So hopefully this is going to be a good update and it’s not released on youtube, yet it released literally 30 seconds ago. So the video quality here is not going to be great because it’s on twitter sea of thieves season, one is here: bringing players three months of new features, events and updates, as well as a whole new way to progress and earn rewards. As you play, the game revel in living the pirate’s life as you progress through 100 levels, unlocking fantastic rewards which are free to all players, including the frostbite clothing set and season. One ship and player cosmetics, there’s exclusive rewards for pirates uh, giving them ample offer the ship cosmetics are kind of flex their legendary status. Those are cool pirates that want to use a little extra for their escapes. You can also purchase the additional plunder pass to earn 11 premium items from the pirate emporium includes the brand new dark war, smith, weapons and silver skull sails, which are exclusive to the plunder pass until the end of season. One. This season also launches with an all new merchant alliance voyage, where you’ll have to take on the role of detective and go on the hunt for a fleet of missing trade ships and their lost cargo galaxy, uncover their fate and return. Oh that’s that’s, actually that’s that’s. Actually, really smart and i appreciate that that’s awesome using the uh using the barrels and the um shipwrecks turn the cargo manifest to the merchant alliance for gold and reputation.

And if you manage to secure the captain’s cabin key plunder the loot for yourself salvage enough of these sunken bounties and you’ll earn these rather fetching new merchant alliances and, alongside that there’s new events, too. We’Re kicking things off with the champion of souls of it, where you’ll, vanquish, scalies and ghost ships to gather their soul, fragments and earn these slick order of souls. Weapons and we’ll be bringing you even more events throughout scenes. Now the sword looks sick and over in the pirate emporium we’ve got a new lunar festival, weapon set and new weapon pose emotes, as well as lunar festival, costumes and the full lunar festival ship set. Oh, the figurehead looks nice, so get ready to experience all new adventures earn renown and reap the rewards with sea of thieves season. One a lot of those cosmetics look pretty good um, you know the the boat set and not even the boat said it’s. Just the uh, the sail kind of is disappointing, but i don’t think it’s really meant for cosmetic. I think it’s meant for um it’s kind of the novelty of having it having the season one sale, you know just collecting them um and then the the. What is it the these? These missions look really cool um. I want to see Music, i want to see where they go with it, because they mentioned the captain’s key and i feel like it’s, going to be similar to the vaults, where you can turn in the um, the the totem or you can go to the vault Yourself, i wonder how they’re going to play.

I don’t know how it’s going to play out with the key, though, if there’s going to be like something locked on the ship for loot or, if there’s going to be something somewhere, something on a different island locked for luke.