Oh, and we were joe robillard – got into him, just as he was spun around and three or four cars involved now they’re laying down lap times and pulling away right now from us they’re about a second quicker every lap, the sooner we could get dakota in the More experienced driver – maybe we could close into that and herbert getting ready to get back onto the banking thinking of making a move. It looks like he’s trying to get and overcooks it yeah that little move to the left kind of gets down to the inside. No more no foul and then be displaying the pace that sims has had right now: there’s the second of the corvette, oh car off that’s, the 51 machine that’s, the only legion in the p2 class rw eurasia, represented there, 51 being driven, of course, all right. How do uh teams look at a situation like this uh? There is a championship: it’s a six race championship, it’s, not the same level as let’s, say the oh, my goodness, and now dan goldberg is in the barrier. Hang on let’s hold that previous thought and dan’s going to hop out yeah. This went from questionable to a whole lot worse and waving the crowd there. There are a few fans on the grounds today, yep he’s, looking at it like what in the world just happened. You know what and – and i love race fans, they’re, hmm look here – calvin see what we see again that just come out of turn two yeah.

I think there’s a crossover class that you see the 18 and the eight a p2 machine, the 33 of woolsey sean creech, motorsport lmp3 machine involved together some of the data they’re receiving from cadillac engineers yeah. The gentleman to his left is ian. What is the express racing technical director? So i know there’s been a lot of these uh nascar guys even steve latoya will join our broadcast. We see problems here for the 62 car that’s leaving pit lane so that’s cold slick ties on a damp racetrack catching out. I think this james collado, possibly behind the wheel, now says pierre guidi, but you could be right, we’ll see well if they were just leaving. He was just getting in pit lane, wait and see if the timing and scoring is yet to uh cycle through the green. For the third consecutive time here at daytona, but there are four cadillacs in this field: they are yet to be beaten in dpi competition, since they debuted that car back in 2017. i’m noticing a spinner heading on to the banking down there already wet conditions. We’Ll talk about that as we go that’s the 52 looping around the next class that’s ben keating. He was to have started uh in the first position for the lmp2 category still trying to find his way, obviously on slick, scalp, yeah it’s, just so trenches right now – and this is going to really add to the anxiety of all of these teams, get what temperature You gain on the infield you lose when you get on the banking in those long straight line runs so takes several laps to get temperature in these michelin tires and we’re back at it.

What does grant have for kratz down to turn one this time? Is he gon na go try to go around the outside no he’s, not a little further back whoa there we go battle for fifth in a spin, oh and contact big time contact! Oh and we were joe robillard – got into him, just as he was spun around and three or four cars involved now yeah. We were just talking about joe robillard and steven mcallier, hopefully having a good day. I think that one has come to an end 47 in the back and one of the junior three entries the number three involved as well. It was the 34 that had the initial spin, peter, ludwig and robillard actually up in the air. He can’t get those michelins on the ground, because the 47 motorsport entry there behind him has actually picked the rear tires up off the ground. Ludwig gets it straightened around let’s, see how that happened down on the inside brian. Oh, he wanted to go. The car in front was not. He jumped back in the throttle, made contact and when he made that contact he had to lift and as soon as he lifted that transfers weight to the front gives the front end. Good grip, the rear end comes around because you’re already compromised you’re in the corner. Already and now you’ve got you’re sitting in the mouth of the funnel, and everybody else is coming in. Take a look tristan herbert just gets a little wiggly in the green black and white car, and when ludwig wanted to jump back in the gas, there was no place to go yeah and, like i said, with the car bound up in cornering load when he came Off the throttle that transferred weight to the front dug that right front end even more and the rear end began to step out and joe robillard not his day.

We saw that smoke. I think that was just simple bottoming, but he was somewhat of an innocent bystander. There i don’t know that he could have gotten around and is the six involved as well, or is this a different problem dan goldberg’s slow there in the blue and red six robollard’s car by the way, as they try to uh figure out what’s happening with goldberg That’S in nascar one he’s down on the apron that’s where you want to be, and he had a great run going. I was real impressed dan goldberg had some great runs. Last year he started teaming with rasmus lind at sebring in the second race of the season, and they had some good good runs. I didn’t see him involved with this. I wonder if he’s got something mechanical going on he’s, mentioning the 43 of roblard, that the cool paint scheme you see there he is on the left in the 43, there is the 47 sitting there at brownson, but that paint scheme that’s. Actually, you could call that a paint scheme versus a livery, because that’s a painting that roblar did himself. He says my artwork on the race car for meanwhile, seven on pit lane as well yeah brian olson’s, a part of it let’s, take it back from the restart to look a little bit further back, go up front. You see fourth place car, the white and green and then the red and white car and then further back so the 18 has to check up a little bit because the car in front does boom boom boom.

And you see what happens there. Brynn olson was involved a little bit. I think goldberg was ahead of this yeah goldberg’s, ahead of all of that brynjolfsson’s going to get right, rear damage right there as he comes by, but it doesn’t answer what happened to dan goldberg. Taking a look fanning out. This was the restart the resumption of play going not for the lead, but back in fifth position. So the the fourth car in the sequence is gon na get have to check up right there because goldberg’s in front of him, he has to check up chain reaction, gets ludwig, and then you see it all go downhill from there. That’S impressive right there on the part of tristan herbert this andretti autosport team and naveen rao takes the one too far into the international horseshoe and takes out both himself and herbert, and that was not impressive. We were just talking about what was well now. We can talk about what is it now it’s going to be difficult to get these cars back underway and had a good look at both sides of the car? Since they’ve been spinning around in circles there, they don’t seem to have a lot of damage on them, but i wonder big zone, but it the opportunity just isn’t there herbert’s already turned in to enter the corner and rao has way too much speed. I don’t think if herbert was there, raul was going to make the corner anyway.

No no and he wasn’t certainly crowding the apex porsche mcneil aboard that gt lamar car making the move up. Gee, oh there’s, a touch there that’s the hardpoint racing porsche with ebm into the tire bundle, probably not a ton of damage there. Just in these slick conditions, there’s a little touch and suddenly that car was off the road that’s. The number 88 car christina nielsen behind the wheel she’s had the fastest gt time of the whole weekend set in practice. One here into that bus. Stop chicane, look deep in the pack. She goes around. The outside of the lamborghini just carries too much speed, no way to go with it, a little touch and a rub, and then you’re in the wet grass you’ve got no control of the race car at that point, but we’re going to get some experience. We’Re gon na get some mileage and we’re gon na get some points like we talked about that’s right, trent, hinman, waiting on deck to take over the seven and a round goes. Olsen hamilton will finally find his way by, but a mistake by the driver of the 86 we’ll give them that opportunity. I wonder how much pressure was coming from behind with burn olson there it’s the incident because i’m sure the spotters on the radio say. No, you know you got ta, go, go, go people are coming and he just gets it around and you’re like well. How does he do that? They have traction control.

Well, traction control is all well and good, but for one we had an off recently brian that’s, the 86 around. Yes, he did go around. It appears, but uh.