This is a cinno one, instead of the unova one that we had last week. This is gon na be a thing now. You know this new feature uh, but this one seems to have a bit of a twist for the sinnoh collection challenge. You have to catch, obviously a bunch of sinnoh pokemon, but there are two shadow type, so you’re gon na have to rely on grunts and or balloons to complete those to get a stunky or and snover. So, honestly, more of the same here we get some okay rewards i’m curious to see how this will look in the metals down here. That’Ll change to a two and it’ll list, the sino one. Surely what have we been invited to a heatran? A genesect? Oh must be an old egg, but we do have a heatran popping in seven minutes. You know what for a bit of fun, we’ll do it, but if i’m honest, i would rather do gibble raids, because that is going to be a one star that’s out and about we do have a timber. I might do that to be honest, uh let’s, catch chimchar, i have a feeling the shadow pokemon or perhaps shield on will be a pest to get, but everything else should be reasonably common. Last time we smashed it all out in an hour let’s see how we go this time. Can we do it all at this park there we go um, yeah we’re.

Looking for the starters, the weasel is the new shiny. So i do not want. I definitely want to check those and do not want to miss out on him. We got some over there. We’Re gon na have to go for a walk folks, and that is the plan of attack. Nothing too wild today, but we’ll smash it out. Alrighty i’ve grabbed the weasel here, it’s, not a shiny, but at least we can say shiny check now. Yeah we’re gon na have to chuck a massive lap. I don’t see much around here. There was a skarupi, a hippo. None of this stuff is actually required. So yeah we need a tur twig, piplup combi cranitos he’ll, be he’ll, be uncommon for sure uh, but we do have that heatran popping in a sec don’t we oh timber, i got ta. Do it i’ll see you shortly whenever we find the next pokemon all right? I have to shiny check the timber and then we’ll shiny check. The heatran, then we’ll get back to business right, go on game. Surprise me: 24 balls, regular hyundai, no bugger, coordinating this uh heatran raid. I just invited a bunch of people but i’m going to do it in a sec and a tertwig spawns. So we will add this one to the collection won’t. We not bad just kicking back here. They can come to me there we go it’s locked in. We definitely caught it very nice we’re doing pretty good here and shield on they’ll, be tough.

We’Ll have to look for those not even kidding a combi has spawned now we’re catching them all. Just at this stop here. This gym – i am not complaining. Combi was caught, beautiful, yep doesn’t seem to matter if it’s, male or female either itching for one of those rare ones to pop up hey. Are there any grunts there’s no grunts around this is sucky. Our balloon should hopefully be one of the ones that we need, though it’s not meowth. This heatran is going down very very quickly. We’Ve got seven people in there plus i did the previous lobby. So thank you, everyone, my patrons for uh, helping out with that raid. I don’t need more of these. I mean i don’t have a hundo, but i got the shiny. I would definitely go reasonably hard on groudon and kyogre for the next week, um looking forward to seeing them again, i enjoy those pokemon, but yeah it’s been a bit average as of late honestly. The legendary raids that is decent rewards, shiny, go on that’s, a regular uh, nothing special here and so i’ll see you all. When i see the next pokemon that we need just caught a piplup folks – and i just realized – i wasn’t recording on the camera – there good job pro uh, another pokemon at the same spot, i literally just got up and i’m like oh it’s there, so yeah that One’S locked in too we need grunts and two rare ones: i’m going to chuck an incense on.

