So i’ll do these one episode at a time so as not to make a 30 minute long, video here so in this first episode, we’re going to be covering probably the npc that has the most secret dialogue, and that is jules right here. So if you weren’t aware she can be found at camp cot now, what’s interesting is her profile over here. Tells us a huge piece of lore about jules. It says jules is the daughter of an international crime boss who refuses to live in her dad’s shadow left to fend for herself. She learned how to rebuild the world the way she wanted to see it and is on track to be one of the greatest inventors of all time. So right there we get kind of a clue that midas is her dad and she, of course, is the daughter. So first we’re gon na establish what she says to all non secret dialogue npcs. So in order to achieve this i’m running my custom maya because she won’t have special dialogue with anyone. So, first of all, if you’ve never seen the jules npc, she can be found in camp cod. Like i said right here, this is the north east aspect. You can see her speech bubble right through here there she is. So let me show you the exact location in case. You want to try this yourself, north east aspect, right there, so here’s her default dialogue. She says free tip, don’t forget to keep your gear tuned up out there, thanks for the free tip, jules appreciate it.

So the first secret dialogue comes from none other than midas, but what i want to test is whether or not you have to be the default midas or if you could be the shadow midas or the golden agent as well. I know for sure that midas works, but i don’t know if his styles work all right. Here we go with shadow midas by the way, jules seems to always spawn in the same spot up here. She doesn’t ever move from what i’ve seen so moment of truth is their secret dialogue with shadow midas. Here we go look at that. She gave me a gold smg, a p90, and she says: oh good, father daughter time 100 confirmed secret dialogue right there, and it also confirms that she is the daughter and midas is the dad 100 confirmation right there that jules and midas are father and daughter? How crazy is that, thanks for the p90, though appreciate that how crazy so now we’re going to try midas rex, i just want to see if this works i’ve heard it doesn’t, but this is technically midas as well i’m, not going to do the one with the Full helm on just in case that won’t work, oh, that i creeps me up so we’re going to do the one where you can actually see his face. Let’S go back and try with midas rex alright. So here we go jules jerry springer wants to know. If i’m, your father and the answer is no, she defaults back to the normal dialogue, not the secret one.

So midas rex, apparently, is a different entity than the actual midas, which kind of makes sense. Because look, if you pick up a weapon, he does not have the gold effect, even if i drop it and pick it back up, it does not turn solid gold, so i don’t know now the next secret dialogue comes from none other than meowsome. So if you have any of the meowso styles, you can use those i’m gon na go with shadow here all right. So here we go meow souls and jewels. What does she say here? Oh, i can never stay mad at you, huh i’m, trying to remember what was the connection between meowsos and jewels. What did he do to make her mad it’s been so long since both of their seasons that i really can’t remember someone. Let me know in the comments i’m blanking. What did mousels do to make jules mad, but there it is the secret dialogue. Oh, i can never stay mad at you thanks jules, so the second to last secret npc dialogue comes from none other than brutus and brutus. Apparently, is an enemy now to jules, so let’s go see what he says all right jules. What do you got to say to big old brutus i’m watching you traitor? Are you kidding me? Brutus is a turncoat wow? Okay! I really need to research. The lore between these characters because i’m confused about the meowsles one i’m confused about this one wasn’t brutus with midas in all the trailers and obviously midas, is with jules.

So did he turn to the other side? What, when did that happen? I don’t remember that happening but clear as day. She calls him a traitor i’m watching you traitor. I wish we could reply back like what are you talking about? Why am i a trader? What makes you call me a trader where’s, the additional dialogue option here, pretty sweet, so there’s, one more secret dialogue, but i don’t own the character. However, i have another style of that character, so let’s go see if that works. So surprisingly, the character is the chaos agent but, like i said, i don’t own that, but i do have this one, which is the chaos double agent, but remember with midas the midas rex version didn’t work. So i imagine this one won’t work either, but we’re going to try just to see all right moment of truth here. Will the chaos double agent work for the secret dialogue? No, it does not. So i have a backup plan. You can see that’s her normal dialogue. There, my son jack, owns this skin so i’m, going to log on to his account real quick boy. Jack has some vibrant color schemes on look at this everything looks more dark. I guess is the best way to explain. I don’t know what color scheme he’s got on so here we go chaos agent, going in to talk to jules. What will she say to this creepo? She says stay away from me: you molten creep, okay, that’s pretty funny, so he is obviously an enemy to midas and jules and she calls him a molten creep.

So molten is like lava. Is that what he’s supposed to be he’s, molten ooze? Interesting, though, so by far, that is my favorite dialogue out of any of the secret npc dialogue, i’ve seen so far, so there you go. That was all the secret dialogue between jewels and other characters. So to recap, midas has secret dialogue, but only the actual midas. No other knockoff versions, meowsos brutus and then the original chaos agent, those four. So i think she has the most secret dialogue in the game so far, which is awesome. So this was episode one and trust me. I tried tons of skins with jewels. So if you didn’t see me try one, i did it off camera and it didn’t work, for example, jewels talking to jewels that did nothing kit talking to jewels. That did nothing things like that. So there you go stay tuned for episode, two that’s, all there is to it. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video.