The weather tech himself sports car championship has made sure that that does not repeat itself by introducing the lmp3 category. This has bumped the amount of entries up to 49, but it is yet to be seen how much this new category will add to the spectacle. On pole, we find the 31 cadillac driven by dharani nazru, mike conway, who happens to be the reigning world injuries champion and elliot on the front row. We find the 55 mazda, which will be driven by bomarito, tinknull and olly jarvis. On the second row, we find the number five mustang sampling car driven by bordet, duval and votier. In fourth place. We find the first of the akiras, which will be driven by date, cameron, pla, montoya and al mandinger winners. For the last two years. Wayne taylor racing have switched from cadillac to acura, and this year they will be driven by taylor, albuquerque rossi and hello castroneves. Behind them we find a very impressive lineup driving the 48th cadillac with jimmy johnson. The nascar legend reigning world induced champion kamui kobayashi in the 500 winner, simon pagino, and mike rockenfeller, all on the roster for the 48th cadillac behind them. We find former hass f1 driver, kevin, magnussen, wrenger van der zande and indycar legend, scott dixon in the number one cadillac moving on to the lmp2 category. We have the 52, which will be driven by lapierre, huffaker ben keating, who will be driving two cars in the daytona 24 hours and the ensign in ninth place.

We find anderson, fjord ba habsburg, bringing a bit of royalty to the race and ex f1 driver robert kobitsa in 10th place we find ferrano aubry vaccivir and who will be driving the number eight. The number eight tower events car behind them. We find racing team netherland, which will be driven by van der garde, job van oy, turt, fritz van earth and charles malesi. In 12th place. We find ben hanley hodes grist andreina’s vk, driving the 81 dragon street car and behind them in 13th place. We find the settler racing car, which will be driven by bellicki serena, jotto, lockhart and former ferrari academy driver antonio fuako in 14th place. We find tilly merriman, chatean and dalzil driven driving the 18 car with the 51 car, driven by dylan, where salahiolik and muller moving on to the gts. We find nick tandy milner and sims driving the first of the corvettes and behind them there’s the sister corvette, which will be driven by jordan, taylor, nikki, katzberg and garcia in 18th place. We find the 79 porsche which will be driven by mcniel, leeds kevin, estrella and john maria broni, and in a disappointing qualifying session for the lmp2 flexbox machine, we find the 82 car which will be driven by the francesco, looks mies and schiller in 20th place. We find the number 11 lmp2 car, which will be driven by known as merrill thomas and bell and behind them the first of the ferraris, which is driven by collado, pier guidi, gonon and dragon driving the 62.

behind them. The first of the mercedes, which will be driven by oberlin, foley, colton, herita and reed, and they will be in the 96 mercedes behind them. We have the nine porsche which will be driven by rubicon van tour, campbell and ken now, something that i like a lot about. The imsa weather attack series is the sheer amount of different cars in gt racing, and here is another example. We have the lamborghini driven by bortolotti, mapelli and a nation, and they will be in the 111 lambo in 25th place driving the 25 mercedes car. We have the philippi spangler eng behind them. In the 14th car we have hogsworth gavin, telitz and kirkwood, and they will be followed by the first of the lmp3s, which will be driven by krantz in 28th, place, showing just how slow the lmp3 cars being overtaken and surrounded by the gtes. We have ward dante ellis and engel driving 57 mercedes behind them, the 23 porsche driven by de angelis, james turner and gunn, and then again, another lmp3 card driven by gram, norman finnelli and chavez, and they will be in the seven car behind them. We have the 24 bmw driven by edwards, kron, firefist and wittmann, and they will be followed by the 54 lmp3 car driven by bennett, brown, quartz and mcmurray. The 63 ferrari will start in 33rd place and it will be driven by curtis gomez, jones and ryan briscoe. They will be followed by the 16 portion, which would start in 34th place and it is driven by long hardik, all the innuendos there, bachelor and highland in 35th place.

We find the twelfth car given by monte carlo zack, veach, mcginnis and belle. The seventy five mercedes will be driven by grenier, marcello, staltz and habul. We find the acura driven by lali potter, pompoli and fernbacher, the 97 aston driven by charlie eastwood, westbrook root and ben keating in his second entry in this year’s edition will be starting in 36th place behind them. The 88 porsche driven by feral, bamber leg and nielsen 28 mercedes will start behind them and behind the 21 ferrari will be driven by chris sonny man nielsen and sarah. The 33 lmp3 mission revision by barbosa, no, not the one from parts of the caribbean, will see. Cleary and boyd, the 42 audi will be driven by hildebrand davis, met me and the aunt and behind them place. We find the 38 lmp3 driven by yarena, casels, lind and ori. The wins 91 lmp3 car will be driven by cox, mcclusker, murray and blakemolen, while the number one car will be driven by sellers, lewis, snow and caldarelli behind them. We find the 19 lambo driven by going back costa pereira and zimmerman and they will be followed by another lmp3 car this time, the 74, which will be driven by sq, pigott, andrews and robinson in the last of the classified. We have the 64 parties driven by javandis the plum duo and drinkler, but this has been today’s video if you want to keep up with the world of racing, do subscribe to the channel.