Today i would like to introduce a document centralization solution, the world’s first concept by posco or korean company. In particular. It is an introduction to them, cloudop, which is the oldest and has the most customers among the existing document. Centralization solutions m cloud can be used for many different fields. Today we are talking about information leakage prevention, including cutting edge technology and customer privacy. So let’s get started. The most common field of document centralization in korea is prevention of cutting edge technology leakage. However, document centralization is also very effective in the field of preventing the leakage of customer personal information. If you store all your documents centrally, you might think you have relatable to malware such as ransomware. However, we are solely prepared for central document protection. If documents are scattered on many pieces, you may be worried about missing documents and can find the right ones document centralization, preserves corporate documents and utilizes them for work. How did you respond to these problems before the documents and resolution came out? We needed at least four enterprise. Softwares first is the tlp solution that includes media control. Secondly, it is a dlm solution that performs document encryption function. Third is a personal information protection solution that finds and protects personal information documents on your pc. Finally, evms solution for central, restoring and managing documents. The use of these many solutions has following problems. First, it is difficult to manage consistently because each solution is created by different companies.

Second, it requires a lot of purchase and maintenance cost. Third, it takes more than twice as long to determine the cost when a software problem occurs. The document centralization solution provides a simple and secure security environment by installing only one agent on your pc, in particular, depending on the type of application you can even prevent the pc from saving to the local hard disk. This ensures that all business documents are stored centrally only document leakage through your smartphone will be blocked and it will it will private pc screen capture, it prevents documents from being linked to storage media, including usb and cds, and it prevents printing also servers with these stored Documents can be protected by a number of security solutions, including firewall and cloud also provides various countermeasures against ransomware attacks, an environment with only one agent can overcome the disadvantages of an environment with multiple solutions. In addition, document centralization solution provides a seamless work environment by centralizing. All documents, including a document centralization solution, supports several client operating systems. Java, explorer and web explorer are supported on both macintosh and linux. On windows, we support web explorer java, explorer and windows, explorer, etc. On mobile operating systems, including ios and android. We support dedicated application since it supports various operating systems. It can be used according to the customer’s environment. The m cloud docs windows explorer drive is the most popular user interface. It is fully developed by ourselves and you can use remote documents as if it is on your local, hard disk.

Instead of copying, the remote file to local disk is loaded into memory for fast performance and security. Video playback video playback, skips ahead and playback can be done right where you want for 3d cad files. Even so, there are thousands of files. Only the blocks needed for the screen display will be read for faster performance, microsoft, onedrive, google drive and dropbox will use the windows name. Space, not window drive, only window drive guarantees. The 100 capab compatibility for applications used in real business mclardox document link function makes it easy to share documents between employees via email, messenger or blackboard. You can share the original document, or you can also share a copy of it. You can also make sure that only team manager approved document links are available to partners or affiliates for added security. The document can be viewed only when logged into the mcloudos windows agent. This feature uses links without document attachment which reduces network traffic and saves the storage space m cloud. Docs folder share shares a specific folder in your personal or team drives with your employees. The employees can be given different rights in particular. It is easy because it appears immediately under the drive, labeled shared drive in windows explorer the folder sharing function used by windows. Operating system is subject to hacking and is very dangerous. However, mklodok’s photo sharing is very secure because it uses its own protocol. Mclardo provides team drive, the team drive may be a company wide drive or, as its name suggests, a team drive it’s a documented drive for people in your company to work together.

The folder manager of the team drive can manage the permissions for each each folder. In particular, if you don’t have a list of permission for a folder, the folder won’t be visible at all. This causes each team member to see only some of the entire folders write management is available for all subfolders in team drive. As a result, you can manage folders in a very flexible collaborative structure. In particular, this detailed permission management is a useful feature not found in microsoft, onedrive, google drive or dropbox. The document versioning function of mclauder can specify the expiration date and the maximum number of versions of the document of the version control document. If an employee has a problem with a document by mistake, you can immediately revert to the previous version, even if malicious code such as ransomware encrypts, the document, the previous version, is automatically kept version. Control is automatic, even if you do not manually check out or check in. If you use mklodo, you can avoid worst document loss in mclaude, shared drive and team drive are used by several people. At the same time, therefore, two or more people can work on the same document. At the same time, mcleod prevents conflicts when two people modify and save the same document. Users who open a document that already open will open it as read. Only if you need to revise this document immediately, you can check who is editing. The document in the document properties provided by mcleod document lacking, is done automatically without the user.

