It adds a new progression system with optional plunder pass and we also get a well needed new voyage type for the merchant alliance alongside some other additions. But is this new course the direction we should be sailing or has the time finally arrived to jump ship let’s find out and, as always, don’t forget to subscribe? It really does help the channel and you will be making this fat pirate quite happy. So before i start giving my opinion about this, update let’s quickly go over. What seasons are from now on rare is releasing updates every three months during a season you can earn renown. You mainly get this by completing trials. The more renown you earn. The more rewards you will unlock but there’s a cap on this reward system after 3 months. This system gets a reset and you can do it all over again to earn new rewards in the next season. During this period. We also get events, emporium updates and smaller additions and bug fixes, but you know time will tell what those other additions will be, hopefully hippos. I do wish each season also had different names or sub names. Previous updates had awesome titles like haunted shores or the seabound soul. Season 1, just doesn’t sound, very pilot like to me, but don’t worry. I also have other complaints about this update. When opening your menu, you will notice the newly added pilot log tab. This contains your season, progress, your trials and the different ongoing events.

When looking at your season progression, you can see what rewards you have earned, but also the rewards you are about to unlock. Some of the rewards can only be unlocked if you are a party legend and for others, you also need to buy the plunder pass, which you can buy in the pirate emporium, and i don’t really have that much to say about the planet pass. If you want those additional rewards, you are the best person to decide if it’s worth it for you. I do think it’s strange that they didn’t look earning ancient coins behind the plunder boss. That just seems like a missed opportunity to me, like i mentioned before the best way to earn renown is by completing the different trials. Most of the trials are pretty simple, like completing voyages or defeating different enemy types. I would have liked some more pvp oriented trials, but there are only a few of those and if you think these are just like accommodations, let me briefly explain the difference. Yeah. Apart from the fact that trials are time limited, they are not that much different from accommodations. Most of the trials are actually almost complete copies or slight variations of a lot of accommodations already in the game, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Over the past months, i’ve come to realize that this game is struggling. Getting new players to keep playing the amount of vanilla sloops on the server is the main reason why i think this for those newer players, this system is pretty good.

It feels that, with every step you make and every fart you take, you are unlocking something new, especially when you get that little feedback message in the top left corner of your stream. I do think this new seasonal system can do wonders to keep those new players coming back and you know eventually get better at the game. On the flip side, this system feels like another rehashed and reskinned idea. Even some of the rewards you can earn are just re skins of previous cosmetics, so, even though unlocking stuff on frequent basis feels good for your brain, this new system doesn’t really bring all that much meat to the table. It’S also a bit discouraging to know that someone at rare really really wants us to destroy as many mermaid statues as possible so yeah. I have mixed feelings about this, but i do prefer to focus on the more positive side for now, and i have to admit some of the rewards are looking great in particular in the highest year. It includes a brand new scarf for everyone, a new course for legends that i have been wanting for years and if you have access to your mom’s credit card, you will also be rewarded with some cool looking silver school sales. However, do you know what i like more? I want new tall tales, new enemies, new islands, new items to use and there’s nothing added this time. Well, there’s one thing: kinda let’s talk about it, just like the gold orders and the order of souls before them.

These new voyages are easily the most fun ones they have to offer. You can get a free lost shipment voyage from larina. Completing these voyages is pretty simple. Upon voting for this voyage. You will get a map that depicts the trade route of a former merchant vessel to complete the voyage. You need to follow the route on the map until you come across some barrels and driftwood. When you open the blue barrel, you will find a clue to your next destination. After following all the clues, you should also have found captain’s key and your final destination is the lost shipwreck, where you will also find the merchant manifesto on a random location. If you want – and you do, you can also use the key to open the captain’s cabin for a bunch load of merchant booty, like i handed that before this voyage is probably the most fun merchant voyage there is. It feels similar to the treasure vault, since you also use a key to open a room full of treasure at the end of the voyage. It may not be the update i personally would have wanted, but if you judge it for what it is, it ain’t bad with this voyage also comes from new accommodations. If your recommendation, the like myself, you need to complete this new voyage type about 50 times. If you are playing efficiently completing two of these accommodations will also unlock some new sales. Speaking about new cosmetics, let’s.

