The february met up for the silver arena and we are already back in for another infographic video, this time, we’re going to be looking at the gbl cup. The love cup now the last cup is going to be coming to jbl from february 8th to february 15th, and this is going to be running alongside master league, so again kind of similar to the holiday cup they’re, giving you other great league cups. So you don’t have to run into master league if you don’t need to. If you don’t have the dust, if you don’t have whatever you can still play in gbl. So this is a bit of a different one, because they’re not doing a type theme, this time around they’re doing red or pink pokemon in the great league. So this is actually really similar to the silph arena cup. The rose cup that happened last year in february, where you could only use red purple, grey or pink, whereas this time you only have red or pink, so it does bring it down in scope a little bit now. These colors are presumably going to be dictated by the pokedex kind of listing of the color, which can sometimes be a little bit weird like, for example, there’s actually no orange according to pokemon. So all orange pokemon, such as charizard, are either classified as either red or brown. So we are going to see some orange pokemon here that have fit into the red column, whereas some other orange pokemon are going to be put into the brown column and are not going to be eligible for this cut.

But if you do want this full list of all of the eligible pokemon in the cup i’m going to leave the link to the ghost stadium, love cup analysis link, which they also do some more analysis. So you can watch this video and then go there to get some look at some other pics, so they cover some peaks that we’re not going to be touching here. Yeah i’ll leave a link to that and uh yeah let’s jump into the matter now. Here we are, with my love, cut medicine, fight infographic. Now it is pretty condensed there’s, not a lot of pokemon in this cup, but uh you’re already going to see that there is a lot of fast move damage. We have charizard, who you know, is kind of hanging around he’s kind of normal. He uses charge moves then we have charmers. Then we have trash worm and then with confusion. Then, back to the bottom left, you have lola mola. Who is an interesting one? You might not have ever seen an alola you’ve, probably never seen one in pvp, but it can do a lot of work and we’ll kind of talk more about that. In a little bit, then we have shadow vial plume with razor leaf, and then we have the counter users in the bottom right. So it’s gon na be looking like a really fast move based cup and it might be a little bit rps. All the time like, can you land this really good pokemon up against this pokemon that just destroys in five seconds, uh we’ll see how it plays out, but let’s start jumping into the meta starting off with charizard.

So charizard, you know you love him. He’S got a lot of moves now, but charizard is gon na be able to beat up those fairies. Basically, because the fairies are gon na be doing resisted, damage to charizard, charizard, resists charm, and then fire is just going to really be adding up, and then it obviously going to be beating that trash worm and him over on the right hand. Side, because trash wooden has these steel and bug typing, so it is like four times weak to fire, so it is just melting away as soon as it sees charizard, it’s just and then also shadow ball, plume it’s, a grass type, even though shadow violet plume, is Still going to do so, much damage to charizard because raise leaf is just insanely. Broken uh charizard is still gon na, be able to win that one out uh, but yeah it’s going to be losing to it lola muller. Who is going to be running that waterfall i’m probably going to say that name wrong for this whole video by the way? So you know there might be like a counter of like how many different ways. I say it because it’s really going to be a few uh, then uh charizard, i don’t have an arrow between charizard any fighters in the bottom right, that’s good. It is a little bit back and forth. Charizard beats metachan, including excel medicham, but it is not going to beat scrafty so scrafty, you know put one point in the scrafty column, but i yeah charizard it’s kind of standard.

You know how charizard works these days generally it’s got that fire charge, move, plus blast burn and dragon claw. You could potentially run dragon breath, but i don’t really think there’s an e2 in this cup, especially with so much like fairy and steel and whatever just just run fire fire is fine. Moving on to the fairies, though, we have wigglytuff and clefable here, clefable is probably going to be the better one to go with just because we do have the fighting types here. The fighting types going to be doing a little bit more damage with counter to really tough, then for fable. Wigglytuff is a little bit more bulky, though so we’ll see how it plays out. I guess clefable also has the chance to beat would be tough because meteor match, but let’s actually get into what’s. Here, uh they are going to be losing to the fit to the fire types, as we just said, and then they’re always going to be losing to these steel types, because that trash woman, just confusion, is really kind of just adding up, and the steel is resisting That chart again so it seems like if charm is resisted, the fear is intending to lose there uh, but then on this infographic we also have them losing to alola mamola and the shadow of old plume, because shadow of old clue, poison, type, resists charm, ray’s leaf. Just does so much damage and then only beating the fighting types.

Now this doesn’t quite cover how good fairies are in this cup, because essentially everything that isn’t on this infographic, the fairies are gon na beat so we’ll talk about the picks that are not listed here, which includes that number one on pv, poke and i’ll. Tell you why, in a little bit so yeah they’re not like meta just dominating they’re beating all of this stuff here, but they are going to beat a lot of the meta and they’re going to meet a lot of stuff that people are going to bring they’re Going to beat those call breakers they’re going to beat these kind of they’re, basically just coverage mods. They really add some coverage to the line of three so that’s kind of what they do. You know what a charmander does it just does charm, not much in the way of charge moves, but moving on to trash wormidim now trash alone. It has confusion, it’s popped up in a couple silve cups over time, but, as we’ve said before, it is going to just melt. The fire cannot do a single thing to charizard. I guess confusion is still going to do a bit of damage on the way out, but it’s just not going to stand up to that fire and then again can we beating the fairies now it’s going to lose to a lower molar uh just water? Does that steal in eventually then he’s going to be beating the shadow vol plume? He said as the poison typing i’m just going to be weak to that confusion, damage again because shadow razor leaf is so powerful it’s not like trash birmingham.

