4K Type-C Portable Monitor – The C-Force CF015C

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LENTION CS65THE USB-C Portable Hub with 40Gbps Thu... 43.9 tvc-mall/ Buy Now
SIBOLAN S19a 13.3 inch Type C/Thunderbolt 3 4K 384... US $282.99
US $308.37
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SIBOLAN S19b 15.6 inch Type C/Thunderbolt 3 4K 384... US $306.99
US $334.6
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SIBOLAN S19b 15.6 inch Type C/Thunderbolt 3 4K 384... US $328.99
US $358.16
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Portable15.6" 4k monitor C-Force CF015C review that runs of just Type-C for MacBook, PCs, and iPad (2018). Kickstarter funded starting from $199 for the screen and case: & C-Force:

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Comment (5)

  1. Awesome review and an interesting display. Do you think the Chuwi Aerobook will be worth it? Thinking of pairing them together.

  2. There are many these kinds of non branded portable monitor in Taobao. Same product with vinpok but much cheaper.. Available in touch even with battery

    1. seen the taihe gemini ? got a kickstand, 5000 mah battery (including reverse charging a device e.g phone) and a built-in speaker and another non-branded screen with 8000 mah and a upcoming sibolan screen which has 18 inches size with a type c dc charger (theoretically can be powered by powerbank with high voltage and ampere to charge a macbook pro )

  3. is there a cheap Chinese screen that’s 1080p that’s similar to this?
    I don’t need 4K it’s a waste. Anything around $100 that’s powered with a single cable ?


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