So a lot of you have reached out to me about this, and i kind of already told you guys that we were going to get more context to this particular subject right here. As time progressed – and i said this last time, we taught the hip hop gamer when we had him in or we had him on the channel for a one on one interview we were talking about back and pat for the ps5. Now, keep in mind, sony denied legacy backing pat a little down the road, and a lot of people have either lost stake in this or a lot of people who quote unquote claim to have insiders claimed uh. You know they just it was never going to happen, but i told you guys again. This right here is something that you will see more info for, even with hip hop game. We said this. This something’s gon na happen later down the road, as you get um get more info for now. The reason why this is even coming back up to conversation so to speak is because there’s a latest patent that just dropped for the playstation 5, and this right here is called a method of apparatus for awarding trophies now. I know a lot of you guys when you hear that you’re going what the hell does that. Well, basically, this pattern is talking about giving you trophies for emulated games. Now, what games would sony be possibly emulating for the playstation 5? Well, that’s simple: it would be ps3 ps2 and ps1 and don’t worry i’m gon na explain that in a second, as you guys know, ps4 games work naturally with with the playstation 5.

and that’s, mostly because they’re running x86 architecture. So basically, their pc is out of the box, so back and path for those games are easy. We talked about this numerous times before, but when it comes to legacy back in pat, that has been the biggest topic of consideration, especially with sony now officially shutting down the um, the psn store for ps3, vita and psp so again, that’s another that’s. Coming to the question, so let me go ahead and direct your attention to this right here, let’s go ahead and put it up on the screen. I know you guys remember this, those who are long term viewers – you guys already know what i’m talking about here, but this right here you guys see gen one two and three being hip hop gamer went into big detail about this, as you guys see in the Middle there, this right here is a technique where the system would emulate those consoles. In order for you to play those games on your said, ps5 that’s, basically how this technique is going to go. It uses the cloud, if i remember correctly, and it was um, basically copying or mimicking the other system, to allow you to play this and experience back and pat again. We even said this in the latest uh one on one interview. We were talking to him. This right here is definitely the pipe dream. This is what they want. They see this being valuable and since they’re already going with patents to give you trophies for emulated games, this definitely points to this being the foreground for the future of how they’re going to handle backwards.

Compatibility for you guys down the road, and, quite frankly, i am all for it. This is definitely going to be a cool option down the road and hopefully they can make this work and when it does work we’ll, definitely you know we’ll see all the details. We’Ll see how these games perform and operate and it’s definitely going to be cool to see how they actually perform but that’s about it. Man. I definitely want to give a shout out to hip hop gamer for being consistent with this, and you know just being awesome enough to give me the info on this as well. That’S, the homie right there make sure you guys check him out, and i will see you guys tomorrow for the rgt podcast all right until next time. This is big, claw gaming. I am most certainly out, and hopefully you guys enjoyed the video see you guys tomorrow.