You know you can walk your way a little bit around that. Since i do know, a lot of people are struggling, especially when they’re streaming fortnite on the same pc, they’re struggling a lot with input delay, and i know that personally, from my experience, i tried out all kinds of stuff, like i don’t know like a second streaming Pc already some different codecs, like recording your stream, i don’t know this envy codec and all that i tried it all out, and i personally found some tips, which are the most useful, in my opinion, how to deal with input, delay and just a quick information right Now guys some basic info knowledge every usb device, no matter if it’s a webcam for i don’t know your personal facecam live on stream for a keyboard cam. A second monitor a second keyboard, you just simply plug into your pc for the rgb to shine, and i don’t know be like fancy somewhere in your room. All these devices do add input delay onto your pc because your gaming pc needs to work more. I don’t know there’s like more pressure on your pc on your gaming rig and therefore the work load is definitely higher and all this will cost more input delay than usual. So if you’ve got any usb devices or some devices on your pc, you can simply be attached. I don’t know for the time you’re playing your streaming whatsoever. Do that in the first place, and now let’s continue with the actual tips and tricks you guys just in a second and yeah guys.

The first program i’m going to show you here today is called timer resolution and it’s an awesome program. It’S been used by many known pros, such as buga face mongrel, canada or even tv back in the days, and what this program does is quite simple, no matter which device you’re going to plug into your pc, it’s, always going to have this standard input. Delay of one millisecond and this program pretty much just reduces your input delay to 0.5 milliseconds. So, no matter what you do, it’s double as fast and yeah. This program is just really awesome. I’M, gon na probably show you here how it works somewhere on the screen and so yeah guys after you’ve got timer resolution. Pretty much. All you need to do is open your cmd run it as an administrator and after you did that which you just paste in the entire code, i’m gon na link you down in the video description and press enter and after you did that pretty much just right. Click on timer resolution run it as an administrator confirm and then you’re gon na put your current resolution on maximum and, as you can see, it’s now on 0.500 milliseconds, which is pretty much 0.5 milliseconds and now pretty much good to go and yeah guys. The next step is also fairly easy. Pretty much all you need to do is open your nvidia control panel. This will work for sure as well for amd.

I just don’t know it’s like differently structured. I just guess, and then you’re gon na go move over here to adjust image settings with preview and make sure you enable use your preferred settings, which should be performance. It’S, probably gon na be somewhere here in the middle. For you, these are like the stock settings. You know like a good balance between performance and quality. Then you just drag it over to the left side, so it’s selected performance and apply your settings and then you’re going to move over to the next settings, which is called manage, 3d settings and pretty much all you need to do is replace any sort of um Comment where it says, like power management mode, you know it gives you some options like adaptive. Optimal power always make sure to select maximum performance wherever you get these settings. I don’t know like here: texture quality high performance, so the texture is a little bit lower, but you get the most fps and pretty much just copy all my settings right now here i’m, giving you guys i’m going once again through it slowly. So you can copy all of these settings if you’ve got g, sync definitely make sure to turn it on, or some people even say that g sync does not really work for them. You have to experiment with this one a little bit for me. It helped definitely g sync, so make sure to turn it on and yeah, then we’re pretty much done here highest label.

You know all that here, everything on max performance and yeah we’re, pretty much done here with this step and yeah guys now let’s move over to the final step, which is also really easy. Pretty much all you need to do is open your system, properties, which i already did right now here i’m, going to leave you the exact path or way how to get here down the video description and then let’s move over to advanced, which is the stock selected Option here and then you see performance and you’re, just gon na click on the settings bar and then, as you can see, this new window popped out. It says performance options and pretty much all you need to do is adjust for best performance. Your windows is not gon na look as fancy as before and pretty much all i did was i just switched to the best performance mode and just enabled the two options. I really need for editing videos. You know like this small previous of like video files. When you browse over them and other than that, i don’t need the other stuff, so i rather use the performance i gained for this actually for gaming to reduce my input delay to higher up my fps and all that stuff and yeah. Then you just simply hit apply and okay and you’re good to go, and with that said guys, this is the last step pretty much okay guys. Here we are right now in game and i promise i try to keep this as short and simple as possible.

So we’re gon na straight up, go into the settings and don’t be worried here: um i’m, actually not playing on 4k that’s. Just because of stretch, i don’t know some visual back there and the first thing i would always recommend you to turn on is the performance mode. I know a lot of people hate it. A lot of people say they have no vision or whatsoever, but if you can get used to it and i’ve got a special trick for you guys. If you actually want to use performance mode – and it bothers you a lot, how it looks just simply turn your textures, at least on medium on high and it’s, going to look way better and yeah. I can understand that a lot of people i don’t know it just looks like mobile and yeah it’s it’s, not the best for everyone, but definitely performance mod is the best thing you can do straight up out of the box. You know in the game and next up, you’re gon na go into your settings and scroll all the way down until you find replays record replays record large team, replays and record creative mode replays, and definitely make sure to turn all of these off guys. You don’t need this anyways i’m, pretty sure most of you anyways like clip all the kills with i don’t know, nvidia experience, geforce experience or amd. I don’t know how it’s called there, but anyways you don’t need this at all guys.

This just puts workload onto your game onto your pc and it just reduces your fps higher fps mean a more responsible game, so definitely make sure to turn this off and yeah guys. This is it for today’s video make sure to leave a like and subscribe. If you enjoyed it and if it was helpful and if you’ve got any more questions, feel free to drop them down below. In the comment section i’m trying to answer as many people as possible and until next time stay awesome have a great day and i’m out.