um. I just finished this game pretty much an hour ago and it still fresh in my mind. I just kind of really want to talk about it, because this was a lot of fun. This this game was a lot of fun and uh right out the gate, i got to say visually, how much of it? How much of a big step up is from the previous game? Granted i played the previous game on handheld on switch, but even without like the handle switch even watching videos like the previous game on like the ps4 uh it it looks. It looks amazing compared to the other than the the previous one and that’s like a big trend with this game. I feel like i feel, like almost everything is better than the previous one in every way, because as much as i like, the previous one, i do got ta say that it i felt like they had some big problems in the previous one that i feel like They kind of they’re still there a little bit but they’re, not big problems, anymore, they’re more of little problems, and it was a lot of fun going through the game i got ta say and that because it just felt like everything was ironed out, the battle system Was so creative like honestly, like any? I i one day. I hope this game blows up just because the battle system is so cool that i wish other other game companies and other you know, developers really use this battle system, because i love what it was it’s.

A little hectic for some people, but i really think it’s a step in the right direction if you want to go like action turn based and it i just felt like everything in this game was just oh, my god. I don’t know how to get praises to this. I got to say that my number one favorite thing in this game has to be the battle system. The battle system is like this combo turn based wait. It’S, like a it’s, like you know, like final fantasy, the old ones had the wait time it’s like wait time combo based uh. You know, like the usual item based gameplay, and it just everything is chains together so smoothly and you can chain characters combos together and just build damage on top of damage on top of damage and just do backflips and stuff, and it just. I feel like everything in this game was so polished, so polished it’s, just oh, my god. I don’t know how to give phrase to this game enough um, the story i got ta say for this game. Is it it’s, uh till you’re? You know i feel like this first till your risers story, it’s very similar to that it’s, it’s, it’s, okay, i got ta, say it’s, not like it’s gon na you know anything to talk, bring home to mama or talk to mama about, but the one thing i Do like is the character on character interactions because, as i like to say these characters that we previously know like rhizot lent.

You know and uh claudia they’re, all grown up like they’re. You know they’re not in the 18, 17 anymore they’re like on their 20s and, like you know, early 20s and it’s, just really cool to just listen to them talking they have in the writers. Like i say this, they didn’t do it deep, like it wasn’t, very deep topics, but the writers were really good. This time around, like making our adult characters, feel like adult characters and have adult problems. You know ryze had problem with rent and she’s trying to find rent the first part of the game. Um, you know claudia, is trying to balance her job with spending time with friends, because she she knows her job’s, going to like take over her life one day, and you know they have no lint trying to figure out his purpose. You know tao’s trying to figure out what he wants to do after he’s done with school like it, and it just a lot of those messages really hit with me personally at my age that i’m recording this video and it just seemed like like when it came To character and character interactions it felt like they were very natural for, even though they’re very light, because atelier is a very light story, so it wasn’t like it was like deep or anything like i said before, but i felt like the character on character. Interactions were just like, i just felt them, i don’t know i just felt them and i i rarely feel that with adult characters and video games normally it’s all in the younger generation or the you know, the college, kids, the the non working kids like you know, Or you know so, you know the young, the very young people it’s very rare, like they do people who are a little bit older than that and it just felt natural and the characters they added on felt.

Just as good, you know patricia who’s. I can’t tell how old she is. I think she’s, probably like just out of like out of her main level of education. I think everybody’s, an adult in this game and patricia is just like out of high school or whatever they have in this game it just. She seems like she’s around like 18 19., then you got clifford and who’s. I don’t know i think he might be like old old, i don’t know, and then we have siri and it is the cast seemed like. It was very well rounded. This time around, i mean it’s the same half of the same cast, but i feel like little extra little bits to their lives really added to it, because originally this had all these kids doing, whatever the heck they wanted during summer break and actually felt like they Had a lot more to do and a lot more regular life and bose was really cool in this game. I really like him now for a character that at first i didn’t really think much of this game really turned my opinion around on both and uh. It almost felt like they did want, to put it, i always say, like ilia, lila, um and uh impel as a playable character, but they were just like um. We don’t want to make the story anymore longer because they were there for like a lot of a lot of the main parts of the story um, but they were cool.

