I believe or might be 7, but you guys know when leagues rotate here on monday, we are having ultra league and ultra league premier cup, come back now because of xl candy and the ability to have caught a lot of these pokemon. We are gon na see meta shifts here, um in both ultra and ultra premiere, which is kind of cool, but on top of that there will also be great counters to these pokemon. If you do not have them we’re going to take a look at the open. Ultra league, this is going to be including legendary and mythical pokemon, so reggie steel xl is still number one um, which is definitely strong anyways. We also have cresselia as well as still up there, but the new additions here are going to be obama, snow, stun, fisk, mandibuzz and umbreon here at the top. When we think about the open ultra league, we know cresselia reggie, steele giratina altered ryder. The big three here these guys can tank some take some of these down, so obama, snow, xl or shadow obama, snow xl, so hopefully you guys been catching your snovers um can beat giratina altered and cresselia. On top of that, we really haven’t seen a grass type pokemon in open ultra league be very dominant because they get beat by the dragons right or beat by cresselia, like venusaur, with the future sight, for example. But what we see here with obama snow is having powder, snow weather, ball ice and energy ball can now handle the big core that we do see um here in the ultra league, so you definitely get you guys will definitely be seeing obama snows shadow obama snows.

As well, gallerian stun fist and the only way to really get this is basically hatching gallerian stun fisk or maybe catching some of those normal stun fists from the marie incense day yesterday. So some people may actually have stun fisk. I personally have about 40 xl candies. Just from hatching gallerian sunfish, which you guys can get from seven kilometer eggs, so if you’ve been hatching a lot of them, it is. There is a huge potential here to actually have it. This thing um is an absolute tank, it’s, fantastic and great league and now it’s fantastic here in ultra league and ultra league premier cup. So you’re still gon na be running the same, move set of mud, shot rock slide and earthquake. You can beat the cresselias the mel metals, the articunos. You can still hit these pokemon. That would beat you with a lot of damage right. Guaranteeing altered will still get hurt by those earthquakes but it’s an absolute tank. Next up, we have manda buzz and umbreon. These two are specifically high on the ranking due to cresselia and giratina. These things are absolute tanks. Umbreon is the you know absolute tank that we know from great league. It is now an ultra league with xl, um and manda buzz is the flying umbreon that’s literally what these two pokemon are it’s, the ground version and the flying version um. So we have manda buzz right here. Snarl um foul play aerial ace is gon na, be the ideal moveset, but you could run with shadow ball as well, but um foul player will be picking up the coverage that shadow ball um would otherwise pick up um in most cases right so cresselia guaranteeing.

Although is really the pickup that you want foul play, has that same type attack bonus, whereas shadowball doesn’t that’s, due to the dark flying typing aerial lace is going to be a nice pickup as well for neutral damage to things that would otherwise resist foul play or Do super effective damage, maybe to something like that obama, snow or something like venusaur or maybe a fighter. So we will see mandebus come up, but i don’t know how many people actually have exomandibas considering how difficult it may be to actually hatch them um. But you know you may see it. You need to be aware of it. Man about us is definitely strong, um, so yeah. This is. This is kind of looking how the meta is shaping up we’re still going to have our reggie steel, um cresselia, guaranteeing altered, but now we’re having some big boy counters to that on top of some other sneaky counters, still rising right, so there’s stelix, xl, ferrothorn, xl Meganium xl, which, by the way oh this is a great time to talk about it. We have the jodo event and i’ll actually pull that up right now, so the joto event is just going to be a quick talk right here to um, inform you guys about what’s happening, so the joto event is going to be tuesday january 26 to sunday january 31St it’s all going to be local time, which is going to be 10 a.m to 8 p.

m. As you guys can see right here, i’ll have a link down in the description to this article, so you can have a read for yourselves, but the biggest things to take away right now. Firstly, these evolutions, so bay leaf or chicarita. If you evolve it to meganium you’re going to get frenzy plant that’s, huge um, cinder, coil or coilava, two typhlosion is going to get blast burn. Flaffy two amphoros is gon na get dragon pulse and pupitar to tyranitar is gon na get smackdown. These are those community day moves that we saw from a couple years ago, which are really really strong. I personally need a meganium which is going to be nice because i missed out on that community day and the only one i have is from a trade. So the rest of these i already have, but this is going to be a great opportunity if you guys haven’t got those yet so be sure to evolve. These make sure try to get yourself some pvp ivs, because they’re going to be wild spawns here, as we can see on top of that we’re also going to look at the tier 3 raids. Where are those at right here, so togetic, espeon, umbreon, skarmory and miltank? The two big ones i want you guys to focus on is going to be that umbreon and skarmory reason being if you don’t have um some good iv evs and you don’t really want to take the time to walk 10 kilometers and evolve at night, and all That jazz, you can do some umbreon raids and you guys have a high chance of getting a good pvp iv, which is ideally going to be that hundred percent iv same with skarmy.

