What a great run it’s been for people took over uh the car from philippe nasa, who did the first two stints harry tinder looks like he’s gon na bring the 55 mazda motorsports dpi. In second position, i think he’s, seen off the challenge from the french jeremy and like default, seems to have established himself as he goes on to the last lap as the third spot on the overall podium yeah. It looks like that that way and uh talking to podiums the aquito van der garde had a problem with a few laps ago. In the racing team, netherlands, i can’t have a 29. He was running in the huge fourth position and trying to get up to third, but he’s now lost a fair bit of ground, uh he’s still in fourth, but uh, quite a long way behind uh, gabriel o’brien, actually he’s, closing it in he’s. Only a couple of seconds so behind him now, but he did drop a fair bit of ground three or four laps ago. So it’s uh, michael jensen, still leads that class coming up after we’ve. Given you, the final master run down and hopefully spoken to one or two of the principals stay tuned to rs 2 intermediate for michelin, posterized tech, michelin, prt at himself, 2021 has started in fine style for wheel and engineering, their red and white cadillac ticks the black And white checkered flag and will win here at daytona and therefore will start the rolex 24 next saturday on poor position, harry tinkle will start alongside or at least his mazda number 55 will.

He brings that home after a great start from ollie jarvis like duval, a mustang sampling in third ollie pla, may shank racing their first outing with the acura cadillac mazda cadillac acura acura cadillac, with wind taylor, racing and kamui kobayashi in the 48 ali cadillac. In sixth position that’s your front three rows: rengar von der zander cadillac chip ganassi still to come across the line. Lmp2 michael jensen, i think, actually by the vacaries of where the leader will was when they went across the line. We’Ll get a full lap on the field, which seems rather harsh it doesn’t change where he starts, or at least that car for pr1 matheson motorsport will start next week and high class racing will be on the outside of the first roll for lmp. Two then it’ll be tower motorsport and racing team netherlands from dragon and chetilla and gt lemon nick tandy in his first outing for corvette Music brings it home to the checkered flag and it’s a corvette one, two for the c8rs, the two knicks nick tandy and nikki Katzberg running the anchor legs there with kevin, hester and weathertech racing. Well, they played the strategy card there. We talked about in our porsche keys to the race and that porsche will start on the inside of the second rule ahead of reese’s, or at least alongside reese, and ahead of the two bmws in gt. D’Atorna bill power and turner. Motorsport comes home to take the checkered flag for gtt, with porsche and faf motorsports in second grasa racing team.

The triple one lamborghini on the inside of raw two next weekend and ollie gavin brings the vassa sullivan lexus number 14 home to start on the outside of row. Two then a mercedes it’s, philip ellis for winward racing after russell ward started that card you colour scheme for the 57 and then another lamborghini, that’s grt, number 19 car. Then heart of racing on the inside of rule four and the scenario course of ferrari that had the problem early on. I know that wasn’t, the the 63 car was it was the 21., so they will finish uh in eight. Therefore, we’ll start on the outside of the fourth row inside of row: five for ryan hardwick and right motorsport, that great story for that rebuilt porsche that’s come back home to right motorsports. They are in ninth and rounding off the top ten in gtt zac veach.