It’S official, the primitive season in fortnight chapter two season. Six has officially been out for just over a week. Despite this being the case, however, with us just being introduced to all the brand new map, changes battle pass and everything usual in a seasonal update, believe it or not, we already have a ton of hints as to what’s going to be upcoming further throughout this season. In terms of a live vent or storyline related law – and this seems to be an ongoing trait with these zero point – bear seasons where something happens with it, whether it’s galactus flying toward our map, trying to harness its energy, leaving it above the ground for the entirety Of chapter two season, five and then the spire, obviously caressing that and the foundation inside it with it being made pretty clear that these two agent jon jones and the foundation, will be meeting again, meaning he’ll break out of this. Eventually, i figured it was a good time already. Yes, believe it or not, even though a lot of you in the comments are gon na be like season, six just came out and dudes making a season. Seven video, i know all i ask – is that you stick around for the 10 minutes out of the 1440 minutes that are contained in a day today. So you can make your mind up about what i’m saying by the end of the video, because a lot of it does make sense, and we already know the direction fortnite’s heading towards season seven quickly before we dive into all of that.

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So, first of all, in terms of this season, to start out with, obviously a lot of you guys when going over to the battle pass, may have just bought it gifted somebody else. It or even just bought more tiers, and with that said, despite looking at the battle pass rewards and even the quest rewards that we can earn for completing a certain amount. You may have scoured over to the neymar jr awards and even the crystal rewards, with all of this being very new and interesting. You may have forgotten when doing this, to look in the bottom left corner of your screen to see the small text stating when season 6 actually ends. As you can see, the date of which this season will end is on june 8, 2021, and that makes this then, according to fn progress and automated percentage system that calculates how far we are through the season. How many days i remain in which, on day, one obviously stated it’s an 83 day season. I highly doubt now that many, if any fortnight seasons will further get extended in the future in terms of one ending or the other, starting, as ever since chapter 2 season 3, when this ended on time, nothing has been put back or held off by epic games. Since with that said, with the foundation being set out for the season, no pun intended the character. The foundation himself, we know at some point, is going to be reacquainted with agent john jones, who is now in the loop from overloading his device and throwing it into the zero point to contain it, and whether or not there’s developments throughout the season.

That tease something particularly upcoming like galactus, closely more so approaching the fortnite island or whether it’s just something kind of directly happening at the end, but with subtle developments made like in the fortnite zero crisis. Events also, despite a ton of upcoming content, already revealed all leaked to be important. We very well may know who’s actually underneath this mask in terms of a character that we may have already seen in another universe despite fortnite and believe it or not, this unknown or mystery character. Underneath the mask that everybody is correlating him to be, it seems this could be the person who can voice or exile anyone dwayne, the rock johnson, the teasers began long ago, in terms of him being involved in the fortnite universe from people stating that this looks like A skin and then him saying i’m way ahead of you as if he had some clues as to his skin or some form of him appearing in fortnite. Many people then made several correlations, despite just the build of both of these things or characters. As the placement of his left chest, tattoos match up with the foundation’s armor and what topped it all off that dwayne would be underneath this mask and definitely reveal perhaps as a skin style at some point, with the mask open door. Visor was this video of him that he posted to instagram before march 16th, ended the release date of chapter 2 season 6, saying how important this dare was so in case you guys haven’t seen that clip i’ll play it for you now, but don’t go anywhere.

Considering there’s so much more to talk about in terms of developing map changes correlating to chapter one, even and even the return of the beloved kevin the q. The date is march 16th and it’s a little bit before midnight. So in a few minutes, it’s gon na be march 17th you’re, like no rock. I know you know i just wanted to catch you before march 16th ended because march 16 2021 around the world today was a big day. Man today was a big day now, of course, today is a meaningful day, depending on where you’re at in the world and what you have going on in your world, but in a certain world and in a certain culture today was a big day, and there is Connective tissue between that world and my world, and that culture in my culture and that dna in my dna – and that is, as i continue to put in the work with my own two hands and continue these calluses up as we all do. We all put in the work – this is all done to strengthen and evolve and grow the power and the force known as um the foundation. So if that wasn’t a case closer, i don’t know what is in determining that the rock is underneath the foundation’s mask and potentially at some point. Maybe we do get this selectable style. But let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. Sadly, as of right now, either we don’t know how we’re going to be getting the foundation as a skinning game, although dataminers have managed to leak it into the locker early.

