What’S up my friends and welcome back to the happy power channel. Today’S date is 3, 29, 2021, and today we have for you guys our daily dc fresh, but most likely the massive spring break event for 2021 in fortnite. Now, as always to support the algorithm smash out the like button and comment down below anything for again the youtube algorithm guys for some reason, we’re losing subs as youtube is now cleaning subs pretty consistently so make sure you guys are in fact, still subscribed. If you choose to be so and trust me, you’ll want to be for tomorrow’s massive update, but without further ado let’s get into it and first things up is coming directly from fortnite game. Who said this today, flowers are blooming, the sun is out and the robotic ducks and pastel suited bunnies are on the island. Wait. What spring is here and the spring breakout is coming. There are new items: a duo’s cup paper craft and even in game, rewards to earn all info right here and before we actually get there i’m gon na showcase. For you guys the little clip they actually posted so here’s that and for some reason there was no audio attached to it. So i added my own audio enjoy Music all right, so the first part of the article spring breakout, quacktastic fun, arrives in fortnight on march 30th, which obviously is actually tomorrow, ah spring. What a lovely season, flowers, blooming the weather, warms up and the island sees a return of robotic ducks and pastel suited bunnies wait what fortnite’s first ever spring event spring breakout brings excellent new outfits.

A duo’s competition, papercraft and in game rewards to earn who does not love free rewards. My friends, uh here’s, a look at what’s hatching this week, starting on tuesday march 30th, which actually also confirms the v16.10 update, will in fact be tonight at 4. 00 am eastern standard time. So definitely stay tuned, like i said before guys make sure you guys have notifications on new quest. The egg launcher and a pickaxe prize webster also arrives as a new chapter with legendary quest to tackle and a chance to receive an in game reward arriving thursday april 1st. No fooling around here. If you complete the first legendary quest for a webster you’ll unlock the tactical quacks pickaxe, alright, it actually looks pretty dang awesome. I must say all these skins look very, very similar uh to five nights at freddy’s, so yeah crazy, stuff right there. Speaking of quest the egg launcher returns, and you should also be the lookout for a new type of forgeable egg on the island. Consuming these eggs will bring a hop to your step all right, so it looks like we actually can craft a brand new egg that’s. Essentially, a hop rock so crazy stuff right there uh into the next part a spring breakout cup egg, on the competition filling in the friday night, bragging rights, the spring breakout cup on friday april, 2nd brings duo’s competitions back to action. You and your duo’s teammate will have 3 hours to complete up to 10 matches to earn points.

The top performing duos in each server region will be among the first to get the webster outfit and the mecha feather’s back bling, alright, so another chance to get some free rewards, including a brand new free skin and back bling, definitely go for yourself, and i am Also, looking for a duos partner, should i pick fire monkey or what do you guys in the comment section down below? Let me know down below poached. Papercraft fortinet.com cosplay has delivered again beginning. Today you can download all new papercraft masks and midi foldables here’s. A look at the latest roster and how long it should take to craft them mask stella, easy 1.5 hours, that’s considered easy rabbit, raider medium 2.5 hours, webster 2.5 hours, all right, epic games, man, that’s that’s a bit long for some kids to make some masks. Man. 2.5 hours holy crap mini foldables, bun bun, very easy, 40. 60 minutes again. How is that easy, 40 to 60 minutes for a little tiny thing: night’s, hair, very easy, 40 to 60 minutes and cluck uh. I guess very easy, 40 to 60 minutes. So i guess go after yourself and work a whole day shift trying to make these papercraft grab your paper and get started once you’re finished showcase your work using the hashtag springbreakout on social media. Alright guys so have fun like support guys it’ll, take a full shift at work to make these masks item shop, hop to it spray breakout, scrambles.

What you’d expect from ducks and bunnies this group of rotten eggs arrives throughout this week in the item shop this week. Also marks the return of some fan: favorite outfits, including bunny brawler, rabbit raider and the quacking alright. So there you guys have it. The spring breakout is now available starting tomorrow, and it goes all the way till april 7th, so yeah awesome stuff to look forward to and now for a bonus topic of this video. It looks like hypex now just said this today. Here is the raptor egg stage. 3 sound and looks like they are now available inside of fortnite right now, so here’s that, in the background, video Music, Music, all right, my friends so what’s your thoughts about this down below it looks like they actually teased several times in the article. That raptors should also be inside tomorrow’s update, not to mention they also teased it out uh several times in the past few weeks, so we should be expecting uh, raptor eggs tomorrow, possible nerfs of the primal shotgun uh. Of course, the massive easter event and a few stuff like that, including some brand new vehicle upgrades, such as those massive tires, so stay tuned, make sure you guys have notifications on and i hope to see you guys in tomorrow’s video, including over my tech talk. We’Ll be posting very consistently as well. Every single day have a great day and i’ll see you guys tonight.