. This policy update has caused panic around the world, as users are getting concerned about their privacy and data. People are already looking at alternative messaging systems where two softwares are getting increased attention now they are called Signal and Telegram. Before you decide to jump ship, it is Best to have the facts and features compared so that you can make a decision of your choice. Watch this video for the facts and features comparison. In this video. We are going to compare WhatsApp Signal and Telegram messaging system side by side.. Whatsapp was released in February 2009, then Telegram in August 2013 and finally Signal in July 2014.. All three software allows instant messaging voice calling and video calling.. However, Telegram only allows one to one voice or video calls. Signal uses encryption for all its communication. Methods. Signal gets my thumbs up. Here. Now lets look at the software licensing. WhatsApp is a proprietary software with EULA End User License. Agreement. Signal is free and open source for both server and client. Systems. Telegram is open source for the client system, but is proprietary for the server system. Signal is a winner. Here. Lets look at the system. Developers. WhatsApp is developed by WhatsApp Inc.. This is a private organisation. A subsidiary. Signal is developed by Signal Foundation, Signal Messenger and contributors.. They are independent and non profit. Entities. Telegram is developed by Telegram, FZ, LLC and Telegram Messenger Inc.. They are private and are registered as both an English LLP, limited liability partnership and an American LLC limited liability company.

. I would prefer Signal, as they have no financial motivation for users data.. However, I am concerned about their long term survival as they depend on volunteers and donations. Lets see what operating systems that these messaging softwares can run. On. WhatsApp runs on Android, iOS and KaiOS. Mac, OS Windows and web app clients only work when connected to the WhatsApp mobile, app client. Signal runs on Android iOS Windows, MacOS and Linux. Telegram runs on Android iOS Windows, Phone Windows, macOS, Linux and web platform. Telegram is The obvious winner here. Lets talk about data storage. WhatsApp messages are stored in WhatsApp server and when the receivers app acknowledges receiving it, the message is removed. In case the receiver is not online and the message is undelivered. The message is stored up to 30 days on the server before being removed. Signal data is encrypted and stored locally on the user’s device. Telegram. Data is stored in cloud based servers.. If you are concerned about privacy Signals, local data storage is the best option.. If you would like the convenience of accessing the same data from multiple devices, Telegrams cloud storage is the best option.. If you are concerned about losing messaging data, if you lose your phone, then choose WhatsApp or Telegram where your data is stored in servers.. In terms of messaging options, both WhatsApp and Signal supports text, voice, image, video, GIF and files. Telegram supports text, photos, videos and files of any type up to 2GB.

Each. WhatsApp and Signal is good if you need the voice messaging. Option. Telegram is good for sending and receiving large files up to 2GB. WhatsApp Signal and Telegram use messaging encryption to protect messages from data theft. WhatsApp adopted the same source of encryption method as Signal, but made it proprietary. So we wont know what else is in the encryption code. In WhatsApps cloud. Backup options to Google or Apple encryption is not available. Making your data vulnerable to attackers. Telegram, uses server, client encryption for Cloud Chats and their Secret Chats use an additional layer of client, client encryption.. All messaging app support group chats. WhatsApp can have up to 256 members in a group. Chat. Signal is better supporting up to 1000 members in a group. Chat. Telegram is the best with up to 200000 members in a group. Chat. WhatsApp and Signal supports group, video and voice calls with up to 8. People. Telegram can only do one to one voice or video call.. Data collection by the messaging systems are a major concern with users. WhatsApp Privacy Policy on their website mentions. A lot of information is collected from the users device and system.. What is listed on the screen is the type of information gathered by WhatsApp that is linked to you. The user. Telegram collects user ID and contacts. Signal only collects your phone number. Signal, obviously, is the best when it comes to data privacy.. If you need to find out more and clarify information, please visit the messaging company websites for WhatsApp Signal and Telegram, as shown on the screen.

. What do you think after watching this comparison, video? Will you still be using WhatsApp? Are you thinking of moving to either Signal or Telegram, Or maybe even both? Are you going to use all three WhatsApp Signal and Telegram Whatever your choices may be, it will be good to share this messaging comparison, video to others., So click forward or share and send this video to others who may benefit in knowing the differences between WhatsApp Signal And Telegram. Did you enjoy this information video? If, yes, click the Like button to show your support.? If this is your first time on this channel, and you want to learn about technology topics, including hardware, software and apps start now by subscribing and clicking the bell icon.