Selecting a separate, checkout menu m cloud indexes centralized documents to provide full text search. You can search documents instantly through windows explorer menu without opening web pages. In particular, paper documents can be indexed after being immediate, with scanner to provide full text search companies. Adopting mclauder will bring all of their intellectual document assets into central server, applying artificial intelligence to it. In the future will allow more intelligent and specialized business tasks. M cloudok also provides a document. Security level function, the name and the number of security levels can be freely specified by company company can also freely assign document handling permission to employees. M cloud applies. Various security features based on the documents, security level and the employees handling rights security features also include whether the document can be recognized or not. In addition, it controls security, related features such as reading moving printing screen capture and clipboard copy. This document security functions are available directly from windows explorer. In addition, unlike normal documents, security graded documents are subject to strict export procedures. Allowing you securely manage your company’s confidential documents. It is also important to securely exchange documents with other employees, affiliates or partners. M cloud provides a procedure to approve the exchange of documents. You can also use one time password to prevent reputation of receipt of document. In addition, if the endpoint security feature of the m cloud, doc agent is enabled mandatory, login of the recipient enables more secure document exchange. Secure document exchanges is enabled by specifying appropriate policies for each of internal employees, affiliate employees and patent employees m cloud’s mobile application supports android and ios.

Let me briefly introduce uh some of the features. The m cloud application provides a login function with secondary authentication. It also provides the ability to connect from the outside to the internal server through practice server. It also provides document leakage, leakage, prevention, function when doing office documents. You can approve document export request outside of your company. It provides full text search for central documents. It also provides writing on documents capabilities during meetings in a paperless work environment. The mclauder mobile application provides a convenient work environment on the go while providing maximum document security. Emcloudok offers endpoint security function that integrates tlp and drm solution into one. This class replaces dlp solution and additionally provides a prohibition of local risk saving. It also provides the ability to private document attachment online and also prevents document leakage to various cloud services. It provides document, export request and approval function. In particular, it provides the ability to provide counter measures against ransomware up to 100 percent. By itself, this clock plus replaces existing drm solutions. It private screen, capture, clipboard copy and printing. These security features of employer can be used to protect itec and customer privacy. Ransomware infects. Many personal and corporate documents, as you know, documents encrypted with ransomware cannot guarantee 100 recoverability. Therefore, ransomware blocking must be preferred in advance. M cloudx. Ransomware countermeasures has four stages the first. The first is to enable document, input and output only for programs registered with whitelist. The second is to detect and block ransomware io pattern.

The third is automatic version control that allows you to restore documents that were automatically copied. First is the backup function. We have been developing the ability to block ransomware in mcleod since 2015.. This feature will protect your valuable document assets from being encrypted. I’Ll show you two customer cases shortly. The first is the case of samsung card. In the meantime, a great deal of customer personal information has been leaked from credit card companies causing serious damages accordingly, samsung card eliminated the customer information scattered on 1600 pieces and centralized all documents. Customers, personal information will no longer be exported without team leader’s approval. The second is a high tech leak prevention case tokyo, electron korea is a global semiconductor equipment company the company needed to prove its in house security in dealings with samsung electronics. To do this, we had to centrally store all cad drawings and office documents scattered across employees. Pcs, this ensures the security of the company’s documents that contain high tech information, employee shares, information about product pictures, customer interviews and product uses through youtube channel. You can see many videos in this youtube channel. Mklow.Com is a document centralization cloud service. Here you will find a wide range of product descriptions and use cases along with expert resources. We would like to meet good business partners in vietnam and south east asia. Please feel free to contact me. Then we will start discuss discussion together.