Take a quick look at the new additions in the emporium. Since this year is the year of the ox rare added some appropriate cosmetics, beginning with the new lunar ship cosmetic, this set looks really colorful and stands out compared to others. We also have new lunar pet outfits that are time limited and a lunar festival costume. That looks okay but it’s perfect, if you like to cosplay as an asian pirate, the kind and new kinda, not new order of souls, pets, look nice, but when it comes to pets, i rather see an entire new type. Instead of these rescans, we have some new weapons that look okay, but they are not from me in the e modes. We see some vigilant weapon poses which i might buy if i find some more ancient scullys, and we also have some heroic poses a lot of stuff is also on sale. So don’t forget to check out the sales page as well and don’t forget to grab the pleat emote, which is free, so grab it. While you can Music. So we discussed the new progression system, the new immersion voyage and new additions to the emporium, but that’s. Not all for this update a new event called the champion of souls has also begun to complete these new challenges. You basically need to do anything regarding the order of souls like killing skeleton captains or destroying ghost ships. Even though these challenges are nothing special, they are bound to happen almost naturally or with little effort to hunt them down.

So i do like that. More events are bound to happen. This season so don’t forget to lift your eye patch and keep an eye on this step. Aside from being easy content, i don’t really mind these events. One thing that does bother me is the amount of taps you need to go through to check your progress. I rather wish they made a separate tab for these event challenges in the shops. We can also find some new silent, barnacle cosmetics, including a chipset, to be able to buy these. You first need to complete the order of the bar gold gold commendation. You get this by turning in 300, shipwrecked chests of any kind. These cosmetics sound like reskins, and they are further undermining my past achievements and if you can’t get enough of reskins don’t forget to buy the new bedraggled cards away, build red clothing set to be fair. Some brand new cosmetics have been added for pirate legends. You can buy the dark, adventurous equipment and weapons in the legendary hideout, but make sure you have enough gold like a couple of million, since these cosmetics come at a very high price. Personally, i don’t really like most of them, with the exception of the weapon set. I particularly like this dark cutlass, which displays this crimson emblem when the sun hits it just right, so let’s finally talk about some hidden content because for the pirates who don’t wear two eye patches, you should have noticed that the outposts look a bit different.

A lot of space seem to be cleared at all outposts. This change of scenery seems to be near the shores. So are we getting a new faction? Is the hunter skull relocating? I don’t know, but it does intrigue me so please, let me know your thoughts and speculations in the comments i look forward to reading it. So is season 1 a good update. Well, in all fairness, i do think this new progression system is a good one. It’S, just not the update, i personally would have wanted, and i know i’m, not the only one with the last couple of updates sea of thieves is turning into even more of a grind. And yes, i know it’s about the journey it’s about the stories and your crew, but after three years it would have been nice to see additions that keep the game fresh. This progression system feels more like a similar dish we had before. Obviously, this is not a problem for new players and i do think seasons are a great way to keep new players engaged and playing this coming months. Rare is planning to add more emporium updates, bug, fixes and events during season 1, but this doesn’t really sound like real new content to me so yeah, even though i still have a good time with this game. Whenever i play, i am not really excited about these updates anymore. I am, however, still hopeful for the future in about three months season.

Two will release, i hope, that’s enough development time to get some truly new additions to this wonderful game like crabs or hippos. So anyways, let me know what you think of the beginning of season 1 in the comments and don’t forget to like and subscribe. It really helps and i would really appreciate it and if you want, you can also join our brand new discord. The link will be in the description. Alright, see you in the next video and take care. Hey thanks for watching the entire video. A like or subscribe, is very much appreciated, and if you want to see more videos there’s some links right here.