So if you remember my first video from i think about a year ago, this was the original amazefit t rex. But now we have the t rex pro that’s in this brand new color right here so don’t be fooled by the looks because it looks exactly the same. What is really different here is all in the watch itself. It comes with a ton of brand new features, so many that this video will take about 15 minutes. I think, because i’ll be going over everything in detail all the new features and functions that you can expect from this amazfit t rex pro right here, so sit back, relax and enjoy the video um before you do that. I would really appreciate it if you could give it a like and a subscribe if you like my kind of videos but yeah without further ado, let’s just jump into the video right away so on the left. Here is my previous version, the amazefit t rex. This is the og, and this is the brand new amazefit t rex pro, so the t rex pro does come in two new colors. I think it comes in blue black and there’s this one more, which is like beige. So the one that i got here is actually the blue and i think i absolutely love this color. This is the best color out of the tree in my opinion, because it kind of matches my oppo fine, x3. Pro right here.

Look at the similarities in terms of the color very nice, okay, so in terms of the functions and features over here, like i mentioned um, it is way more of a feature pack compared to the previous amazefit t rex, and if you just go into the menu Right here, i’m just going to zoom in a little bit, so you can see clearer um. The previous amazing t rex only had a couple of items on the menu. We have your heart rate, your workout, your weather, music and that’s, pretty much it so very, very basic stuff here on the amazfit t rex original version. But let me take a look at the new version. If you just swipe towards the right here, you get a whole list of new items which i will go in depth, one by one, so i’m, just going to show you how it operates just like before you pull down from the top you get into your quick Shortcuts a lot of quick shortcuts over here if you pulled up from the bottom, this is where you get into your new widget list so previously on the amazefit t rex one when you just go up like that, it will just show you all your basic widgets In a full screen kind of manner, so the new version comes in like a card manner, which i think looks pretty good as well, because these are all very quick glance at what you can you know your basic information so that’s also good.

We have your weather, you have your heart rate, your spo2, and all that and bear in mind that this list is customizable. You can add stuff to the list here, which i have pretty much added everything you can also remove stuff from this list right here. So it’s customizable – another point to note here is that you can actually access these um widgets are so called to see more information right here. So if you just go into another widget let’s say the weather right there. You can also see more information, so the widgets are not just customizable, but they are also accessible. They’Re live, so you can click into it and check out more information, all right, so just going to go back there for a second. You can always just swipe back. If you swipe towards the right here is where you get your notifications and just a quick one like here, i did a couple of notifications just to show you guys. Obviously, the new version of the trx pro now supports emojis, but bear in mind that it doesn’t support all emojis. It only supports a couple of emojis, the mainstream ones, so, for example, this one here i’m, not sure if you can see it on the camera. But this is the basic smile that you usually send to someone, so it supports all these five smiles and when i posted another five, it only showed two. So not all the kind of smart emojis are supported in this watch right here.

So just bear that in mind as well. If you go down right here, i also have another text message here: if you just click into it, you can see more information, so this is about um. You can definitely have a longer text in there and you’ll be able to show up, but i have four lines of text right here which shows up pretty well on the amazefit t rex pro so good stuff there again seeing better notification management on the t. Rex, pro right here, let’s just go into the main menu right now and check out the list of stuff that we have the new stuff. So the amazing t rex pro here, like i said, comes in so many more new features, um much more tracking capabilities in terms of your heart rate, your health, as well as your sport activities, it’s, also worth pointing out that the uh, the level of water resistance Has also increased so on the previous version it’s only up to 580m or like 50 meters, but with the amaze vtrx pro. It now goes up to 100 meters of depth in terms of your tracking for your swimming or whatnot. So you can uh. Some people are saying that you can really bring this watch like really deep down into the water. I i don’t know how deep you’re going to go, but it supports up to 100 meters. So yeah just bear that in mind. All right, let’s just check out what we have right now, so in terms of the list of items right here.

