This is the video that i recorded for the museum and, if we get this out, this is live so i’m going to get my tape measure out. So there we go the internal digits, so i’ve, measured this before as being 110 millimeters you’ve got the side ones. 90, there you go um so so to give you i’ve done a few videos just specifically for the museum. So if you sort of cite that so that’s in your that’s in your east – and this is looking north, so what i’m gon na do museum people anyway, this is me carl james lankford, so you can identify me i’m. The guy who causes lots of trouble in regards to our heritage and getting people to know, but anyway, let’s go back to this, so it’s been found by little lily, she’s only five years old and um and her dad. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na see if i’m gon na find the compass on here and let’s just let’s just see. If we can do this, oh i’m, just gon na see if we can find a compass and wouldn’t that be great, so um, where is campus compass campus um i’m hoping i’ve got a compass on. You should be an iphone, oh yeah. We do so that there, so if we got that there i’ve got an idea that’s that sort of north. So what did i say, i sort of said that’s pointing north okay.

So if we bring that up there – and so so we’ve got that there so so that we’ve got the north sort of behind me. So we’ve got this stone sort of so give you an idea: what’s going on it’s, really cold, so i’m doing my best. So, as i said so, that’s east over there, where that stone is so you’ve got the south and you’ve actually got going over into the west, so get a good idea. So guys i’ve, promised i’ve made a promise. I’Ve made a promise that this stone that this. This footprint will be taken out, the rock and it will go into the museum i’ve made that promise to the people that found it uh. I want lily’s name on this for finding a five year old and um just getting into the museum, and i just make me a promise to make sure that she does see this anyway. This is carl james langford, and this is i forgot: what day is it it’s, 4 17. it’s getting cold? I got ta go and it’s uh. I don’t know what data is guys: it’s, um, it’s sunday anyway, sunday, the 24th anyway, so just yeah there. It is, and just give you a bit more context, so so we’ve got the the shelf there, which is coming down. We’Ve got this cutting behind here. Second world war cutting and we go down so we’ve got this so yeah, so there is finally again i’ll.

Give you some more orientation and um there. It is um and we’ve got some we’ve got some nice bedding planes. Actually, i think have we got. I think we do so. Maybe that won’t be too difficult to get out anyway. Take care guys. Thank you very much. It’S kyle james archaeology, camry and yeah let’s.