Isn’T going to take like no damage it’s, definitely going to get hit a bit uh, but it is going to be able to win out with that confusion, damage steel is still going to resist. That grasshopper, i think, is that. Is that a thing that still resists grass feel like a resist grass? Maybe but then uh trash women is going to be losing to the final types. The meta champ and the scrafty in the bottom right. Scrafty obviously doesn’t care too much because it has that dark typing so uh confusion, doesn’t really touch it at all, again kind of. If you have a program that resists these big moves, it seems to be doing pretty well uh, but let’s move on to alola. Who is a really interesting pokemon, so it’s a really bulky, pokemon and you’re not going to really get any charge moves off, it’s more of just another fast movement with waterfall, so it’s going to beat the charizard it’s going to beat the fairies it’s going to be Trash worm and m so already that’s like pretty huge and then obviously it’s, going to be losing to that shadow of old plume, because it’s, a water type razor leaf dead, um and then the fighting types is also actually going to lose to them. I feel like that’s just because the fighting types are kind of like i guess, a bit powerful, so they have a lot of moves. They can kind of power themselves up and then a lot of he’s kind of just relying on that like bulk.

So it can take a lot of hits but it’s not dishing out too much and metagame especially, is really bulky. So yeah the fighting types you can’t just win that one out in the end shadow vol plume now again lose to the fires, beat the fairies, uh we’re, going to lose to trash worm and him beat that water type and then lose to the fighting types over. The right hand, side again, it’s kind of just it’s, not quite taking it out, ray’s leaf again is still. There is nothing here that is like just hard destroying viral plume. It is doing nothing. The fighting types are still going to take some serious damage from shadow of role plume, but yeah final types are going to win that one out and then fighting types have gone through all the matchups that are here. Uh, the fire types was a bit of a back and forth because scrafty is going to beat charizard, but menachem is going to lose they’re going to lose to the fairies, because they’re, just they’re, really hard gon na lose to the fairies charm just wrecks both of Them especially scrafty and then they’re gon na beat trash worm and then uh beat loma moore and beat shadow volplum. So again, there are a couple of peaks that we have not touched that are gon na, be around this cup now, starting off with that number one and pv poke ligatun there’s a reason i didn’t put it on here, and that is because you really want an Xl licker tongue – and that is not something that, like i don’t, think anyone really has a level 50 like a tongue.

Not only is it rare, but also the kanto event where liquor tongue is going to be spawning a lot doesn’t happen until after the love cup. So i’m, not sure if that was intentional, i feel like it wasn’t, because sometimes these are gbl cups, they’re, not exactly the most balanced cups in the world. I’M not sure if there’s like too much like stock put into kind of building up this perfect matter, but yeah same as the labyrinth cup actually i’ve, not included liquor done here, just because you’re really not going to see it. I really have might be out that you’re going to see a single xl lick tongue normally tongue still does some damage like it. Has power whip that’s going to be able to beat up the alarm it’s also, actually going to be able to beat shadow victory bell and clefable uh then it’s going to be losing to the wigglytuff losing to you know a bunch of other stuff uh. So then, another pick that we have not touched here is electrode electrode, it’s kind of a pick, that’s really high in pv of poke but that’s kind of just because it beats the charizard and a lot more la la la. I guess that’s kind of going to be a big thing, though beating that just what a tank, because it is a really powerful one in this cup, you can see that it is beating a lot of dudes, so uh yeah, maybe electrode, might have some stock, but We’Ll just see how, as time goes on and now the one that i actually originally had on this graphic in place of the trash woman in but eventually took it off, was slow bro.

So slobo is a really interesting one. It is a confusion, user again uh and you know it kind of flips a lot of these matchups to trash whatever it has just because it plays a lot differently. Instead of being that steel type that’s going to be, you know losing to fire and then beating the fairy it’s, just the water type it’s just doing confusion damage. So it is going to be able to beat out that shadow vol plume, even though it’s taking masses of grass damage back at it, and then i think it loses to the charmers. I think it beats shadow charizard, but loses to regular charizard, although both of those are like pretty tight as well and it does beat along the molar. But i just felt like slo bro didn’t really fit in here and then it’s also leading the fighters as well. So i felt like trash aluminum just works as a better confusion. User in this cup i will see as time goes on. Maybe the metal will kind of shift actually also electrode is going to be doing better against slowbro than it is doing to the trashy momentum and liquids also doing better grand sloper. So i just feel like slowbro is a little bit over hyped on pv poke at the moment, but i guess we’ll see as time goes on. It’S. Definitely like, i guess, it’s, not caring too much about management, but but hey uh and actually one one thing.

I didn’t mention was excel chansey. If an xl chansey rocks up, i expect some timeout matches uh. It could be a bit of a pain in this cup. Uh we’ll just have to wait and see on that front. If anyone kind of has one ready to go. Even a non xl chansey is still going to be like stalling out some matches. So look. This is going to be a really interesting cup it’s, a very different one. I feel like it’s going to be like really polarizing. You are either going to like love. This couple hate this cup and i feel, like a lot of people, are probably going to land on the hate side of the forest, but we will see how the matter develops. Maybe it’ll be really fun. I’M, just definitely i’m, definitely going to give it a go. Uh but yeah thank you for watching don’t forget to like comment subscribe, especially that subscribe one. Thank you to my patreons and supporters over on twitch, because you guys are super cool and uh yeah. If you haven’t checked out that labyrinth cup medicine fight graphic, if maybe, if you don’t – want to give the love cup a go, you give the silf labyrinth cup a go. I’Ve got that meta video that you can watch at the top there and then also you can watch that battle video for that as well get a bit of a better idea about what is going on in the labyrinth, but yeah.

I will see you next.