Also, thank you so much for a thousand subscribers and thanks for all your money, so the rolex 24 at daytona, the 24 hour endurance race. That starts off the imsa weathertech sports car championship calendar and takes place around the sports car circuit at the daytona international speedway, consisting of the banked sections of the track, as well as the track on the infield as well. Now a five class field lines up on the grid for this year. We still of course, have dpi lmp2, gtlm and gtd, but new for 2021 lmp3 cars will be lining up on the grid in the top level of imsa. For the very first time, spice things up further the raw before the 24 testing not only takes place the weekend before the race which may or may not have already happened depending on when i get this out uh. But the grid order will also be decided by a qualifying race. Last year, the 38 car field was already too big to go through in a single video, even though it was the lowest number of entries in the history of the race. This year, though, we have a whopping 50 cars competing, so in today’s, video i’ll be picking out some of the contenders that i think you need to watch out for in this year’s running the race and also attempting to pronounce foreign names and there’s. Certainly, a lot to go through as this grid is essentially a who’s who of motorsport let’s start with the top class dpi.

We certainly have a few new faces this year. Chip ganassi racing will be making their return to imsa with the number zero one cadillac and some racing legends taking the helm. Six time indycar champion scott dixon xf1 driver and rising indycar star marcus erickson, the man looking for his third win at the rolex 24 on the trot rengar van der zander and finally former formula, one driver kevin magnussen. What a lineup, magnuson and vandazander are the two full time drivers for the record. Actually, this will be magnuson and erickson’s very first endurance, racing start, so uh they’re certainly being thrown in at the deep end. However, all the drivers on this lineup are very talented. So definitely watch out for them. Next, we have the all french lineup of the number five jdc miller, motorsport mustang sampling car uh, due to be piloted by four time: champ car champion and xf1 driver sebastian, bourdain uh sports car ace, loewick duval, as well as tristian votier. Next up, we have defending race winners, wayne taylor racing in the number 10 conica minolta car, except this year, they’ve had a change in car and a complete change in driver lineup. In the wake of team penske’s departure wayne taylor racing were able to snatch up one of the two acura arx 05s. This time, however, their lineup consists of lmp2 world endurance champion and lemon winner and 2018 rolex 24 winner felipe albakirk three time: indy 500 winner and defending imsa champion elio, castroneves 2016 indianapolis 500 winner alexander rossi, and two time imsa champion and 2017 rolex 24 winner ricky Taylor, certainly an accomplished group to say the least.

Next we’ll have a look at action express racing, the only two car team in dpi for 2021. in the number 31 wheelan engineering car. We have toyota gazoo racing driver mike conway sports car ace pepoderani, the latest nascar cup series champion chase elliott and xf1 driver and 2019 12 hours of sebring winner felipe nazar rounding off the lineup. The second car is most likely going to be a one off, but it’s, certainly a big one. The number 48 cadillac is spearheaded by seven time, nascar cup series champion and soon to be indycar driver jimmy johnson and he’ll be joined by xf1 driver and the 2019 20 wbc champion kamui kobayashi 2016 indycar champion and 2019 indy 500 winner, simon pagno and 2010 le Monde 24 hour and daytona 24 hour, 2017 12 hours of sebring gtlm winner and 2013 dtm champion mike rockenfellow. Next up, we have the unfortunately reduced mazda showing this year, but at least they’re still in the game. The number 55 car will be driven by sports car ace, jonathan bomerito, 2017 24 hours of le mans lmp2 winner oliver jarvis, and the 2014 le monde lmp2 winner and 2020 le mans gte winner harry tinknell, rounding off the dpi class as the second of the two Acuras this time, car number 60 with imsa and indycar team, maya, shank racing. This car will be fielded by nascar, regular and 2012 daytona 24 hour winner aj ormandinger, two time: imsa weathertech sports car champion, dane cameron, sports car ace, olivier pla and last but not least, juan pablo montoya.

Do i really need to go through his achievements, and that is the dpi grid? What a field? Next up we have lmp2, thankfully, a much bigger showing than last year. The p2 grid is actually bigger than the dpi field for this year, which i certainly wouldn’t have predicted here’s my selection of the 10 car field, which, in my opinion, you should be looking out for most of these cars, are oricas by the way. The first century of note is the number 20 high class racing car. This car will be fielded by dennis anderson, anders fjord back dtm driver ferdinand von habsburg and giga kubitsa himself, robert kubitsa, absolutely fantastic to see him lining up on the grid of the rolex 24.. Another interesting entry is the number 18 era motorsports entry. The driver lineup is pretty interesting, consisting of paul lou, shatan, uh, ryan, diel, dwight merriman and kyle tilly, but the most notable fact about this entry is its livery. In keeping with recent trends in the racing world sort of first seen in formula one last year, this one was designed by six year old owen from canada move over sean bull. This is how it’s done next up. We have wec regulars racing team nederland in the number 29 car, with fritz van edd, yo van weetert, charles milesi and guido bantegard, or his proper name, guido vandergaard at the helm. Then we have the all italian lineup of satellite racing with the number 47 delara.

