The choice is: yours drop a like now, fournette, just added some of the most insane content ever so today. I’Ll be showing you, the newest secrets, related to a new boss, slash dinosaur, npc, coming new upgrades coming to vehicles and weapons, and also some major collaborations that will be happening, but really quick, 90 of you watching this video right now are not subscribed, which means you’re Missing free skins from the item shop, i gift my subscribers every single day who leave a like turn on all notifications and leave a comment with their epic id, but today gifted the red knight skin to my subscribers. So hope you guys enjoy it and also make sure that you’re using code jmons in the item shop as it helps me out to do more free skin giveaways. For all of you and if you do use my code leave a comment below saying. I used your fortnite code and i will heart your comment, like i did with these beautiful subscribers hashtag ad, alright guys so with all that out of the way let’s begin with the insane information, so our first big secret is that a bunch of new content coming In the next update, which is going to be 16.10 actually winded up getting leaked from an official, fortnite, blog post, and perhaps the biggest leak from this blog post is that the vehicle mods that have been talked about for a while now amongst leakers, have officially been Confirmed and will be in the game very soon, so in the blog post that i’m, referring to it states.

If you come across bunker chest open them up for powerful weapons, then it goes on to say, as the season progresses, new advancements will arrive in the form of weapons and upgrades like a new chunker’s tire set to let you tear it up off road now. There’S many important things in this paragraph that are very interesting. The first one is that they mention bunker chest, so that is most likely going to be some sort of chest that we will be able to open up on the map in matches and will probably give us much better loot than regular chess do and it says Bunker so maybe more secret hidden bunkers will be added on the map as well, but then they mentioned the chunkers tire set and say it will. Let us tear up the off road, so this will clearly be an enhancement for the vehicles that will allow them to drive off road much better and maybe we’ll get to see the ai spawner capabilities as well, where npcs and bosses will be using vehicles to attack Players on the map, but as of now, we don’t know how the vehicle mods will work, like maybe it’ll, be something we find from chess, or will it be something we have to buy in the item shop but moving on everybody did you guys know that the Dinosaurs are, in fact coming to fortnite and we have many secret slash evidence to support a jurassic park.

Collaboration coming along with it as well, but the first thing i wanted to show you is that you can actually find the dinosaur, slash, raptor eggs on the map. Right now, and if you go up to them, you will notice they are starting to crack slowly and if you listen closely, you can also hear a heartbeat sound effect coming from the eggs, and this is really intense because it means the raptors are in fact alive And are just preparing to hatch any moments now and also in the blog post i mentioned about earlier. Fournette did drop a teaser about the dinosaurs and raptors as well, because they said we’re not really sure we want to touch that one. Yet you should stay away too and when they said this, they were clearly referring to the dinosaur eggs, but guys i’ll explain to the jurassic park collaboration in a second but there’s. Some more facts about the dinosaurs. For example, leakers found that dinosaurs already have kill feeds for them and it will say a wild raptor has eliminated inserts player name and also. I fire monkey leaf the location of where these raptor slash dinosaurs will spawn at and it looks like they will be found in the forest area and he also mentions they will in fact be tameable. So that sounds fun, since we will be able to use the raptors as an ally, but guys. This is the perfect opportunity for a jurassic park collaboration to take place in season six because it would fit the primal theme of this season perfectly and, as of now only raptors seem to be coming to the game.

But what other dinos? Would you guys like to see honestly, i think a t rex boss would be super cool, so moving on guys, there is going to be a similar collaboration to the one we had with disney plus in the past. So data miners found a new code for a rmt production in the game files and basically, rmt productions are when you spend money on v bucks. You get something on another service game like how they did with disney plus subscription. So as of now, we don’t know who will be part of the collaboration, but i have a few ideas in mind. So maybe we will buy the bucks and they give us free spotify premium or we may get credits for another game like rocket league and if none of that happens it may just be another disney plus promotion, because this year the obi wan kenobi star wars show Might release, which will be one of the most anticipated shows on disney plus, but let me know in the comments who you guys think the collaboration could be with honestly i’m, probably betting, my money on another disney plus all right guys. So we have some major secrets. Related to the foundation character in fortnite, because just today, fortnite and hasbro teamed up to release this new foundation. Figurine toy – and this could be a big hint of foundation coming to fortnite as a playable skin, which i’ll explain in a second.

But if any of you guys are interested in the figurine, it costs 40 dollars, which is actually quite a lot and also speaking of the foundation. We have some huge leaks related to the foundation that will literally blow your guys’s minds. So basically, it has been confirmed that the rock aka dwayne johnson is the voice actor for the foundation character and you guys might not see a correlation between the two but there’s actually tons of them. And if we put them side by side, we will see that the foundation and the rock both have the exact same build and tattoo as well coincidence. I think not, but guys what’s also really cool is that we may be receiving a dwayne johnson skin in the future, because take a look at this tweet. Someone said that this floats of the rock looks like a fortnight skin, but dwayne johnson responded by saying way ahead of you bd with a winky face, and that was said back in november of last year, which means fortnite and dwayne johnson have been working on this Collaboration behind the scenes for a while now so expect it to be a really epic collaboration, and we may even see multiple styles of the rock. Maybe we’ll get a skin of him in his wwe wrestling apparel as well, and then one with the turtleneck meme picture. But do expect to see a lot of more appearances of the foundation as he is in fact, the leader of the seven in the fortnite storyline, okay, guys so moving on we’ve got another exciting secret related to the family, guy collaboration coming to fortnite.

So basically, there was a skin in the game files with the code name, french fry and the leakers found out the skin associated with that code. Name is actually peter griffin, but recently fournette added two new files to the french fry codename, one being a backbling effect and the other being a trail for the pickaxe. So this is really exciting, as it means that the family guy collaboration, has not been scrapped and is still going to be happening. But let me know who from family guy, would you like to come as a skin into fortnite, but moving on everybody we’ve gotten a ton of new leaks pertaining to the dcx fortnite comic book collaboration that is going to be happening very soon, but basically, leakers have Found the comic books and from the pictures we can see some major hints as to what skins will be coming. But if we take a look at the comics, we can see tons of them contain the character deathstroke in it. So he is most definitely going to play a major role in the fortnite dc storyline. But in one of the comic book covers, we can see. Deathstroke seems to be fighting on the same side as batman and the fortnite characters, which is strange because in the original dc, storyline deathstroke and batman are actually huge enemies. So if they turn into allies, that would be pretty insane, but guys what’s. Also really cool. Is that when we take a look at this image from the comics we can see, catwoman has a brand new style that we have never seen in fortnite before so that is probably going to be a new style, slash skin.

We will get as a reward in this dc event, but if you guys are dc fans, do let me know in the comments who would you like to see coming to fortnite from the dc universe? Also guys, we just got a major secret relating to travis scott. That is going to make you guys super happy. So, basically, some item shop assets and item shop tabs for travis scott just got updated in the game files, which can only mean one thing. Travis scott will in fact be returning to the item shop very soon and also there’s been speculations of a travis. Scott 2.0 concert happening as well, so who knows? Maybe we’ll get another amazing party rail event with the return of him into the item shop, but everybody that is going to be it for all the newest secrets in this video. If you guys enjoyed the video make sure you leave a like, and the secret word for today’s video is going to be fortnite boss, so go ahead and comment it down below and i’ll, be twice as likely to add and gift you.