Oh, he made it oh clay, i’m, so sorry, i’m, so sorry, clay, i’m, so sorry, clay, Music with the cheesiest team i’ve ever seen. I changed the matchups off rip. Curry cannot guard ben or matter of fact, i’m gon na play his own i’m gon na play his own you’re gon na play his own chat. You know me: i don’t usually play zombie playing zone a lot more recently, but yeah he’s gon na play his own with grant hill and clark kellogg i’m brian anderson ali laforce is our reporter it’s. The philadelphia 76ers facing the golden state warriors hold up. Go back home, adam drive by curry, hurry Music off rebound hurry, stop playing with them, stop playing with them, see how fast he got seven. Oh sir uh huh we live with that all day, live with that all day, a little without don’t reach. Who can’t i mean about a minute and a half? I don’t believe in that i’ll. Let danny green shoot. I didn’t get that steal. Let him shoot, let him shoot. Let him shoot. Let him shoot. Of course he gets the full white, though i was shooting danny green. All the last game. I can get one full white, my he’s a finisher. He works extremely well off the bat curry not take over. Yet oh it’s right there it’s right. There chat. Okay, curry not shoeing that if i let ben shoot i keep i’m acting like ben is not right.

There, not the pain out the pain out of me, can’t move, that’s ben that’s ben the that defense reach combined with good timing. I see you clay. I don’t want to. I don’t want to cheese with clay. I cheat with clay too much the pass. I cheese with clay way too much it’s curry’s turn defensively. You can’t afford to let him get to the rim that easily well. That might be why their deficit is what it is right now. You know you look at it. The communication is lacking, as is the trust i’m there i might have to go back. I might go to man no cat. I might do me. I feel like as long as we sag off bend me good hurry. How do i like oh yo? What yo i never had to activate it for myself before it usually always activates scoring okay, he kicks foot, get the foot that’s there. Oh clay, i’m. So sorry, i’m, so sorry, clay, i’m, so sorry clay! This defense is getting spaced out three of the last five buckets hurry up now, so they’ve got to do a better job contest to the wing right here. Anyone give it to him. Lamb shoot lamb shoot. Oh that’s, curry. I thought that was ben that’s. My fault do not worry about from out there. The danny crazy part is. I haven’t used kd. Yet i haven’t used kd. Yet you tell me he’s one of the league’s best free, throw shooting bigs a performance like this.

Certainly oh wow. He drills it from d, really testing. Oh my god! Stop it curry! Stop! They have a family, curry uh! Oh yeah, that’ll! Do it Music, there’s? The drive and he got the whistle on the way up so he’ll – be aggressive enough to get to the line, then talented enough to single, pastor green that drops and it comes off an assist from curry. Green’S got their second bucket on the night. They’Ve shown 31 points in the first quarter. Basically they’re saying the stars are staying in, so i might put mcgee in from the warriors. Oh no we’ll see mcgee and matt barnes. I don’t know shoot that good shot boy good shot this shot. I can’t do nothing about that. We’Ll live with that. Are you playing full court? The shots have been followed full court. We like that. You only look good because he had good players around him. I can agree with that, but he does a lot of that. Doesn’T show up on the stat sheet. You feel me, so i still give him his respect. You know numbers don’t always tell us not shooting that you better make it with tobias bro, you better start making. It feel me hold up curry. I mean when he’s dead, but need kd right now and one stupid count that he’s out of here. Yes, this is what i was waiting for right here. I might finally pick the nuts that’s a good thing: deandre can’t shoot yantra can’t shoot so that’s.

What i’m doing tell me no mercy, no mercy, no mercy. That’S. All. Thank you. Thank you. Nah iggy boy, a wide open shot from his favor setting an aggressive tone, early challenging the heart of that defense. Now here’s curry. Can i shoot the ball like that? Let me blow screen that’d be blowing my bruh, oh my god, curry that’s awesome! Oh, he made i’m, not sure there’s a it in the league with a better feel for that shot than steph curry. If he gets it off clean. You know it’s going in uh. Huh, look at that bro. I can never get a charge on my computer hurry up hurry up, hurry up and watch him go to work but that’s our job, not the defenses. They left him too open on that play now. Here’S, curry, curry. The ability to create and make the guys around him better harden can’t hit it’s all about the defense right there without that level of activity. As long as this man is on the floor as long as that man’s on the floor, i ain’t worried about nothing. Curry, curry, don’t, quit don’t quit don’t quit don’t quit got ta, take out the audrey and jordan. I was gon na abuse him. Their ball movement on this run has been tremendous. It’S led to a lot of good clean, open, looks pass to you can’t help, but look toward their defense and they’re totally lost. Look at that like we don’t want draymond out there.

Bro we don’t want draymond out here. You have to play the game, another that’s a fact. I don’t mind that i mean they met him at the rim and temporarily, this playing a benching yeah. He up. This is what makes him a challenge to stop. He will beat you from the floor and he can also beat you from the line and irving gets it to go the cleverness, the fearlessness, kyrie irving, outstanding and finding spots inside damn. Of course it hit him in the head. Bro bruce brown that’s, just perfect execution. Nice job hustling and, as a result he gets rewarded with the bucket. You don’t give the defense any chance to set up, sometimes Music. I try to really disrespect him right. There that’s my fault he ain’t pulling that i knew it on the wing green back to irving. You know what’s going on that’s, curry time, baby they’re getting torched on the perimeter. Four of the last five buckets have been threes and it’s irving off the drive. Oh deandre’s, not even like that no more wow looks like 2017 home with when deandre contest trophy makes. It look easy there. All five of the last buckets they’ve given up have been from him. The downtown go the other way with it.