Actually, the only delara p2 car in the field, this lineup consists of andrea bellecci, roberto la corte, giorgio sergina giotto and xf2 driver antonio fuoco. Now, for the only leisure in the field, the number 51 pwr eurasia car 2018 daytona 500 winner austin dylan it’s joined by sports car ace, matthew, gemini asian le mans series, lmp2 am champion cody ware and the 2020 gtm 24 hours of le mans winner sally. You look next up. We have the imsa p2 regulars pr1, mathias and motorsport in car number 52., scott huffaka and 2019 elms lmp3 champion michael jensen joins four time: lmp2 le mans winner and two time, wbc lmp2, champion nico, lafierre and all round fast gentleman driver and possible masochist ben keating. Now the reason i say possible masochist is because once again, keating has decided to run in two different cars in two different classes, because one 24 hour race, just isn’t enough – is it last, but certainly not least, we’ll round off lmp2, with the only two car team. In the field dragon speed in car 81 garrett, grist and rob hodes joins defending lmp2 race, winner ben hanley and indycar young gun rhinos vk. The second car number 82 is comprised of devlin d, francesco eric lux christopher miles and fabian schiller, certainly a star studded field. Now we’ll have a look at the new class of 2021 lmp3, the baby brother of p2 and one of the fastest growing categories in sports car racing.

Seven p3 cars will be lining up on the grid at the rolex 24, which certainly isn’t a bad first, showing here’s the ones. I think you should be looking out for 47 motorsport will line up on the grid with their ducane do8 2014 indie lights champion. Gabi chavez will be joined by charles finnelli mark van and michelin pilot challenge. Driver ryan, norman riley motorsport is the only two car team in this field. The number 74 car is made up of australian scott andrews former indycar driver, oliver askew indycar part timer, spencer, pigott and gar robinson. The number 91 car is comprised of 2008 le mans lmp2 winner jaron blakemolen, jim cox, oscar mccusker and dylan murray, but here’s. My personal favorite of the lot core autosport are back with car number 54 and better still, 2019 imsa lmp2 champion and 2020 imsa gtd champion max mcmurray and george kurtz joined john bennett and colin brown at the helm. The dynamic duo is back together so it’s. Turning out to be a pretty strong showing from the imsa lmp3 class, next up it’s gtlm now, while i have been pretty vocal about the poor health of this class as of late, which has been further enforced by news coming out of bmw as of late, we Still do have enough cars to scrape together a motor race. We start with corvette. The lineup of the number three car is exactly the same as last year with nikki katzberg, antonio garcia and jordan.

Taylor at the helm of the c8r no surprises there. The number four car will be driven by corvette regular tommy milner, former bmw factory driver alexander sims and 2015 24 hours of le mans winner and porsche regular nick tandy. Now on to bmw, it was recently announced that neither of the m8 gtes would be participating in the full season with the 25 car competing in the endurance rounds. Only while the 24 car is only confirmed for daytona, the 24 car will be driven by john edwards augusto farthest jessie kron and marco whitman. While the 25 car will be driven by connor d, felipe philip eng timo glock and bruno spengler, then of course we have the little ferrari team that could the number 62 reecy competitioni car so far only confirmed for the rolex 24.. This car will be driven by a quartet of ferrari, regulars being james, collado, joel goonon, alessandro, pierre, greedy and davide regon. Now the last of the gtlm entries came as a massive surprise, especially to me who has been living under a rock. The porsche factory program has come to an end, but in a rather stunning move i think proton competition who run a very successful gte and program over in europe have committed to the full season with the 911 rsr 19, with the number 79 weathertech racing machine. This car will be driven by porsche regulars, jimmy bruni, kevin estra, richard leitz, as well as cooper mcneil.

The natural order of things has certainly been disrupted in gtlm, but the field is still looking pretty good for the rolex 24.. Unfortunately, only three of these cars are full time. Moving on to the final class gtd, the biggest in the field, with an enormous 20 entries here’s, the ones that you should be looking out for defending race winners and imsa michelin, endurance, cup winners, paul miller racing will be sporting. The number one for the rolex 24.. This lineup is completely unchanged with brian sellers, madison, snow, corey, lewis and andrea caldarelli at the helm. They are, of course, in the lamborghini and looking for their second win in a row if they were to take victory at this race. It would also be the fourth consecutive win for lamborghini and gtd. The other lamborghini team that may be in a shout for the victory is the two car grasser racing team effort, the team that gave lamborghini their first two victories at the rolex 24 and one of the most successful teams in what was formula the blancpain gt series. These two cars will be driven by a host of sports car regulars. The number 19 car will be driven by albert costa, misha, goykberg, frank pereira and tim zimmermann. Car 111 will be driven by lamborghini factory driver mirko, bortolotti rolf inichin, mark mappelli and stein skowhurst. There are plenty of porsches in the field, but perhaps there are two of those cars who, i think, have a really decent shout of victory.

