Can i watch a new phone? Can i watch on your phone? Fine? Yes, yes, yes, yes, Music, hey, i’m sparkle! I need to go to the bathroom, so badly, i’ll be right back time for some pranking. The next prank is super easy and your sibling will get in trouble. You can even use this prank on your parents to trick them here. It is time to do the cracking on google search up, broken screen wallpaper and select any broken screen that you like screenshot. It then set it as a wallpaper for both the home and lock screens. So the phone will look like it’s cracked time to put on the phone to watch. Did i crack the phone? This is gon na be so mad. At me, i’m gon na get in trouble now i’m gon na get in so much trouble, sparkle, sparkle. What is it? Oh, you crammed my phone Music. Why did you crack my phone you’re gon na get into so much trouble? Missy i’m telling mom happy april fool’s day, yeah Music, ready for a bathroom prank, take a bowl of water and inside it put a toilet paper roll. Then using acrylic paint paint it brown a little bit. So it looks like poop and then place it on the toilet. Oh, it looks gross Music. I think it’s time to take a revenge from my sister’s sparkle because she pranked me about poop. So the first step for this awesome soap bar craft is oh no.

I forgot: i need to replace it good. So first put a clear coat of nail polish onto your soap bar, and you put this here. Let yourself fall dry before she comes Music, i’m, home sunshine. Where are you oh? I finally can take off my mask. Such a tiring day at school i’m exhausted don’t hug me, you can’t talk to anything it’s corona virus, okay, okay. What should i do? Okay, i’m, so tired of hand washing i’m, just gon na do a really quick one. What why isn’t this working? Oh come on? Give me some soup why isn’t this so working? I just want to wash my hands. I want to touch stuff. What is going on with this soap? Let me catch this little prankster Music. Music closed whatever it is, um and put the rest in the bowl and put the tomato into the box, pull it as much as you can. The last step is get a couple: pringles put them on top, you can cut the tomato if you like, pringles let’s, eat them up before sunshine comes along yum chips and gum. Let’S get some more chips: oh tomato.