Shall we anything new going on uh treasure info i’ve got the uh treasure bear Music we’re, a cave Music. We got access to that yet Music and crimson forest northern thought fork Music. I don’t have no one fork yet either Music island garden, Music loads of quest up here, there’s no credibility, i don’t think no. We know we got to go to the um security farm isn’t it for Music, Music treasure map then see where it goes. I know you want these. I haven’t gotten yet sorry mate down that’s it that’s one to speak to there always tried to get my hand back into a controller bees see what we goes. No no it’s up here on the left. Yeah. Yes, there’s a giant treasure chest here: gold coins and frost fire earrings. What are they equipped on? Riser frost, fire earrings are attack, items have skills, you’re, definitely supportive, earrings, so i’m actually going to put you on riser and you can get the supporter ones. Music. Your different attacker, your novices, he completely disregarded what i say to him. Okay, i’ve done. I should have taken a um screenshot of the treasure chest. Oh well, Music, whatever daughter, i think, that’s. What i need was it. You wanted gold coins as well. You got blessed pure flowers, which are fire two flowers right five, because why not? You are one one bye! I can fish down here. Can’T! I yes, crab. Sardines is Music you.

What do you want? Hey, peter, oh hi. Why is he got a big scoop for me? Uh, no well, not really or just curious about what you’re up to just searching in vain. For my next doorway, remember i didn’t made for me, but not about it, but everybody wants me to write something new yeah. I can understand why one here is about something different once in a while. It’S live up to everyone’s expectations, but it’s not like there’s a whole lot going on here hanging on the edge it never changes, it’s hard work, scam around new stories. No, i left it. Let me know if i find anything my daughter laughs me. Whenever i talk to people my wife says i should write about everyday stuff. Couldn’T get a bigger job like everyone else. Oh come on guys. I don’t want to hear bad, especially on you fighting isn’t. My blood anyway. Bottom line is always open up any story cool. How are you i’m not supposed to come up with story ideas? Let me just help people out in town, okay, Music, let’s reach him get money. I like that kind of game. Now i don’t think i can do your quest yet. Can i nope i should have to do yours? Have some bait girls, hi ryzer, hey gina, here’s, a bet you asked for thanks a bunch. Oh, it looks tasty, no, no don’t eat it. We need to catch fish. Okay, wendy and i are fishing it’s.

Okay simply is coming later. Actually you know what i think. We’Ll just make we articulate about the bait, see ya. We are so clearly my father’s daughters, Music, uh, nothing except about fishing spots, which i’ll go to now: Music, Music, okay time to go to the next area. I can’t do that. Can’T do that nobody can do that. Teach curiosity no might as well just come on main quest. Dan is going to old town. What you guys talking about my dad might be a drunk but it’s. So damn strong. Did your father hit you yeah it’s kind of difficult there’s? Basically, a total opposite of your protective dad seems, like things been getting worse lately. What caused the fight this time has something to do with me hanging out with roy’s and starting to build a reputation so it’s my fault. He doesn’t understand why i’m getting more famous, so he gets mad well, whatever he’s reasoning. There’S no excuse for it. I’M kind of being, i kind of like being able to piss him off like that. All right, can we drop it Music to observe foreign Music, Music, okay, chloe! Claudia sorry, do i call you chloe Music speak to his bowels anything new about town and nothing new. There so yeah, okay, quests head to a mainland port, apparently okay. I think i’m basically ready to go we’re here back to be at rio. First, though, because why not? Why won’t it and then you can synthesize rebuild or Music produce Music ice bombs.

Can’T do anything with those yet Music hammer. I don’t have a um bomb, my jet bombers. I need whatever that is me holy arbor branch and a bomb fishing rod. I don’t have a bug, that’s a bug nets. I need fragrant honey tree Music. I yet Music, no, i don’t have plantations, sadly, okay and my stuff new, apparently Music and those ones make the genesis, stones or marble stone or composite plates with ingredients for very good Music it’s quality of quality traits recipe recipes Music they’re not going to go over A giant golem, Music, Music, thanks Music. I need one but it’s kind of useless Music. Why not Music? You can potentially make composite plate now, who is it even get over there by ice Music thanks so much? No, i won’t be able to get there.