One of those cars is the number nine faf motorsport entry, lars khan and zach robertson joined porsche factory drivers, matt campbell and laurence van tura at the wheel of the flannel livery car. The other car is the number 88 team, hardpoint old, bamba motorsport entry. The team is spearheaded by experienced and extremely successful porsche factory driver and quick kiwi earl bamber, and he is joined by rob ferial and the two fast females of imza catherine legge and christina nielsen. Vasis sullivan racing have once again rocked up with a strong two car lexus lineup. The number 12 car will be driven by long time, indy car and cart driver and 2016 le mans gte am winner. Townsend bell indie lights, driver robert mcginnis sports car driver, frankie, monte, carlo and up and coming indycar star zac veach in car number 14. We have five time le man class winner 2016 imsa gtlm, champion 2016 rolex 24 gtlm winner and former corvette factory driver ollie, gavin, lexus, fast man, jack hawksworth, an up and coming american racing star kyle, kirkwood and aaron tielett. There are two ferraris in the gtd field and both of them are very strong entries. The number 21 af course car will be driven by a host of ferrari regulars consisting of matteo crossoni, simon mann, nicholas nielsen and daniel serra. The number 63 scuderia corsa ferrari will be driven by former indycar and current sports car ace and yet another one of my fellow countrymen, ryan briscoe brett curtis, former stock car brazil driver marcos, gomez and former indycar driver ed jones.

Let’S talk about turner motorsport with the number 96 bmw m6. This car is usually a very strong contender in gtd and will have a fellow australian, aiden reed robbie foley and rising indycar star colton herter at the wheel, as well as bill aublen, who last year claimed the imsa all time. Race win record with an astonishing 62 wins to his name. He’S won his class at the rolex 24 twice in 1997 and 1998. we’ll finish with aston martin, because there are a couple of interesting entries that you should know about the number 23 heart of racing charity entry is back, which is fantastic to see. This car will be driven by roman deangelis, ross gunn ian james and darren turner. Next up we have the most recent gt am lemon winners. Tf sport are heading stateside with car number 97 and bringing charlie eastwood max root and pink fluffy slippers. Man himself richard westbrook, not to mention this is also the second car that ben keating will be driving. So there you have it the entries that i believe that you need to look out for in this year’s rolex 24 at daytona out of the 50 car field. I suppose it’s time that i go over some predictions of mine in dpi it’s, going to be really difficult to pick a winner, i’d say it would be a safe bet to pick either the number 10 konica minolta acura or the number 31 wheeling engineering cadillac.

But i certainly wouldn’t disregard either the 48 car or the chip ganassi racing car. That said, i would love to see mazda up the front as well as they’ve shown great speed over the last few years, and they came oh so close to victory in 2020.. In lmp2, i think that pr, one mathiason and the number 81 dragon speed car are the two best contenders with the shout of victory. I think they’ve got some top quality drivers and they are all round great race teams respectively. In lmp3, my pick and also the team i’ll be cheering on in this class is core: auto sport they’re a really experienced imza team and colin brown and john bennett are absolutely fantastic together in gtlam i’d say either. One of the bmws would be a good pick as they’ve been on a bit of a hot streak at the rolex 24 for the past few years expect corvette to be hot on their heels, though, and while they may be something of an under dog don’t discount Weathertech racing either in gtd, for the same reason that i picked bmw in gtlm, statistically either grasser racing or paul miller racing would be a good pick. But based on a strange hunch, i feel like maybe one of the vassa sullivan lexi may come in clutch. So there you have it to call this grid star studded doesn’t! Quite do it justice. We have xf1 drivers, indycar champions, indy, 500 winners, previous daytona, 24 hour winners, le monde, 24 hour winners, sebring 12 hour winners, imsa champions, world endurance, champions, nascar, champions, rising stars, racing veterans; gentlemen; drivers fast females, the lot.

This is perhaps one of the most special grids that i’ve ever seen in motorsport, and it should be an absolutely fantastic race, here’s how you can watch it. Those in north america can view the race on nbc nbcsn the nbc sports, app and track pass on nbc sports gold for the rest of the world. We can all use the brilliant free service, imsa tv and even listen to the race on radio on So there you have it who’s your pick to win the race comment below. I do actually read them all, so you may as well say something and i will most likely respond to you all. The socials are in the description below including the t, shirt, instagram, twitter and discord server, as well as my own personal twitter.