com, my xbox and me i’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to start this brand new series show, which is this week’s dashboard, where i jump into the daily News which xbox drops today seems like the best day ever to sit down and talk about one of the biggest pieces of news that has just dropped in the industry. This is industry shaking and i’m going to tell you why. The big news here is the fact that xbox is now bringing mlb the show two game paths on the day, one this one is written by jamie over on the xbox wire website and honestly, the fact that i am even sitting here and talking to you about This is mind blowing to me. Let’S, read it real quickly with another thrilling opening day in the books, major league baseball fans around the world were teased to the now biotin diggers. Diggers i’m, not a baseball guy, but i love baseball games. It does dingers is what it says, and i apologize for that and bat flippers they could handle when teams took to the field to kick off the 2021 season, blah blah blah blah blah blah let’s get to the important news here right, which is this we’re delighted To announce that mlb, the show 21 is coming to xbox game pass on day one and will be available on april 20th for xbox series x and xbox series s and xbox one, as well as on android phones and tablets via game pass cloud.

Gaming beta for ultimate members guys, i think, the way i’m speaking isn’t quite doing this news. Justice enough i’ve got ta, be honest. I’Ve got ta, be honest. The fact that this is happening, the fact that we are seeing xbox getting a playstation studios game on the xbox game pass day. One is shocking. This is shocking. It is beyond my wildest dreams that this could ever happen and the fact that it is happening, i think, has now just set precedent to where the industry is going and who is going to become the leader in this industry. I’Ve spoken about xbox for the last five years. We do my xbox and me our weekly xbox podcast right here on, slash, my xbox and me, of course, but the fact that this is happening. The fact that we are seeing this happen day, one with a studio like sony again, you have to give credit where credit is due for both parties coming together and making this happen wild wild – i i am – i am beyond blown away. I am beyond shocked. I am beyond i just don’t know what to think. I don’t know what to say: xbox and not plan around xbox are not to be trifled with, and xbox are no joke. This move is remarkable, generally i’m, i’m sitting here thinking what could be bigger than this, and i get okay. I can see where some of you may come at me and go okay, but this is just a sports tile.

This isn’t one of the big dons, but the fact that this is now happened means there are conversations happening. Do i think, we’re gon na see any of the other games from sony’s portfolio come over to xbox? No, i don’t think so it’s, not that that’s. Not what this is, but the doors are finally coming down, we are getting cross play, we are getting cross progression, we are getting all things xbox going everywhere and the fact that xbox have been able to make this deal happen is remarkable and makes me so happy. I cannot wait to jump into mlb to show 2821.. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below on how big a move this is from xbox. Generally, i mean this. How big a move is this from xbox i’d love to know your thoughts? I’D. Love to know your feelings again, if you are new here, be sure to slap a subscribe button on the channel, and if you want to see me, do more news like this. Let me know, let me know your feedback is always wanted. Those are just some thoughts off the top of the dome until next time.