They were really cool um as it has to go for, like the design of the game. There everything about the game was good, but i do got ta say this: this is the roughest spot. For me, it was the design of the game like how things kind of worked um and how the difficult difficulty worked and everything um. So the first thing we’re gon na talk about is the um, the alchemy system, it’s, really good, it’s improved. I feel, like they kind of proved it a little bit more because i felt like sometimes i would have not enough material to do what i want, but the game. Wouldn’T really like tell me that so it’s, like i felt like it, would have been nice. If you could like go off to a different screen and kind of make the thing that you need to put into your other item, because i feel like i have to undo everything i just did i kind of spent like 10 minutes trying to build up an Item and then they’d be like. Ah, i just need one more of these things, so i have to unbuild it. You know get all the items out, get all the stat increases out and then i have to like go make the other item or find it, and then you know and have to go through that again yeah. Then i build it up again. You know i do that i can confirm and then something else comes up and i think it keeps on doing that back and forth and i feel like there’s times where i just kind of wish.

I just can make a little bit extra of an item without having undo all these. Like all this analysis, i just did to make this item all great good and you know powerful. I felt like that. Actually annoyed me a little bit when it came to the alchemy system. Everything else was smooth, i might even get it it’s like i didn’t, even get to try like everything everything without going to me, because there was just so much you can do. It was just so much um i played i played the i played, i would say most half, i would say, like a nice one. Third of my majority of my play time was in the alchemy system. So just keep that in mind. Um now going to the like the battle like the problem i had with the difficulty or the design of difficulty in the battles um, so the the i played on hard mode for the majority of the game so up until halfway point where you’ll know, because the Battle, music will change, that’s that’s, where that’s the key or no yeah yeah yeah. I think about the time when the battle music changed, the game will change and i feel like it was. I put it on hard mode and i was you know i was have a decent challenge and then you know sometimes i get knocked out. Sometimes i didn’t um then i’ll hit this. I hit this halfway point where you get everybody and you the bowel music changes.

Um and then after that, and that that boss, before that felt like it, was ridiculously hard and i was like okay, this is ridiculous, and then i hit the first forest um or the first area. It was the first area yeah, the first area, there’s, so many there’s, so many locations i’m like okay. The first area i hit after that boss – and i felt like i was just not like enemies – were just hitting me so hard. So i made the difficult to go down and i felt like that. Okay, this is acceptable um i got new armor and that stuff that stuff helped a lot, but still still hitting really hard on hard mode for a second there it was. I was fine until then um, so i hit the next area and i leveled up a little bit, so it did helps like it. I switched back to hard mode at the very end there, because i leveled up a good amount um and you know, and that next boss was really easy on hard like like compared to the last one i had on hard and i had very similar equipment. I just had slightly different like defensive items. I was like oh my gosh. What the heck was that, like the difficulty, just kind of went back to where it was before, and then i went to the next boss, the next area, in the area of like the first enemy, almost just wiped me out like by itself.

I was like what the heck was this: what what happened here so the enemy like, so i had to make it difficult to go down to normal like permanently for the rest of play through for a second there. Well, i think that it was nice to have. Second, there, but i said um yeah i did for the rest of playthrough for the was there a second. I did turn it to hard. No, we get to that so turn it to normal for the rest of playthrough. For the most part – and you know it was – it was manageable after that i still got like the best gear at the time. For at that part, and then i went a little bit farther down until like the very last dungeon like very last dungeon was so ridiculous at first, where i had to turn it down to easy. It was so ridiculous that the common enemies, even though easy was still kicking my my butt and i was like where’s this difficulty coming from so i was like okay, let me get the best weapons for at least two or three of my characters: the best weapons, The best weapons and armor so that’s what i did so i got it and they were still kind of kicking my butt. So i was like it’s, whatever it’s, whatever you know, i got it to the point where, if you get high enough level the enemies run away from you, so then no spoilers here, the final boss.

I got to the final boss and i molly whopped them because i changed it up to normal, because all these enemies were kicking my butt on not easy. But i still wanted a challenge for the final boss and i steamrolled them and i felt like the whole and i went on the whole tangent because i felt like the whole game after the middle point was like the difficulty win. I didn’t even know how to keep up with the changing my difficulty, because i felt like there was times where it didn’t matter my difficulty. This still was kind of hard and there’s other times where i felt like after this hard spot. I just went flatline to make it easy on some of the some of the some parts that you know that felt it felt like it was uneven at you know, but other than that part. That was like my biggest concern with the game they felt like. There was balancing issues here and there, especially and like how everything worked um. I think i talked about the battle system a little bit more but uh i got ta say i got ta say one thing like the visuals for the battle system. I got ta say they’re, the coolest ever my favorite character in this game is patricia or patty. Depending on who, you know who you ask and patty is such a cool character? Oh my god, her design is cool as heck.

