This is based off of real research. This is based off of industry data and it’s all been compiled together for you, so that you can stay ahead of the curve going into this year. Let’S dive into the biggest things that you need to be focusing on, and thinking about, that are emerging for digital marketing going into this year, let’s dive into it before you get started, make sure to click the notification bell and make sure to subscribe so that you Can get more videos like this in the future number one tick, tock, reels and stories are three emerging places where customers are where people are where you can distribute content and where you can get a very big reach and there’s a little bit less competition. So make sure that you have tick tock, reels and stories as part of your strategy, pro tip for tick, tock and reels. You’Re gon na have to storyboard out your content and for stories you’re going to have to create a lot of content and post frequently. If you want it to be effective, number two short form: video ads for paid media and for social media are going to be incredibly important. Video is the fastest growing medium it’s. What the consumer wants to see and if you can make a great short form video. You can have a massive impact within your industry if you are in a niche industry that doesn’t have a lot of short form video.

This is a huge opportunity for you to get ahead of the curve. Oh by the way, the last one that i’m going to go over might be the biggest thing this year, so make sure you stay until the end number three virtual everything: virtual events, virtual memberships. Most things have gone virtual, so it’s very important that you have a virtual event: virtual membership presence number four creative online experiences are going to be critical contests games, quizzes ways to interact with your customer online that gets them feeling like you’ve, got a connection number five Media buying on niche sites and influencer media buys are going to be really important and have become a new way that you can develop a business model in niche areas. Number: six clear strategy: kpis and forecasting around every single digital marketing, channel that you’re running advertising on that’s, going to be critical; number; seven tracking. That actually shows you exactly where you’re getting conversions from and what, as well as crm and database integration. That shows you everything from the first touch to the whole customer journey, all the way down to the final sale and that person inside of the database and then, of course, using that to create a full cycle advertising campaign to sell them additional products and services. Number eight user privacy protection – this is huge. This is having impacts as far as apple’s network facebook’s network and the google chrome browser, so user privacy protection could be seriously elevated this year, if that’s the case it’s very important that you start getting your database management in order now number nine marketing automation is critical.

Email marketing, automation, campaigns that continue, while you’re asleep ads that continue to run in a sequence without you, even thinking about it, further refinement of cost per acquisition and return on ad spend targets. Marketing automation is critical and it’s going to be really big this year, because it can provide you with perpetual sales number 10 personalization personalization in ads personalization in email, personalization and any type of marketing that you can have out. There is going to be key. A little bit of personalization is going to have a serious impact on your engagement click through rates and conversion rates. Number 11 determining the roi for every different type of digital marketing. That you’re doing going to be one of the most important things, because, as businesses get more closely integrated with online, they are going to need to be able to clearly prove the business model around everywhere that they’re spending number 12. The merge of business intelligence with digital marketing intelligence it’s going to be closer than ever before. What is the product market fit? How much are competitors spending? Where are they going in? What markets are they national or are they international, using the overall business intelligence to further dictate and align with the digital marketing strategy is going to be critical and important as we see more bigger businesses come online before i get to the last one. I just want to mention that all of the tried and true methods for digital marketing are going to be equally important, if not more important than ever before.

This includes search engine optimization. This includes different types of paid media, email, marketing, affiliate marketing. All these different types of advertising, social media, marketing conversion rate, optimization, are going to be incredibly important, and none of that is going away. Okay. The last thing that i have for you today is clubhouse: will clubhouse one of the fastest growing social media sites. Right now be incredibly important for you going into 2021 it’s something to keep an eye on a lot of the heavy hitters in digital marketing are talking about it right now, it’s a niche network where you can interact with very cool people, so it’s something to keep An eye on the jury is out on whether or not it will actually grow and turn into a place where you should spend your time, but clubhouse is something to think about. I have one more pro tip for you and that is search engine optimization everywhere. What do i mean by that? Well, i mean no matter where you are on the web: optimizing for that search engine, whether you’re in linkedin you’re in instagram you’re in google you’re in youtube, as we see more and more of these sites, develop hashtag based searches, and we see more and more of These sites have more people coming on and trying to look for content that they enjoy search. Engine optimization on every platform is going to be more important than ever before. What did you think about my predictions for digital marketing in 2021? Leave a comment below.

I would love to hear from you what are your predictions for digital marketing in 2021? What did i miss? Leave? A comment below like comment.