Okay, first one see bunker jonesy, look at that tattoo on him right, let’s go! Ladies there, gentlemen, you see right here, tattoos gone: where is it tattoos don’t come up. They stay forever, so where’s that tattoo it’s gone. I usually need to rig for the first game: jonesy Applause, Music, okay, second easter egg. Third, i mean second silver. Surfer. Has a shiny, naked butt? Yes, i know that is i’m. Just kidding. Look on ps5! Look how shiny it is. Ps4 players compare your silver surfer to my sofa. First, oh and the butt cheek still counts, um and then let’s go over here, Music that wonderful! Now, if you see here, go to midas boys, okay boy midas, look at that tattoo right there, that’s a shark, okay and my disc gets eaten by a shark and that’s a shark right there. Music next thing this drink is mango. If you see nando right here, look at that go down go to asian jones Music. What is that for that Music it’s mando shoulder pad? Well, i think it’s just kind of fake, but i think jonty killed mando. You were really brutal. You he killed mando for all of the armor in the content. Look at the best guard. He says see that rhino Music. If you see on marigold, she has no tattoos yeah and the other thing is. She has a scar just like midas, so she can be married to midas orbeez Music, my sister, okay that’s.

Those are the things i’m guessing Music. Here is the second thing. So all the season, one people have a necklace, look skull, trooper battle, royale, necklace, assault, trooper, same necklace, Music survival, look same necklace, Music, that’s, the next Music third is assault. Trooper has so many different kinds. Let’S take a look at sultry assault. Trooper has never look same person, assault trooper is also trooper is also white out in person, and the shoe is also i’m looking for that’s it. But look at this for the default. The default. I think it’s rose team leader. What a team leader team leader is dark bomber. Two, those team leader, is also bright. Storm, dagger, Music right team leader is also bright bomber. I have the skin same person, Music, and that is one color Music yeah, you think i’m lying but i’m, not in epic games. If you’re watching this you can, you can have made aura my best daughter. She would be so good as mightiest daughter. Look gold chain.