Her combat style is one of the coolest video game character, combat styles visually by versing, like you just got ta see, but patricia has like a cool kit like everything about her is cool and honestly, like i don’t i don’t know, i i’ve never seen movements as Cool as patricia’s in combat and everything visually, especially at night time like during the daytime, looks good, but during night time everything looks beautiful in this game and so having patricia go crazy at night time. It was just ridiculous. I loved it. I loved it so much um music that’s. The next thing i want to talk about music, the music. Oh my god um. I might pause the video for a second and play pieces of music. Maybe maybe you’re not already having the background. You’Ll know in a second, but i got ta say like the second battle theme for this game is like literally my favorite thing. Ever i made it’s so good. That is actually my at the current one, making this video it’s my intro to my videos. Like a part of the song uh, you can hear you can hear it. You know if you ever go back to my intro or you click another video, oh it’s, so good it’s, so good um. I also like the first battle thing. That first battle thing is really good too so it’s the boss theme. I think all the music in this game has been good.

Like they’re all bangers, i hate i i rarely say that, like. I really think that every song in the games – bang is a banger, but every song in this game is a banger every song. I think i can remember the tune for, and it was so good. It was really good like the music is astounding. I, like i know, they’re trying to make, i think they’re they’re planning to make a third one of these, or at least the third one in the sock i don’t know it’s gon na be atelieriza or it’s gon na be, like you know, a different alchemist that She’S teaching and maybe somebody else, atelier somebody else – you know how they usually do until you games, if you don’t, know um but i’m really excited for that. I hopefully i don’t know. I know they can approve a lot from this game, but i don’t know if they what they can do to battle system, because it’s so creative. I don’t, really know what they can do to about system make it even more like crazy. I mean if they make it any more crazy people it’s going to overwhelm people. I think, but if i don’t know what they can do to make it pop more or they’re, just going to add more move sets or they’re going to make you have like move sets like in combat move sets and like stan. Like i don’t know, i don’t know what they’re going to do i’m really excited to see.

I know it’s, probably not going to be that far off they’re really good at raiza. You know the the tiller right. The tiller series has always been one step behind in generation and graphics, so until you rise up that the playstation 5’s out it’s pretty much like a playstation 4 game now um so expect it around that same type of thing they just this is how they go. It’S kind of like um, how like nis and the cold seal and yeast games they’re, not the best at keeping up with it and it’s, probably because it’s, cheaper too um, but yeah the voice. Acting was good. I got ta say everybody was good. Clifford um. I didn’t talk about clifford because i i always because i don’t really use him that much and he wasn’t my kind of character, but his voice actor kind of made me like his character, a lot um. I don’t want to forget about him because i know he to me: he was okay, he was okay character, but everything else was great about him, but i can’t really think of anything else. I really want to talk about this game. I really. I really really love this game. This is like one of my probably my top games, because this is how fun it was um. It pretty much kept me entertained all the way through, and i really suggest anybody who really likes. Relaxing games like if you like, grinding in what’s the game that’s out at the current moment to date this video a little bit.

I guess gen chin if you like grinding and gen chin, if you like, if you like grinding or you like, you, know, menu management and you like really really flashy cool like action, time battles and it just it pretty much covers all base. All the basic bases of like a of a complicated rpg, um there’s, a lot of deep mechanics, especially once you get halfway through the game halfway halfway through the game, is literally like that. The point where everything opens up um but yeah it’s been a really really great experience. Um. I hope you guys pick up this game. This game deserves it. In my opinion, it’s it’s it’s it’s an acquired taste, but i think this one’s a lot more easy to get into it in the previous game and also when i talked about censorship in my previous video, because i talked about that the censorship in this vid game. I don’t think there’s any at all. I know i made that fear in my last video, but that was way before this even came out so keep in mind. This is when everybody was freaking out about censorship, but this game at least this one is safe from censorship on the playstation, so it’s beautiful in playstation you get on the pc, you can get on the switch. The switch i heard the loading times are a little ridiculous and so oh well, i heard it’s okay, i heard it’s actually better than most, but you know i still recommend to go on playstation or pc, but if you feel like you’re, a switch it’s really comfortable Games all right, that’s, another reason i get it on there, but other than that it’s been a really good experience.

You know hit me with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Just make sure you guys are watching and make sure you get this game. It’S really good game and take care of yourselves and make sure you guys have a damn good one.