I did catch that heatran on the first throw i was hoping you’d jump out a few times as one of my tasks to level up is 50 excellent throws. So we only got one from heatran i’ll be spinning, stops doing tasks, i’ve got to do a snapshot again and i’ve got eggs on the way to hatch which you’ll see in a different vid. But that is me to a tee. All right, incense show us, show us some luck. Eh we’ll see how we go there’s still no grunts. This is sick. Folks. I just got invited to a gibble raid that’s, exciting isn’t. It i’ve been walking for a little bit, uh no sight of shield on or crenitos no grunts, so it’s it’s definitely going to be this way. Isn’T it we’ve got everything but them. But do we get a shiny, of course, not again another one that i’ve got that i actually haven’t evolved and promised that i would so i’ll get to that? We have to check its appraisal. We got an xl candy, very nice, oh whoa nearly thought i had a hundo there eh. I also need my battery pack gosh phone’s gone flat, already yeah they’re, just not showing up on sightings. Are they fingers crossed on the incense? I guess no grunts, oh well. We got a balloon at 12.. Fingers are crossed eh. Oh, i also got a snover off the incense and i can confirm it has to be shadow, has to be shadow, there’s, no ifs or butts or maybes.

So yeah do not leave any spot unchecked. Folks. Just go to crenitos here uh, it was just chilling there. It was not on the sidings, the nearby anything uh, so yeah definitely checking out every spot possible. I’M gon na say this guy’s one of the rare ones or uncommon. At the very least, we do need shield on and then i can literally cruise around looking for uh grunts. I guess that might be the plan so cool you never know. We may get the shield on off and incense but i’m going to keep chilling i’m at another spot here about 10 minutes from the previous park. We have to do grunts and, as you can see, there are so many more stops around here. We’Ve actually got one really close that we’re gon na grab. The reason i did this is because i just got a shield on uh at the other park. It was just chilling at a stop grabbed at 10. Cp knocked that one on the head. We need grunts. So i’m, at the best possible spot within reason here, we’re gon na go scour all these stops. There really isn’t that many grunts out, if i’m, honest, look at that it’s quite disappointing, but hopefully this one has snova or whatever. I do have my rocket balloon. At lunchtime please don’t give me jesse and james don’t, give me a dud, give me snover or stunky uh. You know, i’ve actually got some tasks here that i’ve got to be grunts.

I couldn’t find any related to raids uh. They are the ones that will give you a crenitos or a shield on. So there is that option too, but it’s nice to get them in the wild as a bit of a challenge. You know: free don’t have to pay anything so yeah grunts that’s. What we need let’s get to it. I actually think we’ve got a stunky here at this one. It said wherever there is light, there is shadow, so dark type, stunky cool. Well, you know i’m good for these folks, not very effective on both ends. Right, oh togekiss is slapping. That is lovely, not bad. The first grunt is what we need. We literally have to find a snover and we’re done i’m glad i actually drove here. I was gon na wait it out at that other park, but there just wasn’t enough stops i’d already been there an hour and seen nothing whoa. I should have been watching there done here. We go with the encounter there. He is, and as soon as we thwack that ball on him, don’t lose it bro we’ll get a notification. There we go. Nice throws collection, challenge done, let’s grab a snover, we’ve got a balloon coming up, so fingers crossed it’d be pretty wild. If our rocket balloon is a snover what’s, he gon na say i’ll. Give you something to be scared about uh, let’s, rock and roll. That is not ideal. Oh lavator, i got ta.

Take a lavator that’s, a good thing. I’Ll! Let this one slide, but yeah, really just hoping for stunky and snover. This could take quite some time. Are we really gon na be stuck on a snover? I have no idea, i don’t believe it folks. I was just walking to a stop right. Next to my car, it just spawned and the dialogue was something about freezing you and your tracks. We’Ve got a shadow snover here locked in so i mean that’s, pretty cool, not bad. This one took a little bit longer than last week’s because of the shadow grunts that you need to do. Uh we are just smashing with the reshi. Not really actually let’s swap got ta love. My congo we’ll smack it wait that that’s not a snovar, no it’s it’s a cloister, oh my gosh. Is it going to be a snover next, a bomber snow far out? This is no good to us really niantic. So not only do you have to land the frozen in your tracks, dialogue, but it couldn’t. It may not be snova. Ah that sucks, i was getting all giddy. Then i’m, like we are done. Oh well, we’ll keep trying. I guess i forgot about cloister, hey everyone. I’M back it’s actually been a while it’s. 1. 30 p.m. I’M. Back at the other park, the park we first started at. Do you think i got shadows nova? I mean there’s there’s no grunts. Here there was hardly anywhere i was out, but over a period of over an hour we got the shadow snover.

