digital agency network, a report in 2019. So we want to take advantage of that and last but not least in this phase, we’re going to intend to do co, marketing uh with nasikanda outlets, where we’re going to select about 20, more than 20 nasi kanda restaurants in penang, to co partner with us and To help us to advertise using table top stickers and also a2 easier posters, then, coming to the second phase on evaluation on pr activities.

I guess this is something that it is. They must do because we can gain media coverage as well as news coverage um from from from from selected uh, mainstream media and also digital news media, and we intend to also invite food key opinion leaders to participate in the media event as well as now awaited Um or recorded pr activity would be to respond to uh uh to to comments via google. Google play store, instagram, also facebook, to create a site assignment, as well as to to uh, as well as to engage with our audiences right and moving forward to phase three moment of purchase. We intend to appoint about five key opinion leaders and one celebrity to become our brand ambassadors to invite our consumers to to download and also to participate in our campaign and, last but not least, on first purchase our experience, which is a final phase whereby we intend To continue engaging our existing customers by using by introducing a loyalty program called two tokens, so two tokens is a program where they can redeem um using uh is, is it’s a coin um similar to coin mechanic, whereby consumers can sorry customers can redeem the two tokens For for rewards such as cash and also food voucher, we have another. We have other uh, what we call it an example where, for uh boost b wallet have used this similar approach to engage and to continue retain the customer. So allow me to move to our next campaign, which is on new user acquisition campaign, sorry, which is a new user acquisition campaign.

This this campaign is intended to create awareness about cook due to cars to the targeted segments. Our campaign, tagline, is going to be it at your favorite nested canada place with a q hazard free sodium. So, as you can see on the right side, which is a more um uh, sorry, a mock digital poster, as well as a more easier stand that we have designed. So there are three um three uh key messages here: number one is to skip the queue number. Two get a vip table and number three: is they can dive into 20 plus mexicana restaurants uh in penang, and here we also highlight on how uh how the how they can intend up to participate through by booking the a car via tutor. Apps choose their favorite message and then choose their favorite nasi kanda as their their destination and last but not least, they can redeem your vip pass upon completion of the right. The second campaign that we intend to do is a customer loyalty program, as i mentioned earlier, which is in our phase four, so this is to encourage existing customers to continue using tutocast more actively, so the mechanics will be the every 10 ringgit span on the app Customers will receive at least one two token, so here’s how it works number one. They select reward into two cast mobile app number two choose their reward category and number three click redeem. So this is an example of a landing page that we have created to for.

To allow customers to have a better understanding about this campaign. With that, i sorry i passed to alex all right. Thank you. Rob okay, so, as you can see on, the left here is the digital poster and electronic direct email, uh, also known as edm, which we’ll be uh using all throughout our campaign, with three call to action buttons to encourage more app downloads, as well as the social Media buttons for them to allow for more for for them to follow for more updates on the right side is the mock. Landing page will be set as the campaign homepage under www.tutucars.myslash nasikandar with us. The the webpages look and feel is similar to the digital poster. With the addition of the 20 nasi kind of partners for customers to take a look as for the jingle here is the jingle that will be played on spotify the number one on my streaming platform queue and get treated like a vip and more than 20 nasikanda. Restaurants with two two cars, my download from app store and google play now: two two cars: alright that’s all for uh, the mod pages and uh the jingle for the digital campaign. Next i’ll be passing it to uh i’m mine to explain on the breakdown of budgeting. Thank you. Sorry. My mind was muted, so thank you alex now, uh let’s uh move on to the budgeting. So, as you can see, put the table there, this is the overall marketing uh break budgeting breakdown for our digital campaigns that will last for about a year.

So, in total we, our campaign budget will be just a tad over half a million. So if we move on to the next slide we’ll exit. So this is how we uh plan to integrate the digital campaign into our overall media schedule. So we plan to do the campaign for the length of a year and we’ve segmented the campaign into four quarters, which is on a three month basis. So, as you can see, as mentioned by ashraf earlier there’s four phases of uh of the campaign where phase one is in terms of consideration, so it’s all about brand awareness, increasing the the brand of tutuka’s awareness amongst consumers. So do this will last for the whole year of our campaign program from uh the direct email marketing to the digital, auto form and also with co marketing with our dasicana partners and social media. Secondly, in terms of the phase 2, which is active evaluation, where we try to get consumers to consider seriously considered tutucast as an option. So this will be done in the first quarter of the media schedule and we will do that by having, as asha mentioned, media and pr events. The third phase is in terms of moment of purchase where we get consumers to actually adopt and use two to cast uh. More often so we’ll engage key opinion leaders and influencers and those this will run in the quarter, two of the uh, the media schedule and finally, in terms of our phase four, which is post purchase experience where we propose a loyalty program of two tokens.

This was also run simultaneously with the phase one uh phase, one throughout the year as well. And finally, we talked about revenue sharing so from our digital media plan. We’Ve partnered with uh the nasi kandahar outlets right. So we propose and we target by by quarter three. We will use a revenue revenue sharing model to actually share the revenues we gained from customers who used to to cast and eat at this nasikan download, so we’ll take 25 percent sure of the revenues, while the remainder goes to our outlet partners, as you can see, Per the table there, so this is the expected uh revenues, uh sharing model that will happen based on the levels of revenue gain, so i guess that’s overall from uh all from us um. So thank you so much next uh find us like yup. Thank you. So much thank you.