Let me just focus on that. We have your pie. Obviously, this is the main thing that shows your activities in terms of a score, so the higher your score, obviously the better you are in terms of your health and wellness so i’m, not going to talk too much about that. Next we have your heart rate, which again is very standard stuff. Here you can see your heart rate on all the devices, so i wouldn’t comment much on this it’s still very accurate. I must say, for the amazfit t rex pro moving down the list. This is something new here. We have spo2 tracking right now, it’s fairly easy to use, but you must really remain very still to get a proper result. So i did. I did do the test like yesterday and i got like 95 percent and notice right there like when i was just moving a little bit. It actually prompted me to you, know re measure so uh just bear in mind. It does have sp02 all right. So when we go into our workout modes here, this is where it gets interesting, because now the amazing t rex pro supports more than 100 activities and it’s really crazy, guys like it tracks everything. So it starts from your running your walking your trap, meals and all that this is the basic stuff, your cyclings all kinds of swimmings and, of course, your hiking and all that uh. It also supports a couple of sports here like soccer, and you know i think there’s badminton somewhere around as well so i’m not going to go through i’m, not going to read out every single thing, but you can see on the display right here.

These are the kind of stuff that are actually being supported right here on the amazing trx pro and there’s, always the more button. So once you click into the more button, you’ll find a few more activities that has been separated into different categories so for running and walking you have another another. How many is that six workouts for cycling? You have a couple more and the list just goes on and on and on so again like i said this, this watch provides a lot of flexibility into the amount of activities that you can track on this device itself. So that’s definitely a plus point. There it’s also worth pointing out that the gps on this device, the amazing pro, has been massively upgraded. So the previous version, i wouldn’t say that it has any issues with gps. I mean it was fine. It was able to track your location. I didn’t had any issues, but the new version of the amazefit t rex pro here is actually coming in with uh four satellites um that it supports. I think there’s gps. There is a galileo, betto and glonass yeah that’s, the four that you can actually use on this amazing trx pro, so you can expect to have some really accurate, um tracking. In terms of your positioning and your location, i will be testing that out in my full. In depth review, this is a full in depth. Look at the features and functions of the tx pro so stay tuned for that all right.

So now done with that, let’s move down to the next one. We have your workout records, so naturally i haven’t really worked out anything yet so there’s no data here, moving back. We also have your workout status, okay. So this is also something very new on the amazing and i love this thing. So, for example, it shows you the last seven days of activities if you swipe across you see your full recovery time and i remember seeing this function on the samsung galaxy watch or something this is pretty new to amazement. We didn’t had this before this is the first time we were seeing a recovery time so let’s say when you go for an activity or some sports activities. It will actually tell you like um how long before you recover and you are ready for your next activity. So that’s pretty cool over there. It also shows your vo2 max over here, so it’s also pretty cool that we have these new features on the t, rex pro all right. Moving back. We also have a brand new feature. Now it tracks your stress as well, and you just have to tap into it and it will go through a test, as you can see through the little bar at the bottom right there. So again, this is uh. Okay. I did test this out yesterday in the evening and i got a score of like 70 plus but i’m, not too sure how accurate it is because to be honest at that point i was just lying in bed chilling and it said that i was stressed at That time so uh just take these results here with a pinch of salt but yeah, you do have your stress tracking right now, uh moving down the list, we have your activity goal um.

I think this is nothing much to talk about here, because you can set your goals in the device itself, and it will just remind you like how is your progress throughout the day? Moving down, we have your weather app um. We also had this in the previous version, but now it’s been updated to uh to match most of what we are seeing on the amazfit gtr or the gts2 those newer models. So we have more information here in terms of weather as well. You have your seven day, weather weather forecast here in the app itself, so this all sinks with your smartphone. So you have all that information there moving down the list. We have your alarm i’m going to go into that. You have your compass, you have your barometer, so this is also something new we didn’t have the barometer previously, so this is able to tell the you know how high you are in terms of the levels or something like that. It also shows your air pressure, so yeah again, i’m, not sure how accurate this is. But these features are here brand new in the amazing tx pro and i’m definitely happy to see more features. Being added to the t. Rex, pro moving back again let’s check out what we have. We have your stopwatch your timer events, events. This is something that you set up on your smartphone, so let’s say. For example, i need to take my blood pressure peels every day, so i’ve set it up here, so you’ll see a little card right here.