Sorry i wasn’t filming it. I was literally about to give up and bail try again later, but uh i kept going. You know it is extremely hot. Now, it’s, probably the hottest for the rest of the day. 1. 30 p.m. There’S, no one out, it’s dead, quiet here, as opposed to earlier in the morning we have been out since 10. Ish 10 a.m. Um yeah i just kept seeing uh fire related grunts psychic. We had the rock one, a lot of dark types, stunky ones and then it finally popped up. Um you’re gon na be frozen in your tracks and then it was snover snover or bomber snow. So i knew i had it locked in uh. Where is he yeah? Literally, just got him uh for a rough idea of how much i’ve been walking because it’s so hard to navigate these grunts via car. I was walking to the mall uh, but these 12ks are nearly ready to hatch so i’m going to be doing that in a separate vid, but i’ll film it in a sec, and i have to do 600 more meters. I can do that. You know, but i mean i like to challenge myself: i didn’t want to go home and then have to come back out and try and make this video could have taken days. You know, i know you’ve got plenty of time, you’ve or it doesn’t say anymore. Uh. Five days, six hours, you’ve got plenty of time.

Five days can just pass like that. You know so. Let’S claim it a nice some dust and magnetic module and 15 ultra balls, so the metal should say two now that was definitely a twist and you know for the kanto tour you’re gon na have to get mewtwo and stuff. So they’re easing us into this. There will be legendary there, you go, it says two and that one is there mini collection event. They both say the same thing, but i finished both day, one with only within a few hours, it’s, not too bad. My gosh. That was quite the challenge. Hmm, i had to laugh at the moment where i thought i had snover and it was cloister. I hear it’s happening to a lot of people, but yeah apart from us smashing out field research. This was a grunt one, you get him so he could have been shiny, i’ll, i’ll hunt for him. I i managed to spin the 45 stops that’s for this challenge. I’Ve got to do more. Nice throws i’ve, got spotlight hour at six drift loon two times catch xp, i believe, but yeah i’m gon na hatch, some eggs i’m gon na do it now, because otherwise they’ll hatch on stream, and i want to do a video on those eggs. But that is a wrap there’s a lot of walking point a grunt point b, point c d: back to d b, a lots of walking like i said i nearly thought i’ll give it a miss and try again later the rewards aren’t crazy, but it goes toward That medal, which is sick, hey i had fun that was fun the snover kind of dragged on a bit, but you know i have a feeling the snover may be troublesome there’s, so many factors coming into play, like you, have to land the frozen in your tracks.

Dialogue, then you have to land the fact that it’s a snover and a snover, so you know you’re gon na get a shadows, nova yeah. I mean heat trends there there’s another one. I might do those haven’t seen any other raids really got the shiny heat trend. So i’d have to worry about him. Excel candy would be nice sure, but he’s alright, it’s all good fun little challenge. I can only imagine it’ll get harder from here. Maybe, but what do you folks think your experience may vary? Of course, you may have better luck or worse luck depends about those stops. You really have to be in an area with heaps of them to increase your chances if you’re relying heavily on the balloons. Good luck seriously anyway. Until then, that’s enough rambling i’ll see you on the next video take care. Everyone and good luck have a fantastic day and or night or both or week or weekend shadow snover. I hate him. I was so relieved when i see him. That was great, which pokemon was the hardest for you to find. Let me know in the comment section below i want to add. I did see i’d actually seen a shield on encroanitos in the same spot. Amongst all these snover, of course, had to be a shadow snover, but still you know it really depends where you’re at a lot of luck comes into play for sure that’s a wrap. I got some eggs to hatch.