The good folks over at capcom surprised, nintendo gamers all over the world with their announcement of two brand new monster. Hunter entries monster hunter stories, two wings of ruin coming later on this summer, and the topic of today’s video monster hunter rise, arriving for switchgoers march 26th of this year, what’s going on gamers and youtubers it’s your guy today, i’m golden and welcome to episode. Number 12 of views from the switch, your destination location for all things. Nintendo switch right here. Only on gg tv, the surprising announcement of monster hunter rise exclusively for the nintendo switch, definitely shook up the monster hunter community as i’m. Guessing not too many people would have saw this coming, especially considering how successful monster hunter world was being a multi platform title. But here we are – and we here in the nintendo nation are blessed with an exclusive that is in fact not an expansion of monster hunter world, but it is its own standalone entry into the series – and i couldn’t be more excited so today, we’re going to be Breaking this down from a couple of perspectives, i’m gon na be looking at the demo uh, which i put about two and a half weeks worth of gameplay into now and i’m, going to be breaking down. How the actual gameplay in this one feels at least operating within the constraints of the demo? How does the frame rate hold up is another thing we’re going to be looking at? We know the switch is a much more limited hardware than the ps4 and the xbox one.

So are we going to see dramatic concessions in that regard? And, finally, how fun is it does it seem like this? Entry into the series is gon na be much of the same, or are there some new elements involved that will separate ryze from its predecessors, but enough talking about it guys let’s get right into it. We’Re gon na start with the gameplay, and for you folks, who are veterans of the series you should catch on pretty quickly as the core gameplay mechanics haven’t changed very much with a few exceptions which we will get into in just a moment, but the gameplay in This one is really solid, guys really nice and concise. The controls do feel very fluid, especially when paired with the switch’s pro controller, which, in my opinion, is the only choice for a title like this. And i have to say that even with the limited hardware of the nintendo switch, capcom did a very solid job of not sacrificing any of the gameplay mechanics, given the switch’s, somewhat handicap capabilities so kudos to them. For that, but taking a step back here, experience hunters will notice that the 14 classes from the primary entries into the series have been all included and will be returning with the release of monster hunter rise with the prowler introduced in monster hunter generations being omitted from The game, which is a little bit of a disappointment, but nothing major at game breaking by any means much like virgin’s.

Past players will spend their time traversing through a beautiful open world, to hunt down a variety of different monsters and there are some pretty cool. Looking new monsters that have been introduced with this entry, which you should be able to see on the screen now so, as always, gamers will have fun learning the best tactics to take down each specific new monster as efficiently as possible. But, of course we’re here to talk about the new and first up is a new component to the game known as the wire book, which works sort of like an item or a potion. However, it does have its own special gauge on screen, which you can see there at their bottom and essentially, what these do is allow for the player to traverse and explore terrains like cliffs and elevated platforms that they wouldn’t be able to reach. Otherwise, which is a pretty cool feature added exclusively for monster hunter rise and, in addition to this, players, can also use these wire bugs during combat sequences to assist with dodging damaging or even stunning. The enemy using special weapon attacks called silk fine attacks which can temporarily stun the enemy, which, of course, leads us into our second new element introduced into the game. Wyvern writing now how wyvern writing works in this game is, after doing a certain amount of damage to a monster, you can either use the wire bug or a puppet spider item to sort of cocoon the enemy, allowing you to mount and take full control of it And while the core concept of this is solid in nature, i do feel like moving about on them is a tad bit clunky in a few instances, and this is something that i do hope they sharpen up a little bit before actually releasing the game in full.

However, jumping on the back of a wyvern allows you to attack other monsters using said monster’s abilities and after building up the mounted punisher gauge. The mounted wyvern will go into an enraged mode, allowing for the wyvern to do massive amounts of damage at the player’s behest, which honestly is really satisfying in itself and now on to my favorite new addition to this game. While companions are not new, by any stretch of the imagination to the monster hunter franchise, with the palacos being an essential staple for years and years now, the addition of a brand new companion, called palamutes are an entirely new companion found only in monster hunter rise. Palamutes are the doglike counterparts to the cat, like palikos and from what i’ve been able to see so far. They are used primarily as mounts to cover the large open areas of this title, a lot faster than running alone. They also assist during the combat via attacks and much like the palakkos. In addition pass. They are fully customizable in their clothing and their armor. Unfortunately that’s all we really know about them for now. However, i have to say this addition to the game definitely has me excited and hopeful for even more special abilities and attacks with these guys. All in on the gameplay side of judgement, there are definitely a litany of new things that have me excited. The combat feels really good and for you guys who enjoyed monster hunter world and happen to own a nintendo switch.

This is a title that should feel very natural and very good in the hands moving around with the wire bug, while, admittedly taking some time to adjust, is actually really seamless once you’ve adjusted to the learning curve, and i think that that’s just one of those games That i will probably have to snack day. One is, although there are some visual concessions compared to monster hunter world monster, hunter rise is absolutely beautiful. On the nintendo switch and honestly visually is one of the cleaner games for the system that i’ve seen thus far. All right now, transitioning over to the performance side of monster hunter rise right out of the gate. I will be upfront and say that i was thoroughly impressed with the almost flawless and steady 30 frames per second achieved by capcom. I mean seriously. I personally experienced no visible drops in frames with the average being a robust 29.7 when ran through the detection, software and the gameplay just generally feeling buttery smooth throughout the duration of my time with the demo, and yes guys. I do know that this is only the demo version, so capcom has, of course, taken the time to promote its game for the sake of gaining sales, but if the final product looks plays and feels even remotely close to this, then switchgoers will have a bonafide hit On their hands, whose quality could honestly surpass that of monster hunter world, which is definitely saying something, because that title was absolutely fantastic in itself, as you guys can probably already tell.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on this one as it is nice to see that, even amidst the release of the playstation 5 and xbox series x, that developers are still paying attention to all the great potential that the nintendo switch brings to the table. And with this one guys, the gameplay honestly is really really smooth, and even just judging from the demo version has a lot of new features that truly do make. This feel like a completely new entry into the series which the guys over at capcom have reiterated that this title in fact, is, and just going off of my limited amount of time that i had to spend with this demo. This is a really really fun game. The multiplayer has been virtually untouched, which is probably for the better because there’s something that is just so rewarding about partnering up with three other players to track down. Some of those elusive monsters that you may have been struggling with our little preview of this game is really fun and i’m, hoping that they can clean up some of the issues, as stated before with the wyvern writing. But i would definitely be grabbing this game upon release and i’ll, be keeping you guys up to date with all of the news and advancements within monster hunter rise itself, as we move forward here so that’s about it guys. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch today’s episode of views from the switch.

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