Video 2 a.m is our current time. Downtime has just ended. This is a 16.1 uh update video we’re, going over everything and uh there’s lots it’s a big one, so i’m, just gon na get right to it. Touch that like button for me, though, of course that helps a lot here’s, our new loading screen and uh, most likely referencing, benji and mongrel that’s, just a guess, but uh it’s fncs related as well. This is a cool loading screen man. I had to show this one off. I really like this one. Now new outfits let’s jump into them right away. Uh. We we saw a few of these earlier in uh yesterday’s video uh is that there was an announcement about the spring breakout event and they showed the skins off in one of the pictures uh now in the you can see the bunny guy, though, which was my Favorite definitely, he was different. Looking so he’s, probably gon na have multiple styles uh, because i think it was a black bunny with a different colored suit in the image we we showed in our previous video there’s. Also, this it’s a bunny fashion, bundle uh. This is another one of the skins but yeah it’s a bundle comes with a bunch of different versions of the skins, very variant of that skin and one we didn’t get to see and it’s, probably my favorite of them all close with the bunny we’ll, see anime Legends bundle not really easter related, but this should be coming out in the next week or so, as it’s obviously been added to the files there’s.

Also the pickaxe bundle, the anime pickaxe bundle and yeah. I like it. I don’t know what’s your favorite out of all those new skins. They’Re also do here are all the new bundles that were added in total. You can see there was a lot of them, so we don’t go through everyone individually, uh they’re, really starting to do more and more bundles and i think it’s a good thing man. They have so many skins right don’t. They have, i think, it’s, like 930 plus uh skins, so starting to sell them in bundles, giving us kind of discount deals on on a few skins instead of just one uh. I think it’s good for them and good for us so i’m glad to see they’re doing it. Uh expect this trend to continue and yeah. Those are all the new bundles new skins here are the new wraps going through them super quickly for you just to give you an idea, quack up, i like that one and back blings there you go and i’m going to quickly put two of the new emotes. Just on your screen, quick clip and finally, a look at all of the new cosmetics in one image. Some are are blanked out, but it gives you an idea. I don’t think we missed any though and uh and then here’s some new variants. This is uh, so i usually do these separately as these aren’t gon na be item shop skins, most of them uh couple random ones, but most of them are related to, as you can see here, super tears level 110 to level 215 uh.

These should be all the all the super tiers that you can get after completing the battle pass. These things are so cool. Looking man uh i’m glad they got to make that grind worth it at the end right, the the level grind, that’s, all our cosmetic stuff. We kind of went through it quickly because we’d already seen a few of them earlier today, now there’s also the new weapon, the junk gun, which we saw in the the opening trailer for the season and it’s ammo. This is a weird gun man. This is a weird uh item. We haven’t had anything like it here’s some info about it, hold keybind target to vacuum, environmental elements and refill your ammo harvest objects for ammo, then spit out densely, packed projectiles of junk watch. Hope for the shrapnel. I haven’t seen any indication that this gun is in the game, yet so still just in the files i assume uh. So i guess we’ll have to wait and see on that. Uh also npcs that have been added uh, galactico derby, dominator webster, which is the new skin. This uh this update and hide so look for those ones around the map. As we get some more info, i should have uh you know tomorrow. Once we get more info, where they’re from or where they’re located and what they sell uh, if anything, if any of the weapons um yeah i’m sure webster, is where you’re gon na get the egg launcher.

As we know, that’s been added back this update for the the spring breakout event also uh. They have not forgot family guy. The french fry pickaxe textures were added. The french fry pickaxe will have a 2d tune effect and french fry is code name for family guy. So it’s, not over it’s happening and we’ve got some more info. 2D tune effect. All right hope there is one encrypted set uh in this update, so i’m hoping it’s, it’s related to the family. Guy collaboration but we’ll have to wait and see patience, patience as always a reminder if you’re new to the channel make sure to subscribe. I keep you up to date on all things. Fortnite turn those notes on get here. Early and i’ll. Do the rest all right. Thanks for the support, a new ltm tournament has been added for close encounters, it’ll be a solo tournament uh. So we now know one of our upcoming ltm tournaments that they’re going to be running every sunday. I believe – and here is the new easter egg consumable. This is the item that will give you a similar ability to hop rocks should be found around the map now again spring br spring spring, breakout event, uh easter event, whatever you want to call it also agent jonesy will have new voice lines during the challenges that Got added in this update, we don’t know exactly what they are yet, but uh. Listen to the crystal is the only thing we can find in the file.

So i don’t know if that’s the exact uh dialogue. Listen to the crystal song is what, for tori uh adds on below uh? No, no, not sure what it means yet. But i always like to add these things in here. Lore right, some storyline stuff gets us excited and we always get to talk about it because they they’ll release things little by little and then it’ll come to a uh it’ll all come together near the end of the season. Somewhat i mean it. Never all comes together, but some of it comes together at the end of the season uh, so we can try and make sense of it. Now, with this update, the primal shotgun has been nerfed right and we don’t have values at this point, but we do have gameplay of of the of the nerf and i’m pretty happy about it. I don’t know about you guys, i’m, going to show you what it. What it looks like in game now again no values, but that is a massive nerf from the looks of it uh. What do you think i got ta? Give it a shot, get killed, kill with it and then i’ll have my opinion, but i think it needed a bit of a nerf and but i’m biased i’ve always been a pump guy, so i’m biased. I want to hear your thoughts on this. This nerf and again we’ll give you more info once it comes out. Also.

I got some raptor gameplay in the background now for you, these guys are fast right. They they’ve hatched. This is our newest creature on the island and yeah they’re they’re, quick man, they’re quick. They might cause you some problems around the map, but gives you an idea what they look like and uh, maybe how to deal with them now, a 13th mystery reward was added uh for the battle pass and it appears to be a toy all right, no idea What it’s gon na be people are guessing uh football in the comment section right now and not an american football all right, a soccer ball, as i would call it, but uh yeah soccer ball non american football. I don’t know you get the point because the name are uh neymar collaboration right neymar is the skin uh. With this battle pass so there it is 13th mystery reward added late. I don’t know if they’ve ever done, that added one late uh compared to the start of the season, so that’s new and it’s it’s, most likely gon na be a football toy. Before we talk about our final thing, it seems like around the map they’re starting to build uh barriers uh. This is a from pleasant park. Obviously i don’t know what they’re trying to keep out what they’re trying to keep in, but i thought that was worth showing off some of the stuff’s just coming out as i’m filming you guys know these ones are always a little bit messier now.

The final thing i got for you here is a massive creative update i’m, not going to go through every little thing, but the big thing is heal or harm with the new health power up, which allows you to manipulate player, health and shield levels during games. Apply healing or damage instantly or over time, or even set health and shields to the exact numbers that you want so a lot more customizability with health and shields for you, creative players again, the more they the more power they give. Creative uh map builders uh whatever it may be. I just the better the game modes gon na, be, i love creative. I think they’re doing well. I think they’re taking it in the right direction and i can’t wait to see where it goes. There’S, a bunch of little things coming out randomly right now but i’m going to stop the video there we’ll update you on everything in in my next one and yeah hope you enjoyed the video. What do you think of the update so far? I think it’s good. I i can’t wait to try it out and try out uh. I want to see more of the patch notes for the actual values uh, because i know there was a bunch of nerfs and they did adjust the makeshift shotgun as well, but just no info on that. Yet so i’m gon na get this edited uploaded and get some sleep.