In terms of what it looks like something interesting that hasbro tweeted out was this kind of promotional asset for a new launch of their fortnite toys, with the foundation’s mask on the right hand, side with the date the 26th of march displayed. So if this is an item shop skin, which i highly doubt it is by the way, although neymar jr is the secret or collaboration skin, this season, it very well could be released in somewhere shape or form whether it is the item shop or not. On that date, in terms of the foundation or more so what he has found did, or rules anyways being the seven. Obviously, with the release of chapter two season, seven we’re going into that itself, a season seven but of chapter two, so it wouldn’t. Surprise me if the seven are largely involved in the storyline now, when maybe perhaps a few more are released in the item. Shop kinda, like paradigm, was on the lead up to this release of the season, and hopefully the storyline is made a lot more clearer as to who the seven are, and everything mentioned about. Jenna and the sisters like we saw in the trailer from agent john jones and something perhaps more interesting that hopefully makes more of a forefront in terms of connecting, as the rock says his world or our human world to the world of fortnite. I don’t know if you guys noticed in the trailer itself, but if you pause it at a precise moment, you can clearly see that these shads, where the zero point was above in chapter 2 season 5, is a real place on our planet and not only that People have discovered, like the der burger that was used directly in the chapter 1 season 5 trailer.

This is a real location, even pinpointed on google maps right near it. Many people have also pointed out that there seems to be people praying to the zero point, but believe it or not. This is actually a showcase early of an unreleased emote called storm salutation. So this perhaps implies that something crazy is going to be happening with the fortnight storm, again kind of like what happened after the device live event, or even maybe perhaps this is hinting earlier – that the storm king will be making his return at some point and whilst We’Re on the topic of map changes, whether they’re reflecting our real world or not. You know how chapter two ever since season four with the superhero bear season, has kind of been like an alternate reality or universe reflection of chapter, one like i just gave an example for their chapter, one season, four superhero theme and obviously chapter two season. Four was literally in fortnite as a superhero theme too season. Five there’s been a lot of things in old name locations directly resembling what once stood but in a different version again reflecting the world’s collide theme of chapter 1 season 5, where things were brought from the real world into the fortnite universe. And last but not least, now chapter 2 season 6, where, as you can see, these particular points of orange scenery go out to believe it or not. This actually marks, where kevin the cube imprinted his runes or visited when he spawned on the outskirts of paradise, palms and started moving on our chapter, one island it’s, not completely exact, but you guys get the gist.

Obviously, this was preparing something way back then, to reflect on our storyline at a later date, this movement and it would explain the indirect route of it, reaching loot lake and then sinking into it, creating the giant bounce pad. Then, in the season, six trailer revealing that it’s, underneath the loot lake house or island and furthermore from matching our central spire up to these mini spires. Obviously, the edges of this orange kind of scenery and again reflecting back to chapter one season: five, where kevin the cube spawned in speaking of old name locations or prior things, lining up directly where they once stood, but on chapter two’s island instead of chapter one. If we match up this paradise palm spawn location of where kevin the cube literally came into the universe of fortnite through a strike of lightning, interestingly enough, it lands directly at where the redacted bunker is. As of right. Now, we’ve only seen one map change made here and that’s for the agent jonesy quest of you know getting one of his selectable styles that we can earn in the battle pass. But this has nothing to do with these bunker doors and, speaking of the bunker doors themselves, whether they have planned to do something with this or kevin the cube resides behind it. You can actually glitch behind this in replay mode and, sadly, as of now it’s, literally just a cliff edge. Hopefully, we’re revealed to what’s behind this door when season seven arrives or on the lead up to it and, like i said about dr sloan jenner and the sisters considering we know so little about this redacted area, maybe it’s the base of operation of where these people Reside in terms of actual map changes or things upcoming that we know of currently in the 16.

00 update being the only start in our seasonal update of chapter 2 season 6.. You know how, for a long time now, there’s been teased an upcoming kind of jurassic world or jurassic park. Collaboration considering stealthy stronghold, resembles largely areas from jurassic world, well, believe it or not, with wildlife being introduced. Now, despite just the wolves and such or many others, it’s looking more likely than ever or is pretty much confirmed. Not only do we have these dinosaur eggs that yes, have been determined to be dinosaur, eggs based off what’s contained in the game’s coding that data miners have found, but they’re now starting to crack. You can already tell these are going to be a big feature. This season, or even integrated into our storyline in terms of the development of this primitive kind of nature, as fortnite included in a recent article uh. What about those eggs we’re, not really sure we want to touch that one. Yet you should stay aware too, and does days go on considering this was the first stage, and now this cracking kind of area is the second it’s. More than likely what happened with the polar peak iceberg cracking to reveal the polar peak monster will happen, but instead revealing many dinosaurs that actually hatch out of them and maybe two that wildlife is actually involved alongside many characters in the conclusion of this season or the Events that are set to occur because of it being the leader of the seven that we now know to be the foundation breaking out of the spire and the zero point inside, and until that happens guys, our season seven starts if it is an event like last Season where it leads directly into the next i’ll, be keeping you guys up to date on everything so make sure you subscribe to the channel with all notifications turned on drop a like in today’s video too, if you enjoyed, i want to keep referring back to any Point to perhaps soak in extra additional information and speaking of leaving this video, i recommend clicking one of the two on screen right now in case you missed either, but with that said, hopefully most importantly, i can catch you.