First i’m, going to do is i’m going to um head down here. Pick up this thing down here: what’s, going on there, hello, whenever i um jump in no treasure map updated crimson grass, nice exo, fish Music. What goes where in terms of fishing Music? Yes, those wherever you’re going in this game, i’m gon na oil, a fisherman just by fishing right next to him now, Music, yes, yeah got some bait. You know what i do is this some kind of ground bait, something like that. It’S super concentrated so don’t. You too much it’s pretty deep, so i don’t know how utility but i’ll pass it around great, oh, and when the tide comes in, you can bring some monsters to the main sea of it, so be careful monsters. Don’T usually make our way in land, and this is a big storm, but be careful thanks for her. Why are you staring me like that? Just thinking about my little troll maker, i used to know wonder where she went that’s kind of mean. I did this because you asked me to you know: oh i’m, sorry just my way of saying you’re my support, i hope so yay i’m. Sorry daughter, i haven’t got anything for you anymore. Actually, yes, go back to your italia, yeah i’m gon na go back there anyway, so i’ll quickly check with treasure map Music in trip hill, whatever it is hillside relic, which will be the last part of the treasure map i’m.

Pretty sure i think everyone in town must recognize your talent as an alchemist. Now i know that – and i did tell him as a matter of fact, if you cross a lake don’t forget to check the shadows ready for water surface i’m, doing my best to put all your pointers to good use leela. Why is that you’re here? Don’T just complain like that about your bait. I don’t know fishing my bait right well now they’re getting sort of superheroes, so it worked um i mean, of course it works. That’S, fantastic visa. You can be famous for sure here, we’ve started to make more of them. Explain them just your friends impressive: it seems to become a full fledged alchemist with riseland staffs. I hope mr valencia says about this, so we’ll. Let claudia start coming here again. Ah that’s, right, isn’t. The only reason why i’m here, mr valencia, wants you to come see him. He does. I wonder if he has another task. We already come this far prepared to sit through well. First thing you need to do is system items, i mean you, i can do hammer bomb rod, fishing rod, quite a long red supplements i might make some of that. I do need to make some more delicious bites. Music, compass and startium crystal can’t make it centenary. Pearls that mixing oil that’s a new one, apparently turn it into fish oil or alcohol paints because of fuel fire. Two natural is Music fox, Music weapons, Music seaweed soil composite plates, no idea what’s.

He used for Music, so he’s mixing Music. I think that’s worth while doing if you ask me: Music, foreign, no Music, uh, Music, Music from Music uh thanks, uh Music, that’s, Music, mixing oil needed qualities at gas by fire, what’s Music. So you want to give it a Music they closing cure. Why not turn it into heating, regardless Music healing Music foreign i’ll just go down here and add one of those Music turn it into hitting chips Music. Here, Music, though i don’t really do, but i’ve got some there’s medicinal gas eating chips can be some resort. Wood chips make some interesting items and equip you wear your new weapon, apparently it’s, not quite as good as the old one, but it’s high defense speed and equip quality. Apparently Music. Do oh well we’re having an episode here guys well.