That shows that right there on the screen so pretty good stuff moving down. We also have your music controls. We do not have internal storage, so you cannot store any music in this watch, but you can control your music, so i guess that’s pretty cool as well very standard stuff there. This is nothing new let’s go back for now. Let’S go back! Oops! Sorry about that! Moving on you have your find your device and notifications. I’Ve already showed you the notifications. It comes in this little card kind of manner right here so again, this is something a little bit different compared to the previous version, because the previous version – um okay, i don’t – have a notification, but it just shows the entire notification out, but now this is again In line with what we’re, seeing on other latest amazfit smart watches like the gtr 2 and the gts2 um, okay, so i’m not going to go into that and last but not least, we’re going to go into settings so in settings here we have a couple more Controls that i think you should bear in mind because it actually gives you more control into what the watch can actually do so watch face i’m, not going to talk about that. We have brand new watch faces in the watch in the zap app um. We have a total of 30 watch faces, but the new ones are like um. I think it’s like six or seven new watch, faces specific for the t, rex pro so i’m, not going to go into that.

You have to do not disturb you have your preferences. So you have your quick start up: okay, nothing interesting there in terms of your display. This is where it gets all right. We have your auto screen off you’re, always on display, and always on display now supports your watch face itself, unlike the previous version, where it only supports a digital and analog version. So now this is again in line with what we’re, seeing on the gts2 and gtr2, where you can actually follow the watch face on your display. I’Ll show you that later moving down, we have your weight screen. Okay, so you can customize the time where you want. The lift to raise to wake to happen, uh moving down let’s, see your vibrations, your gps. Yes, this is something that i want to show you so in terms of your gps. Here you can actually choose which satellite you want to go with. I don’t know which one is the most accurate right now but i’m guessing the glowness is the one that most people use. So you also have your bedo and your galileo right here to use so, like i said, if you’re feeling that one of the one of this isn’t giving you like the perfect position or locking of your position in on the smart watch itself, you can always choose To switch to a different satellite, so you have that option over there moving on what else do we have here? Yes, we do have a brand new version, a brand new feature here.

This is also the workout detection. So all these new features are actually all over. The watch itself uh, you won’t, really find it like just in one place, it’s all over the watch, so i think that’s pretty exciting, as you find out more stuff. So in terms of the workout detection, it’s split into a couple of categories here, uh you have your walking auto, detect for your walking, you can choose which you actually want to auto detect. You have your trap, mirror outdoor cycling, your swimming and yeah. Just a few stuff here on the t rex pro right there so yeah just bear in mind. It does actually does this auto detection and you can choose the sensitivity of it. If you go down into here, you have your standard sensitivity, mode, your highest sensitivity, mode and yeah, your low sensitivity mode, so pretty interesting stuff. Here again, these are all new features that you have on the watch itself and i think that’s pretty much it guys. These are the new features that you can see on the amazefit trx pro uh. If you go to the website like check out amaze with your expo you’ll, see like a lot of new names being called out like sumner’s care. What is it again, all kinds of names with the with all the features, but this is exactly what you will get and what you would experience with the amazing trx pro. So definitely a lot of new features compared to the very bare minimum amazing t rex, one i’m very happy again to see that the t rex pro has been majorly overhauled with all the new features that you can get in here.

One thing missing is the sleep widget, which i think is a kind of a messier, because i did wish that the sleep information was uh put into the watch itself like we see it on the amazefit bpu. I think a couple more amazing watches have it, but not all so i don’t know why that’s missing, but apart from that, this is still a great smart watch and let me just show you the new watch phases right here uh. This is also new. I can show it to you very quickly. It looks quite nice and of course most of them are also customizable, for instance, if i just go with one of the default ones like this, i don’t want to use that so yeah. A lot of people are showing this okay, so you can also go with this one and it’s also customizable, all right so before we go just a very quick side by side. Look at the watches so, like i said it is very similar to the previous version. It is almost exactly the same it’s just that we’re having new colors. Apart from that, i do need to point out that the straps are a little different it’s, a single color on the previous amazing t rex, but it’s like a dual tone on the t. Rex, pro right here, as you can see, there’s a darker shade in the middle right there it’s still very comfortable one of the most comfortable smart watches that i’ve ever worn.

I mean i’m wearing the zap z right now, which is also amazing but yeah. This is definitely one of the more comfortable smart watches out there as well and, like i said, the blue color here is just amazing guys all right guys, i think that’s pretty much. It i’m, not sure if you’ve actually stayed to the end uh.