Tell us what you know tell us all your findings. Well, i haven’t learned much to say the least. I already told you sneezel is a beast: hey don’t, bring it my way about time. Sneezing got his own day. You might wan na back back, you might get hit with dark or ice attacks and it’s got the claws same way around. It got the bars. Let me breathe i’m about to kill this day. With these, i can tell you these missions are no joke. Actually, i almost choked cause you gon na finish. This whole quest in about an hour take a cold shower and get ready to devour the information that i am about to release to you at least give it a chance stronger than it looks at first glance, shadow sneasel shadow, we wow don’t, be senile best in The game you guys are lame hanging on this fan. Speaking of lame, how you gon na hate on my main man drop that shit old stone he wan na be shown he’s alone, please don’t be lame. He got more gold than trinidad james Music Applause, Music done. What is going on youtube? My name is ayo ronnie it’s a good day to have a great day, and today i welcome you to the sneezel of a special research day review today, we’re going to cover every single thing you need to know about sneasel and its evolution of weville. More importantly, as well as all the research tasks for this special day taking place this saturday from 8 00 am to 10 pm your local time.

Do you need a shiny, sneezel or weevil? Do you already have the shiny? Are you looking for the hundo, because i can tell you i already have that shundo weasel it’s my pride and joy, baby, boy and i’m looking for xl katie to take this pokemon all the way to the top before we get to this video you already know Raise your hand just like this strike a pose on that like button subscribe, if you are new, because tomorrow i will be doing a live stream. Also last call for entei live reads, as well as the sneasel special research, all 66 quest it’s going to be a doozy, but every shiny i find, along with every 50 likes combined everyone shining every 50 likes i’ll, give away a cancel ticket turn bell. So you know when i upload i’ll be going live at 8 a.m. Tomorrow, probably today by the time you see this, if you’ve never participated in any one of these kind of special research days, i don’t blame you, they’re, pretty rare, very sporadic we’ve had random pokemon such as cast form and low tat. We’Ve had clam pearl and please stop hating on sneasel, because the last one we had was snubble snubble. At least you can use sneasel sneezel is a dark and ice type pokemon when evolved all the way up to evil. With a ceno stone, you will need center stones in order to evolve this pokemon. If you find this pokemon during this research, you’re going to be looking for an 879 for the max cp or an 1172 weather booster.

If this does interest you – and it should, your best move set for season – is going to be ice, shard and avalanche or snarl and avalanche or snarl and foul play. I highly recommend unlocking two moves on your sneasel two charge moves if you are very low on dark or ice type pokemon, because dark pokemon are super hard to find ice types are a little bit easier and sneasel does kind of fall to the bottom. In ice types, because there are a lot of easier ones to find, as sneezel predominantly appears during the month of october, they skipped it this month and they skipped it in december, which is very confusing, but now we know why, because it has its own date. Sneezel shines the brightest as a dark type, pokemon finishing at the number four shadow sneazel finishes at number: four in the entire game, even going against cyranitar the shadow form darkrai and a mega hound doom long story short. If you don’t have dark cry, which you probably don’t, sneazel is definitely something you want to stack up on. I suggest strongly to get yourself at least two dark types will become extremely valuable hints hint mewtwo very shortly. Regular form levi finishes with almost half of the dcs time studio of garlerian darmanitan, which is to be expected, and only two thirds of the dcs times teto, that mammal swine is able to dish out. I strongly suggest keeping weavile mostly towards the dark type.

However, it is a good gap. Filler if you do have a need in your ice teams, which will soon whenever rayquaza decides to come back in the raids. If you’re interested in using this pokemon in pvp, it does not do well in great league. It does not do well in ultra league and in master league. It finishes at a rank 82 in shadow form, your best move set for that is going to be snarl, avalanche and focus blast. Yes, it does learn, focus blast and it’s, pretty good at it as well, considering the fact it packs the same punch as a dark cry more or less mostly less. If that’s not enough to win you over into team sneasel, just know that sneezel has one of the best shiny rates in the game commonly known as a 1 in 50, chance of being shiny. This research will present you with 66 different opportunities to get yourself a sneasel, which is a massive amount of candy. If you use a pine nut, berry almost guaranteeing yourself to be able to build at least one and a half of these pokemon all the way up. If you’re starting from scratch, every single task in this research will reward you with the same three items: a sneasel, 500 stardust and a 1000 experience points to me. Best strategy pop a lucky egg or two pop in the incense pop a star piece or two go crazy, knock out this in this whole thing in one hour entirely possible and get yourself some fantastic rewards, not to mention a high chance at a now rare, shiny, Pokemon, but do remember that not all shiny pokemon have a 100 cash rate that only applies to shiny legendaries and shiny mythicals.

You encounter through raids with all that being said, let’s get to it, steps one and eleven catch. Two pokemon transfer to pokemon and make two nice throws is gon na reward. You with ten pokeballs steps, two and twelve transfer two catch two make two: nice throws: we’ll reward you with 15 pineapple berries, steps 13 and three use three pineapple berries, while catching pokemon catch. Two pokemon and make two nice throws it’s gon na reward you with an additional sneasel steps. Four and fourteen make three great throws catch. Two pokemon transfer to pokemon it’s gon na reward you with an additional sneasel encounter, make three great throws, make catch three pokemon and make three curveball throws for steps. Five and 15 will reward you with 15 pineapple berries wearing steps, six and thirty. Six and sixteen is gon na reward you with an additional sneezel encounter step. Seven and seventeen make two nice curveball throws catch. Two pokemon transfer to pokemon it’s gon na reward you with an additional 10 sneasel candy steps. Eight and 18 is gon na reward you with 15 raspberry step nine and a nineteen use three raspberries catch. Two pokemon make two curveball throws in a row: it’s gon na reward you with a cenozome that’s two signal stones. You get because you’re gon na be able to evolve and max out two sneasels during this short event. Time frame make two great curveball throws in a row catch three pokemon and evolve.

A dark type rewards you with 15 ultra balls. I don’t know about you. This sounds like a super cake event to me: i’m very excited to participate it and i hope you are as well.