So both of these um, you guys, could get high ivs for ultra league and ultra league premier cup. That way, when you have enough xl candy, you can boost those up, so there’s going to be some good raids to do. We will also see entei, raikko and suicune coming back with their dates and times here as for go battling right now. Only really raikou and suicune have some play. Suicune. Definitely, i think, has a bit more play with this moveset, but um ryko as well is definitely very strong, but nothing dominant that we see here um in any of the leagues but that’s. What i want you guys to focus on getting these evolutions catching good, pvp. Ivs and doing some of these raids um, if you have them to get the ivs for ultra league, all right as we go back we’re just going to go through. We just went. We just talked about the meganium um right vine whip frenzy plant earthquake it’s, going to handle a lot of those waters still can beat cresselia. It still has earthquake as well for giratina altered, which is pretty huge but, as you guys are seeing we’re seeing a lot of xl pokemon coming up, which we can filter without xl pokemon as well. So if we take away exo pokemon, just by clicking this button, we can see cresselia, reggie steele guaranteeing altered swamp. The met is still the same right. This is still the meta that we’ve seen in ultra league um, but now with xl it’s gon na bring in a whole bunch of new pokemon, which means you know if there’s gon na be a bunch of reggie steel obama, snow, stun, fisk, umbreons, hey, maybe some Fighters come up, maybe um, maybe a berserker right, it has close combat it can beat guaranteeing altered cresselia um, so that could be a big play and and with the xl candy.

I think you guys could definitely do that. Um but yeah there’s gon na be a lot of great pokemon here that weren’t usable before so skarmory as well coming up. But i think the big ones to take away for open ultra league it’s going to be a bomb snow, stun, fisk and umbreon, and flying on marion all right. Next up. We have the premier cup in ultra league, and this is where the meta is really going to start shaking up and by shaking up, i just mean have a lot more options and a lot of similar team comps or a rise in certain typings. So what we’re going to see here is galaian stunfisk and shadow obama snow. Both xl are going to be number one and number two jealous and is there as well, but not a single person on planet earth will have jealous and xl, because it’s not a wild catch, and you can only get it from go battle league, which means it’s. Actually, physically impossible to have jealous and xl, so i wouldn’t worry about that that’s! I don’t even know why that’s really up there to be honest, so matt, if you’re, watching this or pv poke. If you’re watching this um, because i don’t, i don’t – think that’s a wild spawn, so i don’t think that’s possible, but these two are number one and two we’re also seeing flying umbreon out there with manda buzz we’re, seeing skarmory xl scrafty xl obama, snow, xl, poly, Toad xl driftwood, you guys, are starting to see driftwood xl go fancial, xl, alolan, nine tills, xl um, but what’s great here is because of this meta right, where we have things are weak to fighting we to fight.

I mean this thing’s weak to a lot of stuff, but you guys get it weak to fighting weak to fighting week. Two charmers could be neutral to fighting right, the flying type weak to fighting um week two electric week, two electric. What you guys going to see is when we actually take away xl we’re, going to see machamp machamp magnusson, sir fetch magnazone s cavalier. So what we’re going to see is, if you guys don’t, have these xl pokemon, you guys want to be bringing counters to the xl pokemon so like a shadow, machamp is going to be a great example being able to handle. Maybe the gallerian stunt fisk and the obama snow doing really well with that counter cross chop rock slide magnazone as well magazine shadow handling, a lot of the flyers that we see can handle lapras a lot of those waters, the dragons. So this is kind of how the meta is going to shake up. If you don’t have it, you definitely want to have counters to it, which is why i think it’s going to be it’s going to be kind of fun. I think we’re going to see a lot of fighters in the ultra league premier cup, which means we’re going to see basically a a triangle happening we’re, going to see the uh, the xl mons that we see up here, we’re going to see the counters to that And the counters to those counters, so it’s basically going to be like a gallerian sunfist, a toga kiss and a shadow machamp um in that kind of triangle of of counters here or counters somewhat to that um, which is gon na, be pretty cool.

But i think there’s gon na be so many good options. I mean gengar being number 30, you guys know. Gengar is absolutely deadly. You guys have to watch out for that heck. Even swampert 32 swampert was one of the top ones last season, so it’s still extremely strong same with. Like talk stroke glade, i think, is the greatest pokemon still in the ultra league, premiere cup and it’s ranked 43.. So this is why the ultra league premier cup meta um – you want to take with a grain of salt or a grain of stardust um, because even if the top ranked ones are here counters to it like way down here, like toxicroak, for example, is going to Be really really strong, it can beat. I don’t know why it’s not showing the obamacare, but it can beat um the obama snow. It can beat the gallerian stun fisk right here um. So if we see a bomb of snow um yeah, it can beat the bomb of snow it’s close, especially with the the shadow one it’s very close, but counters doing super effective damage and then stun fisk, um, stun fiscal and it can beat that as well. The xl and the normal stun fisk right here so yeah we’re gon na see we’re gon na see a lot of fighters. I think in ultra league premier cup, but the meta definitely looks like a lot of fun: i’m going to be running ultra league premiere cup.

Most of the week but i’m, hopefully going to be showcasing some teams and videos as well with open ultra league but yeah. This is definitely going to be a lot of fun. So let me know down in the comments what you guys think um here about the ultra league and the ultra league premiere cup, because you know there’s gon na be these new pokemon. So let me know if you actually have these pokemon.