The brand new battle pass, and also skins and emotes from the fortnite item shop. If you guys want to be him with a chance of getting a gift, all you have to do is drop a like on today’s video subscribe to my channel, making sure you turn all notifications on and finally comment your epic id down below. So i can add you guys, as a friend, i have also recently became a hashtag epic partner and have my very own supporter creator code. So if you want to support me, feel free to use my code hypernyt in your fortnite item shop. All the money i do make from my code gets put straight back into gifting. You guys hashtag ad, so in today’s, video i’m going to be showing you guys how to unlock all of the new free rewards in fortnite. It has been announced that there is going to be a spring breakout event and you can unlock a ton of free rewards, including a super cool skin, so make sure you guys watch right until the end of today’s video and do not click off. If you want to learn how to get all of these items for completely free, also, if you want to be in with the chats of getting some other free items in fortnight, i do gift my subscribers every single day on this channel. So if you want to be gifted something out of the brand new fortnite item shop, all you have to do is drop a like on today’s video subscribe to the channel making sure you turn on all notifications and finally comment your epic id down below.

So i can give you, as i said, i give people every day. So if i don’t give you today, then just make sure you stay active on the channel. As i give people every day and it’s very likely that, if you stay active, you will end up getting gifted, also remember to use my support or creator code hype night yt. This really helps me out as all the money i do make from it gets put straight back into gifting. You guys so make sure to put in my code, hypno yt in your fortnight item shop, hashtag ad anyway, so getting into today’s video first of all, i’m. Going to talk about all of the new items and how you can get them for free, but first of all, i just want to say that the spring breakout event is officially starting tomorrow. Epic games actually announced this around two hours ago on their twitter and they basically said that the spring breakout event will be starting in fortnight on march, the 30th and the event will be ending on april, the 7th so we’re actually getting over a week worth of New content within fortnite, this is going to include free skins, free pickaxes, free gliders, new weapons and also the brand new spring breakout cup. I’Ll explain that later in today’s, video so make sure you keep watching. I have also hidden a free v buck code within today’s video, so if you guys want the chance to get some free v, bucks make sure you watch right until the end of today’s video.

The code could literally be anywhere on the screen at any point. In the video so make sure you don’t click off as you do not want to miss that i’m, not going to tell you guys how many v bucks it is, but whoever gets it is probably going to be pretty surprised anyway, guys. The first thing we’re going to be looking at is one of the new guns that is getting added to fortnite. I believe tomorrow, when the spring breakout event does start. This is basically an egg launcher and it says that consuming these eggs will bring a hop to your step. So by the sounds of it, this gun is basically like consuming hop rocks, but obviously it’s gon na have an easter twist to it. Instead, so that’s something the epic games will be bringing to the game most likely tomorrow and now. Moving on to the three rewards that we can expect to be getting our hands on within this event, so, first of all, as you can see on the screen right now, we’ve got the tactical quaxx’s pickaxe. This is a very, very cool and unique pickaxe and by the looks of it, there are two styles to it, as you can see well, i’m, not 100 sure if there’s two styles to it as obviously it could be one of them, pickaxes that you hold in Both hands, but nevertheless in any of them forms it will still look very, very good and the way you were going to be able to get this pickaxe for completely free during the event is from a new mpc that is going to be added called the webster Skin and the webster skin is actually a free skin that you can get during this event and i’ll explain that later in the video make sure you keep watching.

You do not want to miss any of this, but all you need to do is you need to complete the first legendary quest from the webster npc and you’ll unlock these pickaxes for completely free it’s, literally that easy guys, but trust me, the pickaxe isn’t, even the Coolest thing about this event: you can actually get the webster skin and glider for completely free. During this spring breakout cup, the spring breakout cup will be taking place on the 2nd of april, and you can play for a chance to earn the webster outfit and the webster glider. This will be a duo’s tournament and you and your teammate will have up to three hours to compete in 10 matches to earn the points and i’m not 100. What the point system is, but it’s going to be really really easy guys. It will be like that cup we had for the apple skin that we could get really really easy. All you need to do is get a few kills and you’ll probably be able to get the skin and glider for free really really easily.