Well. It was actually discovered a couple of days before, but i was shown it by a chap by the name of richard who found it with his daughter, lily um, and we came down with his other son george and his lovely wife sally and we came and had An explore to find the dinosaur footprint well when i actually first saw it in in the flesh. It was wet and it wasn’t shining and iridescent as the photograph that i’d seen only hours before, but as the as as the as it got wet and it dried it came alive and it’s it’s it’s the best you know, i’ve been looking at these dinosaur footprints. Um for for a long, long time, right and um oh and that little bit there it’s hollow underneath so where i don’t think i’ll be walking on that bit anyway. So yes, it’s, all eroding here, quite quite rapidly, really um. I walked along there earlier on, not good so anyway, i’m i’m here and there there’s something else as well, and i need to take a photograph for this. This is part of the the weimar railway, the basically walmart wymat railway route. In the 1940s, they cut out all this and navi’s cut out all this, and they laid the track along here for a very short time. Why am i right away? Because it was taken up after the first world war and there’s bits of it on flatum, which is in the distance, and this on the ground here is actually one of the plugs that held a metal pin, which has got a thread on it.

Um a yankee thread: actually we actually got one of those and there it is so i’m multitasking here as i’m filming and i’m going to take a picture of this for a book that we’re publishing. So there we go, got that and again i’m going to take this image. So this is really eroded away since the second world war and when the railway, the railway, was lifted more or less straight away and went off the scrap so which i just wandered about and um. So, anyway, any proof for this – and all this has been eroded away – look at all that it’s gone. Look at that all that um meters and meet us gone so anyway, let’s well bit of an interruption there wasn’t it so let’s just have a look at this. This wonderful dinosaur print at um, ankisaurupus and um it’s, it’s it’s beautiful. Now it was reported months ago that dinosaur footprint had been found in on penmart panath. Beach was actually quite crap. Really i don’t think it was one um, whoever identified it. I don’t think had a clue what a dinosaur footprint was, but this when we go down here now, we’re going to we’re gon na have a look at this now, and you know this isn’t my discovery. This is richard and lily, and sally and george, and by the time by the time this recording goes out i’m, hoping that this footprint will be safe in the museum.

So nobody can take it it’s, beautiful it’s. Absolutely you can see it now coming up there, but there is oh wow. Look at that isn’t that wow isn’t that absolutely amazing that footprint there it’s great in it absolutely beautiful, beautiful there. She is oh that’s, great that’s, great, look at that even more wow doesn’t! That look absolutely spectacular as a dinosaur footprint goes that’s.